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Alan Gordon - Building a Holistic Performance Management Platform


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Since its beginning, the Performance Advisory Council aims to promote engagement between various experts from around the world, to create relevant, value-added content sharing between members. For Neotys, to strengthen our position as a thought leader in load & performance testing. During this event, 12 participants convened in Chamonix (France) exploring several topics on the minds of today’s performance tester such as DevOps, Shift Left/Right, Test Automation, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

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Alan Gordon - Building a Holistic Performance Management Platform

  1. 1. Building a Holistic Performance Management Platform Alan Gordon
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. What I will cover today • The challenge of getting visibility • What a good performance management platform looks like • Real-world challenges and constraints • Altersis Performance approach to building the platform • Our methodology, the UMA • Some examples of solutions we have built
  4. 4. Today’s challenge • Many large companies are finding themselves at a disadvantage • Performance is part of this story, as it strongly affects agility • Companies are still struggling to get visibility at the level that matters • Difficult to move fast in industries like banking and insurance
  5. 5. Example: Insurance Company • Large multinational company: thousands of employees, millions of customers • Fragmented, silo solutions for performance and capacity management • Reactive approach to manage the performance of business-critical applications • Inefficient root-cause analysis for performance issues
  6. 6. Our approach • Each organisation has a different situation and needs • Evaluate what you have now and where you want to get to • We use our «Performance Maturity Assessment» for this • Ensure a stable foundation – good performance testing and APM tools • Build a service-based view
  7. 7. Startingpoint – PerformanceMaturityAssessment Reactive/Initial Partially proactive Proactive Governance Mastering √ No or basic system/infrastructure monitoring √ No or sporadic performance test  Performance & Stability Incidents  High costs to fix late detected performance and stability defects  Loss of trust, frustration of users and staff √ APM for few critical applications √ L&P Test for few critical applications  High costs to manage many standards and heterogeneous monitoring landscapes  High risk for undetected performance defects during development √ Performance QA, L&P Test and APM standardized and institutionalized  No or suboptimal usage of the standards  Usage and execution of the APM standards not monitored √ Performance QA, L&P Test and APM processes KPI’s are measured √ Performance QA, L&P Test and APM standards are maintained  Execution feedbacks and experiences not considered  Performance management standards outdated in comparison with IT industry evolution and best practices √ Continuous Improvement of Performance QA, L&P Test and APM processes and their impact  Sponsor and execute improvement plans0 1 2 3 4
  8. 8. Essentialelements for successful adoption APM & CQA GOVERNANCE: Leadership, functions, well-defined service catalogues and processes ADDRESS THE FIVE CHALLENGES: Speed of change Release management New tools resistance Skills requirement Organisation structure
  9. 9. UnifiedMonitoringArchitecture(UMA)Overview Network Virtualization Operating Systems Servers Applications User Experience Databases Performance Data (metrics/events) Service Health Role-based Dashbords
  10. 10. Monitoring& DiscoveryLayer
  11. 11. ServiceModel-drivenIntegrationLayer
  12. 12. Implementation: ServiceLevelMapping Infrastructure Perspective Business Transaction Transaction Components Business Perspective Business Transaction Transaction Components Transaction Components Transaction Components Transaction Components Business Service Config Items e.g. Server names Components e.g. Tomcat JBoss Web service HOST Transaction Components
  13. 13. AutomationLayer
  14. 14. Role-based VisualisationLayer
  15. 15. UnifiedMonitoringArchitecture
  16. 16. Example TargetArchitecture
  17. 17. Thank you