The Los Angeles Kings Score a Digital Marketing Hat-Trick: Greater Revenue, Retention, and Fan Loyalty


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The Los Angeles Kings Score a Digital Marketing Hat-Trick: Greater Revenue, Retention, and Fan Loyalty

  1. 1. The Los Angeles Kings Score a Digital MarketingHat-Trick: Greater Revenue, Retention, andFan LoyaltyAll-Star Team of Neolane and FanOne Marketing Help Stanley Cup Customer name: Los Angeles KingsChampions Increase Customer Knowledge and Deliver Personalized Fan Industry: Sports & EntertainmentExperiencesOwned by Anschutz Entertainment “Like other professional sports teams, the “Thanks to NeolaneGroup (AEG) the Los Angeles Kings are a LA Kings offer multiple products, includingNational Hockey League (NHL) franchise single game tickets, multi-game packs, and FanOne Marketing,founded in 1967. Overcoming seemingly group tickets, season tickets, merchandise, the LA Kings haveinsurmountable odds, the Kings won and more, said LeValley. “Without a ”their first NHL Stanley Cup in 2012, single, comprehensive view of fans’ been able to increasebecoming the first 8th seeded team in behavior and interests, we were limited revenue, retention, andNHL history to do so. in our ability to tailor these products to fan loyalty—and do so the right individuals or groups, and thenChallenge: Disparate Fan Data engage them with targeted marketing while maintaining anand Limited Capabilities for messages. ” efficient, lean marketingDriving Targeted Messages team.” Solution: Open Platform andSince winning the Stanley Cup, the Aaron LeValley, Powerful Personalization EngineLA Kings’ popularity has soared, with Director of CRM, LA Kingsseason tickets expected to sell out for Backed by Strategic Servicesthe first time in their history. However, The LA Kings evaluated several marketingin Los Angeles, hockey has traditionally automation platforms against a specific BUSINESS NEEDbeen challenged to compete with other set of criteria that included the ability The LA Kings sought to increaseprofessional sports, including basketball to create a central marketing datamart; revenue, retention, and loyalty in aand baseball. track individual behavior and responses; competitive market by integrating multiple data sources and leveraging and execute automated cross-channel its customer intelligence to driveThus, although the LA Kings have a campaigns that deliver personalized fan targeted, personalized marketingpassionate core fan base, their marketing experiences. campaigns.department was tasked with finding waysto generate new sales while increasing Based on this evaluation, Neolane’s RESULTSretention and loyalty in a competitive conversational marketing platform wasmarket. When Aaron LeValley, Director chosen over other leading automation • Enhance customer intelligence by creating a single, 360-degree viewof CRM, joined the team in 2009, he platforms. The decision boiled down to a of fansbegan thinking about how they could few key factors, including Neolane’s openwork smarter through better customer API, personalization engine, cross-channel • Increase revenues and ROI by delivering personalizedknowledge and technology. capabilities, and future-proof platform, as experiences across channels well as the deep industry knowledge ofAt the time, the LA Kings were using CRM partner FanOne Marketing. • Automate marketing campaigns,and email marketing tools provided by driving greater results whiletheir ticketing vendor. Because the team “Neolane and FanOne Marketing offered maintaining lean operationscouldn’t integrate multiple data streams the winning combination of robust • Increase online season ticket(transactions, campaign responses, web technology powered by strategic services, ” renewals 10%, reallocating humanbehavior, forms, social media activity, explains LeValley. “Neolane’s open API resources to higher prioritiesetc.), they had a fractured and incomplete was crucial to integrating disparate data • Build the database via socialview of their fans. Moreover, the email sources and better understanding our fans. media, transforming anonymoustool offered limited segmentation and Plus, we knew the platform could support followers into addressable contactspersonalization capabilities. our increasing marketing sophistication over time. Lastly, FanOne Marketing’s
  2. 2. “Neolane and FanOne Marketing offered the winning combination of robust technology powered by strategic services. Neolane’s open API was crucial to integrating disparate data sources and better understanding our fans. Plus, we knew the platform could support our increasing marketing sophistication over time.”understanding of our business far exceeded that milestone is reached, marketing willother marketing service providers. ” focus on building a waiting list and keeping those fans engaged through multi-touchResults: Personalized Fan nurture campaigns.Experiences Drive Greater “Thanks to Neolane and FanOne Marketing,Revenue, Retention, and Loyalty the LA Kings have been able to increaseDrawing from their combined revenue, retention, and fan loyalty—andknowledgebase and partnership, the LA do so while maintaining an efficient, leanKings and FanOne Marketing have worked marketing team, said LeValley. ”closely to design and execute marketingcampaigns in Neolane, including subscriber Looking Forward: Socialwelcome campaigns, pre- and post-game Marketing, Lead Scoring, andcommunications, season ticket renewals, Tighter CRM Integrationseasonal promotions, lead nurturing, andmore. The platform’s workflow engine has The LA Kings have begun exploringbrought greater automation and efficiency ways to unlock value from their socialto their marketing operations. Moreover, media audiences using Neolane Socialcentralizing fan data in Neolane has Marketing. For instance, the team launchedallowed the team to increase targeting a campaign aimed at acquiring new fanssophistication, which has, in turn, boosted from Twitter. Followers received a Directrelevancy and results. Message with a contest; in order to enter to win, they had to complete a brief formFor instance, the LA Kings developed a and provide their name, email, and Twitterbehavior-based workflow for its holiday pack handle.campaign that automatically segmentedindividuals who exhibited behaviors for a “The Twitter campaign generated aseries of follow-up messages. The campaign 6-7% response rate, netting hundredsgenerated more than $70,000 in revenue, of new contacts in our database, notes ”with the second email doubling the revenue LeValley. “The key is that we were able toof the first and the third email to “clickers” identify anonymous followers, make themgenerating the highest return per send. This marketable via other channels, and startcampaign was launched within two months assigning them value. ”of implementation and showcased the To further optimize sales, the LA Kingseffectiveness and a quick, positive ROI for are building a lead scoring model thatLA Kings executives. incorporates demographic, transaction, and behavioral data to identify fans with Neolane, Inc.The LA Kings are also using Neolane todrive online season ticket renewals. In the highest propensity to buy. Plans are 275 Washington Street Third Floor, Newton, MA 02458addition to sending targeted emails, the also underway to migrate to a new CRM Office: +1 617 467 6760team has created a personalized URL and system that would allow for bidirectional Fax: +1 617 467 6701microsite for each season ticket holder that synchronization with Neolane. Armed with info@neolane.comcontains savings and benefits info along each fan’s score and complete interaction www.neolane.comwith fun, engaging content. As a result of history, sales and service reps will be able to better prioritize their efforts and engage United Statesthis initiative, online renewals are up 10% United Kingdomto their highest level, which has freed sales in informed conversations. Francereps to focus on higher risk accounts. Nordics Based on the tremendous success the LAThanks to greater marketing effectiveness Kings have had using Neolane, parent Neolane and the Neolane logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Neolane Inc. in the United States and otherplus a popularity boost stemming from the company AEG is planning to bring the LA countries. All other trademarks contained herein are the2012 Stanley Cup, the LA Kings are on the Galaxy, of Major League Soccer, onto the property of their respective owners.verge of selling out of season tickets. Once platform. © 2012 Neolane, Inc.