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Neotys PAC - Wilson Mar

Neotys organized its first Performance Advisory Council in Scotland, the 14th & 15th of November.
With 15 Load Testing experts from several countries (UK, France, New-Zeland, Germany, USA, Australia, India…) we explored several theme around Load Testing such as DevOps, Shift Right, AI etc.
By discussing around their experience, the methods they used, their data analysis and their interpretation, we created a lot of high-value added content that you can use to discover what will be the future of Load Testing.

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Neotys PAC - Wilson Mar

  1. 1. Faster, Deeper Load Testing Wilson Mar
  2. 2. 2 Faster, deeper load testing @WilsonMar Skype: wilsonmar4 310.320-7878
  3. 3. Agenda 1. What's the rush for speed & innovation? 2. What's the hold-up? Mindset changes 3. Deploy when ready 4. Categories of tooling 5. Configuration as code 6. Jenkins Git-Flow branches 7. Q&A
  4. 4. GeneKim
  5. 5. "DevOps is a set of practices that help companies ship software releases frequently, reliably, and with better quality."
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Build
  8. 8. Cycletimereduction Elapsed time commit to prod. commit to prod. "... performance test results as a part of each Agile Sprint System Demo" "...performance test immediately upon first commit of code" shift-left
  9. 9. ShiftLeft Elapsed time % complete "burn-up" testenvironment design scripting runs&analysis finalsystemrun "code complete" systemdemo commit to prod. testenvironment design scripting, runs, analysis build up system test suite Traditionally:
  10. 10. ShiftLeft Elapsed time % complete "burn-up" commit to prod. testenvironment design finalsystemrun systemdemo "code complete" tuning runs scripting, runs, analysis build up system test suite commit to prod.
  11. 11. From Change To Mindsetchanges Testing efforts like cops writing traffic tickets Shift Left Test-first to build-in quality while coding Server operations like guards limiting access Self-service Server operations as enablers, trainers, and helpers People inspect code Automation People automate inspection Programs are hand-coded and static Code gen. Code generated from computer-readable requirements (Swagger, JHipster) Each specialist separately analyze own data Integrated reporting Detect trends & anomalies across versions & environments & initiatives People periodically reacting to lines on graphs Intelligent Alerts Predictive alerts from constant scans of all environments
  12. 12. 16 Communities of Practice
  13. 13. Technologyinitiatives A. package managers for reuse of code B. deploy scripts – Bash/PowerShell/Ansible for automating file movement C. server config. – Ansible/Puppet/Chef/uDeploy for custom settings D. build jobs – Jenkins/Hudson/Bamboo for initiating work pipelines E. local unit tests – xUnit for asserting conditions around lines of code. F. UI automation - Selenium to mimic people click and typing G. team source repository - GitHub/GitLab to store text code H. team integration tests to identify whether pieces work together I. binary repository - Nexus/Artifactory to avoid duplicate work J. code quality review – SonarQube, Fortify for team to focus on issues K. code coverage – Cobutura/etc. L. stress/load scripting – LoadRunner/NeoLoad to impose stress M. alerts from monitoring – CA-APM to identify root causes of bottlenecks N. visualization from time-series analysis to identify trends O. codegen from specs – Swagger/RAML
  14. 14. Profitanalysis A B C D E F H G I KJM N O P Q R S T U Cost Value "Total profit per transaction"
  15. 15. Perftestwhenready Jenkins jobs Nexus or Artifactory GitHub/GitLab Ansible or uDeploy Dev. Int. server post- build actions Webhook triggers Staging server Ansible or uDeploy Sys. Tests Stress Tests Developer machine binary repository +plug-ins SonarQube packages Unit Tests config 1 ▲ Git push common STAGINGINTEGRATIONDEV. LOCAL email build scan APM done? +Groovy config 2 ▲ alerts
  16. 16. ContinuousDelivery production Developer machine request wait self-service
  17. 17. GitFlowBranches production master hotfix release develop feature Component micro- benchmarks System Load tests Infrastructure Stress tests Smoke tests
  18. 18. Acrossversions "Box and whisker chart" v1 v3 v4v2
  19. 19. Acrossenvironments Unit testing Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery live Prod. "Box and whisker chart" System testing
  20. 20. Kubernetescontainers Node 1 Node 2 Node 3 Machine Type Number of nodes Number of replicas
  21. 21. Experiments PROTIP: One change per experiment run, please PROTIP: Calculate cost or profit per transaction
  22. 22. NeoLoadIntegrationservers
  23. 23. 59 @WilsonMar Skype: wilsonmar4 310.320-7878 Questions & Answers