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  1. 1. Choosing an Online Payment Provider that is simple to Integrate September    2013  
  2. 2. Over thirty years technical, commercial and management experience in the supply of payments including online, mobile payments, point of sale, general payment systems and fleet systems including practical fraud experience across all platforms. Spearheaded numerous new market entry strategies, new office set-up, in new regions including SA, LATAM & China. Also completed extensive fund raising exercises and M&A activity. A payments expert and has held roles as CEO, MD, Director, Business Development / M&A & most recently Regional Director LATAM Holds a stake in a number of start ups and currently looking at launching a new PSP - Lionpay Nick Walker
  3. 3. •  What are the challenges for developers of mobile apps and websites when choosing a payments system? •  What payment types do you need to offer / accept in certain regions? •  What functionality do you need and why do you want it? Choosing an Online Payment Provider
  4. 4. System  Needs   •  High  availability   •  Merchants  want  100%   •  No  single  point  of  failure   •  If  fail,  hot  switch  over   •  Resilient  and  recoverable   •  Data  is  money   •  Secure   •  No  risk  of  compromise    of  data   •  Fraud  free   •  High  performance   •  Sub  second  response  Fmes   •  Upgradeable   •  New  interfaces   •  New  technologies   Business  Needs   •  Increase  revenue  and  profitability  –   how?   •  Cross  border  mulF  region   •  AccepFng  all  payments   •  AccepFng  more  genuine  business   •  IdenFfying  and  protecFng  genuine   customers   •  Improving  customer  experience  to   generate  repeat  spend   •  Improving  business  operaFons   •  Easily  adapFng  to  changing  business   models   Card  vendors   Fraud  vendors   Credit  bureau   Alterna7ve   payments   Associa7ons   Issuer   Consumer   Merchant   Gateway   Acquirer   Who are the Payment Stakeholders? What  are  their  needs?  
  5. 5. Typical mCommerce user experience Payment  iniFated   Payment  in  progress   Merchant  app   Merchant  app   Payment  successful   mobile.connect   The  shopper   proceeds  to  payment   The  shopper  selects  a   payment  method   The  shopper  enters   the  payment   informaFon   The  payment  is   processed   The  shopper  receives   a  receipt  
  6. 6. Typical Transaction Flow 3 Choose  the  service Consumer   PSP     Acquire  bank   Merchant     Send  the  requirement  of  deducFon   2 1 4 offer  the  service 8 Result  of  payment   7 Send  the  result  to   merchant Input  the  credit  card  info 3-­‐D   Secure   5 6 9 Send  the  pay  order Issuing    bank  
  7. 7. Past solutions Server side API – (HTML over HTTP) •   Merchant  has  to  provide  the  payment  page  –  re-­‐invenFng  the  wheel   •   Merchant  has  full  control  over  the  layout     •   Merchant  touches  the  credit  card  data  and  must  be  PCI  compliant   •   IntegraFon  Fmeline  weeks  to  months   Provider hosted payment page •   Re-­‐use  and  convenience  –  works  out-­‐of-­‐the-­‐box   •   Limited  control  over  layout,  opFons  and  workflow   •   IntegraFon  Fmeline  –  days,  weeks   New approach Merchant-hosted payment page, embedding a ready-made JavaScript payment component •   Re-­‐use  and  convenience   •   Gives  full  control  to  the  developers   •   Solves  PCI  problem   •   IntegraFon  Fmeline  hours  -­‐  days     Payment Integration has moved on…
  8. 8. Merchant provides and controls surrounding page Ready-made JavaScript widget comes from the provider Widget honors CSS (Cascading style sheets) of the surrounding page, so it adapts to the layout When the shopper pays, the widget securely sends the credit card data to the provider Provider sends back a secure token Component sends payment request with token but no card data Merchant can refer to the payment using the secure token New solutions: How do they work? Merchant   Server   Provider     Server   Payment  Page                 JS   Component  
  9. 9. Understanding the clients needs •  Products, type and number •  Consumer demographics •  Regional cover – language and currency •  Time to marketsaid Building & protecting developers reputation •  Security of payment systems •  Ease of integrating payment modules into OpenSource systems •  Ease of setting up between bank source and payment system for financial transactions •  Need for high performance and availability Ongoing support •  Technical and business •  Familiarity of payment system (marketing, existing clients) •  Speed of payments, support by provider •  Adoption of new payment types and channels What are the challenges for m commerce developer and payments? Said  that  fraud  can  be  x4   1mes  higher  via  mobile   channel  
  10. 10. Dimension 1: Is Easy, convenient, customisable, works out-of-the-box – technically and commercially Dimension 2: Supports full breadth of payment methods Dimension 3: Supports full breadth of channels (omni-channel) Shop for a three dimensional payment solution that...
  11. 11. Prevalence of payment types vary country on country Need to ensure optimal conversion What Payment Methods? International France Netherlands UK Germany Denmark Japan Korea China >30 ?? Sing MerchantMerchantShopper
  12. 12. Support all channels – Omni Channel • Seamless one time integration • Single backend, control panel and consolidated reporting • Ease of addons - payments, channels, 3rd party applications. • One payment provider not multiple Support all payments not just credit • Mainstream and alternative • Multi region, multi currency, multi language Fast, safe and secure • High speed response times • Integrated fraud prevention services • Contracted up times Commercial recognition for target audience • Fast sign for start ups – hours/days not weeks • Minimal if any contractual commitment What functionality do you need and why do you want it?
  13. 13. Omni Channel Payment processing Omni-­‐channel  plaBorm   eCommerce   mCommerce   mPOS   MOTO   h_ps://    
  14. 14. Ensure provider supports fast sign up and support the respective merchant type category and period in business Not just technical selection….
  15. 15. In summary……. Make sure of a match with clients current and future needs Regional  coverage  and  payment  types  –  who  is  the  target?   Just  Visa/MasterCard  will  be  shortsighted  and  limiFng   Add  value  -­‐  think    for  the  client  –  increase  your  value   Take an omni-channel approach One  placorm  supporFng  all  channels  giving  a  seamless  experience   Seek fast development with proven sample code and process Sandbox  development  tool  kit   Online  test  and  validaFon     Ensure highly secure, high availability and fast response times with a fraud management focus Build  and  protect  your  reputaFon   Verify ongoing support needs and enhancements Low  maintenance  but  opportunity  for  repeat  business   Validate the sign up process for the merchant in terms of viability and timeline Be commerce driven not just technical…….. Choosing an Online Payment Provider ….
  16. 16. Thank you Happy coding J
  17. 17. Additional data • • channel-processing-via-one-single-platform • • • • service-provider • • %20payments.pdf •