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Agency Primer: Facebook Connect


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Join the Nerdery for a one-hour tour of the things that your agency needs to know about Facebook Connect.

We'll cover:

What is Facebook Connect?

Use cases for Facebook Connect.
Facebook Connect best practices and limitations.

Why you might not want to use Facebook Connect.

Example implementations and cost estimates.

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Agency Primer: Facebook Connect

  2. 2. A D i v i s i o n o f S I E R R A B R AV O C O R P O R AT I O N
  3. 3. We partner with advertisers, marketers and other people with big plans to build award-winning interactive projects.
  4. 4. About Us Mark Hurlburt and Annette Johnson
  5. 5. Facebook Stats 300M active users (30% in US) Average user has 130 friends Largest growing demographic is 35-54 Nearly 50% of users log into Facebook daily
  6. 6. Each Month... 1.26B status updates 280M users become fans of a page 2B photos are uploaded 14M videos are uploaded 8B pieces of content are uploaded 3M events are created
  7. 7. 8,000,000,000 minutes each day
  8. 8. Leveraging Facebook Applications Pages Events Targeted Advertising Facebook Connect
  9. 9. What is Facebook Connect? “a powerful set of APIs and other interfaces for developers that lets users bring their identity and connections everywhere”
  10. 10. Application An interface that Facebook implements in order to allow your site to interact with it. Programming Much in the same way that the provides an Interface interface that allows users to interact with it.
  11. 11. Identity Facebook user ID Profile Information (affiliations, activities, birthday, location, education, hometown, interests, favorites, etc) Profile photo Significant other ID Facebook username
  12. 12. Social Graph A list of Facebook IDs that are linked to the current user You can subsequently query profile information about the list, but are limited to information that is available publicly or to the user session making the call
  13. 13. Stream Gather news stream information for one or more users Maximum history is 180 days or 50 posts for a single user, typically about a week of data for a group of users Queries can include filters Only available for users who have granted extended permissions
  14. 14. Connect Technologies Multiple ways to connect: APIs, FQL, FBML/XFBML Multiple platforms: web, desktop, devices, mobile
  15. 15. What is it good for? Facilitate social sharing of content “Lowest common denominator” of social networking Reduce barrier to entry with single sign on Create customized user experiences
  16. 16. Customized User Experience Based on user’s geography By featuring content created by user’s friends Identify other users in similar demographics and share content or trends Customize experience based on gender or other demographics Suggest users share information or offers with friends Feature relevant content from a user’s stream
  17. 17. Examples
  18. 18. What To Bring Us Your goals: Increase traffic Generate revenue Customize user experience Leverage users’s social networks Information on the project budget Information on the project timeline
  19. 19. Development Effort Share buttons < 1 hour Add “share on Facebook” button to any piece of content Live Conversation 1-2 hours Add Live Stream Box next to a piece of content. Social Comments 1-2 hours Add social comments to every piece of content Single Sign On 40-240 hours Allow Facebook users to register for your site and set up a profile useng their Facebook Account. Mashable 50 hours Adding customized social comments and sharing components to a content site In the Dog House 100-200 hours Custom marketing microsite that provides functionality to communicate with Facebook Frenzied Waters/ Marketing site that creates dynamic content based 500+ hours Prototype on user information taken from Facebook APIs
  20. 20. Why Not Facebook Connect? Must comply with data guidelines No direct access to contact information Pissing people off
  21. 21. What’s Next? Facebook Credits More investment in Facebook Connect Location Awareness
  22. 22. Resources
  23. 23. QUESTIONS? More answers online at
  24. 24. Save the Date Webinars on Mobile-Friendly Web Design Dec 15th and 17th