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Positioning strat in wine sector barbry


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Positioning strat in wine sector barbry

  1. 1. Positioning strategy In the wine sector
  2. 2. An international segmentation of wine consumers Name of the segment Price (€) Look for % of mundial demand Evolution Alimentation 1-3 Something to drink with everyday meal 21 % In decrease Fun 3-7 A standard 56 % (not known) Pleasure 7-20 Something original and with a special taste 18 % In augmentation Art >20 Emotion 5 % Stable
  3. 3. Successful positioning strategies :
  4. 4. A local positionning ACCESSIBILITY : geographical, price, productPositioning goal Strategic ways Targeted geographical location, many events, well distinctive range of product, warm welcoming and adapted advices Targeting Unskilled wine lovers Success Brand awareness, first wine B to C supply network in France, and really appreciate by unskilled wine lovers
  5. 5. A really accessible range of wine Targeting : Alimentation/Fun segment Positioning : accessible, affordable, understandable Product : a good but simple taste Packaging : easy to identify Price : only 130 Roubles
  6. 6. Targeting Wine experts Positioning goal Fiability and professionalisme : to be the higher skilled wine supplier website. They want to offer a secured web site to buy and sell fine and rare wines. Strategic ways Success High level of information : 1 wine = 1 detailed file Huge range of products : 60 000 products referenced High level of security (to reassure about website fiability) High skilled service added : management tools to value customer’s cellar : an international platform to buy, sell and estimate your wines. A really famous and appreciate platform for wine experts all around the world
  7. 7. Unsuccessful positioning strategies French wines VS street art & can
  8. 8. Fail The Kulte agency & Label Agence A street art companyAn event agency Cooperation between street art and wine To meet a current and young lifestyle with an old product But.. Bordeaux wines are not very affordable for young people and most appreciate by old wine expert !
  9. 9. Wine Star : Can of french wine “ A new revolution in the high-quality wine consumption “ Really bad associations : - High quality of wine with an afordable way to drink - An individual packaging for a product which is supposed to be share - A very new way of consumption in a society linked with strong tradition
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention