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Bruno Audoux - Connected Cars to the Net, IoTs on the Roads

Since its beginning, the Performance Advisory Council aims to promote engagement between various experts from around the world, to create relevant, value-added content sharing between members. For Neotys, to strengthen our position as a thought leader in load & performance testing. During this event, 12 participants convened in Chamonix (France) exploring several topics on the minds of today’s performance tester such as DevOps, Shift Left/Right, Test Automation, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

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Bruno Audoux - Connected Cars to the Net, IoTs on the Roads

  1. 1. Connected cars to the Net, IoTs on the roads Bruno Audoux
  2. 2. Connecting cars to the Net, IOTs on the roads
  3. 3. Remember my friendClyde • In 2017, Clyde was working in a giant warehouse • In 2018, Clyde was working on the perfect autonomous scripting methodology
  4. 4. Today, Clyde wants to connect his car • Now, Clyde would like to connect his car to his smartphone, but not only
  5. 5. But what is it possible to do with this connection ? • The Motor companies have many ideas about what it could do with a connected device in a car
  6. 6. Let’sgo simple, choose 3 major activities • Remote control my car with my smartphone • GPS navigation • FOTA
  7. 7. New challenge : connecting thousand of cars • Now motor companies will have to challenge new technologies inboard • But connecting thousand of cars means supporting billions of transactions • They need method and tools to test this new world activity before building the cars • Clyde will show you how to do !
  8. 8. The Motor Company Program • In this new world, MCP is the new CLOUD program from the motor company to connect, manage, follow the cars
  9. 9. GPS & NAVIGATION • Let’s start simple with a GPS request • Simple HTTPS/JSON request • MCP as a PROXY (SaaP) Maps Services
  10. 10. How to bench navigation: Init • My car initializes connexion with GPS service through MCP Token Server Payload {Service, latitude; longitude, Radius shape, radius size, nb session request} INIT session Token server Proxy URL:TOKEN Maps Services Give Token Services type : - Fuel price - Weather - Traffic density - Security Area
  11. 11. How to bench navigation: GPS messages • What does a simple GPS request look like ? POST sessionID=f73172566 HTTP/1.1 User-Agent: Jetty/9.3.7.v20160115NeotysEdition.41 Current-Car-Position: lat=48.85589;lon=2.29808 Content-Type: application/tts+json Content-Length: 478 { "getMessages": { "current":{ "@lat":"48.85589", "@lon":"2.29808"} HTTP/1.1 200 OK Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2019 09:06:10 GMT Server: Apache-Coyote/1.1 Cache-Control: no-cache Content-Type: application/tpeg+binary Content-Length: 30931 xÌtl ƒà¼ë á ámTom TPEGTomT ƒà½�v Binary / Map
  12. 12. How to bench navigation: Init • My car ask for service map every 2 mins Payload {latitude; longitude, token} GET Message Proxy Server Binary Map Maps ServicesGET Message Binary Map
  13. 13. How to bench navigation: Volume • How many cars ?  10 000 ? 50 000 ? 1 million ? • How many request ?  1000 / s ? More ? • Response time allowed ?  05s ? 1s ? 5s ? • All the services in the same script • Forks and loops to simulate GPS activity
  14. 14. REMOTECONTROL MY CAR • REMOTE Client Portal Remote activities : - Horn and light - Lock / Unlock - Start engine and warm car
  15. 15. How to bench remotecontrol Client Portal Messaging Queue Connexion initiate by Car only Message Pop and Push in a messaging queue Neoload simulate user AND car activity in the same script with 2 technologies and 2 kinds of connexions protocoles
  16. 16. FOTA • What is FOTA  Firmware Over The Air • Is the capacity to update à firmware or GPS MAP on a remote device • Common for Smartphone but new for car devices
  17. 17. FOTA practicle • FOTA is a complex alchemy between, Car parts characteristics, Firmware compatibility, campaign management and firmware update in the car FOTA Portal Car Caracteristics DATABASE Firmware Database FOTA SERVER
  18. 18. How to Bench Fota • FOTA inboard client talk with OMA protocol !!! • OMA DM is complex and not include in Neoload • I create a client simulator on Linux with complex parameters and security • Best idea : Neoload launch a script that launch FOTA client simulator • Let’s see how it works !
  19. 19. FOTA: How to bench ? FOTA Portal Firmware Database FOTA SERVER Start a campaign API / JSON OMA DM LINUX CLIENT SIMULATOR
  20. 20. FOTA: Technical complexity • Start campaign  API/REST(JSON) • Start car simulator  Linux .sh command • Get FOTA download time in FOTA server  API/REST(JSON) • Kill car simulator  Linux (kill -9) command
  21. 21. SECURITY • What about security ? • Only SSL certificat communication Client certificat Server certificat
  22. 22. CertificatManagement • Creating certificate for every car simulated is long, complex and not so easy to understand • it needs sometimes special skills in PKI and certificates format to understand how to create and manipulate certificates between Servers, applications and Neoload.
  23. 23. And Neoload is a tool for … Injection Monitoring Scheduler Emulator
  24. 24. Conclusion • Bench with 25 000 VU is difficult • Bench with certificates is complex • Bench with Linux scripts and Pid management could be hazardous • Bench with API/REST is blindness • But bench with all of them is soo strong • Next step  automatization 
  25. 25. Questions?