The classification - BBFC


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The classification - BBFC

  1. 1. WHO IS MY TARGET AUDIENCE? Aim: How to approach my research on my target audience. Who are the BBFC? – A trust guide to media content. A independent self financing and not for profit media content regulator.
  2. 2. The Classifications
  3. 3. The Classifications Horror effect should be mild and brief and should take account of the presence of very young viewers. The outcome should be reassuring. = Suitable for all
  4. 4. The Classifications Frightening sequences should not be prolonged. = Parental Guidance
  5. 5. The Classifications = Suitable for 12 year olds and over
  6. 6. The Classifications •Drugs: Drug taking maybe shown but the film as a whole must not promote or encourage drugs misuse. •Horror: Strong threat and menace are permitted unless sadistic or sexualised. •Imitable behaviour: Easily accessible weapon should not be glamorised. •Language: There may be frequent use of strong language. •Theme: No theme in prohibited, Provided the treatment is appropriate for 15 year old. •Violence: Violence may be strong but should not dwell on the infliction of pain or injury. •Nudity: May be allowed in a sexual content but without strong detail. = Suitable for 15 years or over
  7. 7. The Classifications = Suitable only for adults
  8. 8. What is ? The human Rights Act 1998, at the BBFC guide line concerns will not normally override the principle that adults should be free to choose their own entertainment. Exceptions are most likely in the following areas: •‘Where materials or treatment appears to the BBFC to risk harm to individuals or through their behaviour to society’. •Many cause harm to public health!
  9. 9. What does these ‘three’ Horror Movies have in common? ANSWER: They all were banned by the ‘BBFC’ from the affect that it gave to the viewers when realised into the United Kingdom. The Exorcist The Evil Dead The Human Centipede THE THREE MOVIES THAT WERE BANNED. There are many more movies that were banned.