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Neotys PAC - Bruno Audoux

Neotys organized its first Performance Advisory Council in Scotland, the 14th & 15th of November.
With 15 Load Testing experts from several countries (UK, France, New-Zeland, Germany, USA, Australia, India…) we will explore several theme around Load Testing such as DevOps, Shift Right, AI etc.
By discussing around their experience, the methods they used, their data analysis and their interpretation, we will create a lot of high-value added content that you will be able to use to discover what will be the future of Load Testing.

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Neotys PAC - Bruno Audoux

  1. 1. How to bench without WWW Bruno Audoux
  2. 2. Clyde • There are 4 ghosts in Pac-Man Blinky, Pinky, Inky but … • My favorite character has always been Clyde
  3. 3. Whereis he? • Clyde is living in a labyrinth with his colleagues and must work hard to deliver packages to the customers
  4. 4. • Every day, Clyde is helped in his job with IOT glasses and gauntlet screen • He receives information of what & where he has to pick up the packages How does he work?
  5. 5. The new warehouse • But in the new warehouse, they will be more robots, more locators and many more packages to collect How could we guarantee the availability of the new central Warehouse Management Software (WMS) • And nothing communicates in HTML… • Where is the WWW ? • Warehouse is an underworld
  6. 6. Technology • Orders arrive as XML message in a JMS Queue • Validation orders can be started with system commands • Picking orders can be sent in TCP specifics protocols • Picking validation is done with SQL request • Editing stamp are filled by WebServices requests • Many other IOT are available in the warehouse to evaluate the locators filling • And still noting in HTML 
  7. 7. Question ?? • How can we simulate a transaction workflow? • How to calculate the response time of a transaction worflow? • How can we evaluate that a workflow is fast enough ? • What are the key indicators of wellness or saturation ?
  8. 8. What isa Workflow • Workflow is a spot estate • many quick micro-transactions of different nature to validate steps one by one • A complex business transaction including many actors and requests • It could have different behaviour and path • It could run few seconds or several days • Workflow is not a single transaction • It cannot be generate by only one request • It connot be measure with a simple response time indicator
  9. 9. Workflow transaction? • How to simulate a workflow transaction ? Begining of the business transaction State & timestamp
  10. 10. Workflow transaction? • How to calculate a workflow transaction response time ? State & timestamp Begining of the transaction
  11. 11. • How could we evaluate that a workflow is fast enough Injection hits/s ??? State & timestamp Whole process duration ? Number of state change / s ??
  12. 12. Bottleneck • What are the key indicators of wellness or saturation ? • Material : CPU / Ram / I/O ?? • Whole transaction speed or average transations speed ? • Input hits/s == output hit/s • Unitary response time ? • Just availability ?
  13. 13. How could me we upgrade Benchmark method and software for this kind of business ? • Add protocols injection and treatment • Custom action are ready for that • Windows launch or linux execution for batch or others • JMS is available • SQL request available • MVS calls ? • NTP request ? • Etc…
  14. 14. How could me we upgrade Benchmark method and software for this kind of business ? • Modify timestamp sources • logs parsing • Real time with a Tail method ? • After each run ? • DB timestamps requests • JMS informations • System file date • Need a real Clock synchronisation in real time, NTP or system time comparison
  15. 15. How could me we upgrade Benchmark method and software for this kind of business ? • Create a new solution for aggregate response time • Tag business transaction • Use business id number like an Order or Invoice ID • Tag request to be a part of business transaction • Add header in http request ? • How in jMS, and other protocols ? • Different protocols • Mutiple input • Transaction could be start before a run and could finish after the run • How Neoload Could learn the link between an OrderID and a packetID ? • Potentialy with sql request ? • Or in logs ? • Need an AI engine.
  16. 16. How could me we upgrade Benchmark method and software for this kind of business ? • How to exchange datas between Injection Script ? • Actually shared queue are ready for that. • Why not create a call with parameters between scripts ? • Exemple : SC01_create_orders and SC02_picking • In SC01 add Fork_call(SC02_picking(${OrdersID})
  17. 17. How could me we upgrade Benchmark method and software for this kind of business ? • Create intermediate time and hit/s indicator • If some transactions are longer than a run, we must ave intermediate business key indicators • DataSilo point of view • Neoload must know available datas in each state of workflow • How could we represent it ? • Exemple in the next slide
  18. 18. DataSilo Benchmark Vision • Create real time graphics with available Data in each step • Need SQL or JMS request during the run SC01 SC04 SC05 SC06 SC03 SC02 SC07 500 IDs 100 IDs 800 IDs 300 IDs 800 IDs 1200 IDs 10 IDs
  19. 19. Workflow Benchmark Vision • Create real time graphics with hits/s • Correlate with real time resources indicators (cpu / GC / memory / Bandwith) • Add SLA for colors indication 1000 hits/s 200 hits/s 100 hits/s 300 hits/s 200 hits/s 50 hits/s 50 hits/s