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How NDF was established



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How NDF was established

  1. 1. Saturday, June 22, 2013Saturday, June 22, 2013 Nepal Development Forum Get Together
  2. 2. Objective 1. Know each other 2. Face to face talking 3. Establish deep connection or relation This is only “Informal get together” Please meet as much as possible
  3. 3. About me • I came Nepal to meet you and I will available one more week • If you want to meet with me personally, I am available. • Tel Number: 98400-91685 Let me introduce myself
  4. 4. Nepal Development Forum @
  5. 5. NDF @ Linkedin How to access
  6. 6. NDF @ Linkedin New format recently: How to access?
  7. 7. NDF @ Linkedin
  8. 8. Nepal Development Forum
  9. 9. Nepal Development Forum Brief Introduction •7000+ members •Mostly Doctors, Engineers, Professors, Managers, Company Owners, Development workers, Processionals of many fields. •Nepali and Foreigners who loves Nepal •Nepali inside and outside
  10. 10. Nepal Development Forum Professionals who are interested to do Network and share activity of Nepal Development •It is platform to know and meet professionals •We can meet like-minded, that helps to start any development project at Nepal •Share contemporary thought of any issues •Overall – Teaching /learning/ Sharing/ disseminate/ Ejaculate Frustration
  11. 11. Motivation of Nepal Development Forum • Network - to know and connect more professionals • To understand current situation of Nepal • To understand potential of Nepal Development and challenges • Last but not least: Improve English Writing or Reading –: Over-all – reading/writing
  12. 12. Nepali outside Nepal Situation in Nepal: Youth eager to leave Nepal •Mainly Unemployment problem in Nepal •Political unstable from 1990 AD to till now •Inflation •Physical Infrastructure to Lawless
  13. 13. Nepali outside Nepal • Brain Drain of Nepali Australia, US, Europe, Canada - Most chance, they will not back to Nepal • Muscle Drain of Nepali India, Malaysia, Middle East - mostly remittance - they will back • Education Leave China, Japan, Germany or east Europe - Chance of returning back to Nepal
  14. 14. Nepali inside Nepal • Mostly tense due slow movement of politics • Youth – Qualified but Unemployment • Salary is less and demand is high - this might be one reason of corruption • Need to find many jobs • Trust between Nepali is decreasing day by day • Children, women and senior citizens are insecure
  15. 15. Nepali outside Nepal • They are not socially happy • They are physically outside Nepal but Mentally and emotionally every time in Nepal • First generation Nepali difficult to adjust - Cultural difference - Difficult to understand and influence policy - Difficult to do network - Language barrier - Different way of thinking
  16. 16. Example of US There are basically three types of Nepali •Professionals •Students •Work force from DV, Asylum etc.
  17. 17. Learn from USA Education is important but the more important Innovation and Entrepreneur Skills •Education provides critical thinking and skill work force •Innovation provides new idea – that could generate idea of doing something. •Entrepreneur – Platform of providing employment and developed nation
  18. 18. Learn from USA Education is important but the more important Innovation and Entrepreneur Skills •Bill Gates •Steve Jobs •Mark Zuckerberg
  19. 19. What do I think about Nepal? Buffer zone between India & China
  20. 20. What do I think about Nepal? - Possible of big business transit between India and China
  21. 21. Potential of Nepal - Hydropower - Tourism – Himalayas to Religious - Agriculture - Health Tourism - IT Outsourcing (Could take example from Bangladesh) - Transit point (Developing Infrastructure) - Teach entrepreneur skill to every students
  22. 22. Challenges in Nepal 1. Lack of technical infrastructure: 2. Lack of physical infrastructure: 3. Lack of entrepreneur friendly government policies and plans 4. Rampant corrupted attitudes 5. Influence of political party leader/cadres: 6. Lack of political stability and clear vision:
  23. 23. Challenges in Nepal 7. Poor and unpractical education or lack of proper education system: 8. Liquidity and Investment problem: 9. Brain drain (make drained brain back): 10. Remittance and Sympathy of donors: 11. Human and Natural resources and their proper management: 12. Attitude of the people:
  24. 24. !!Development Possible!! Take a example of car assembly line..
  25. 25. !!Development Possible!!
  26. 26. Tentative Agenda: Nepal Time • ##
  27. 27. Introduction between Participants • Let us have Introduction • Introducing (Name, Profession, Background Office, Hometown etc. etc.) • We all love to see well developed Nepal. • ?? But ?? How it possible…
  28. 28. What we can do together from NDF? • Introduce yourself • Please throw idea: