The Age of Apps: Evolution of the Mobile Application [Infographic]


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Less than five years after the launch of Apple’s App Store, mobile applications have become one of the primary ways people communicate, shop, organize their lives, play, and even work. Mobile marketing provides a huge opportunity for marketers to engage with customers and prospects anytime, anywhere. This ability for marketers to be “constantly connected” has been made possible largely due to the emergence of mobile applications.

This infographic walks the reader through mobile’s emergence and development, from the Apple App Store introduction to “Angry Birds” exceeding 1 billion downloads, and projects where the mobile app market is expected to travel in the next five years. It takes a deep dive into how consumers use mobile devices, what makes apps successful, and what marketers can do to foster customer engagement through apps. So take a look to discover what’s next in the evolution of mobile marketing.

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The Age of Apps: Evolution of the Mobile Application [Infographic]

  1. 1. LESS THAN FIVE YEARS SINCE THE LAUNCH OF APPLE’S APP STORE, MOBILE APPLICATIONS HAVE BECOME ONE OF THE PRIMARY WAYS PEOPLE COMMUNICATE, SHOP, ORGANIZE THEIR LIVES, PLAY OR EVEN WORK. WHAT’S THE NEXT STAGE IN THE EVOLUTION OF MOBILE APPS? 1993 IBM begins selling Simon, which paves the way for modern smartphones by 2002 including a touchscreen instead of buttons.IT ALSO INCLUDES: RIM releases its first BlackBerry devices with integrated phone Calendar Address World Calculator Notepad Email functionality; the product line book clock eventually evolves into the first mass-market smartphone optimized for wireless email. Fax Games capability July 2008 2007 Apple releases the first iPhone, APPLE LAUNCHES THE APP which comes with only the default STORE AND IPHONE 3G apps preloaded on the phone, including: Maps Photos Texts Weather October April 2008 2009 GOOGLE LAUNCHES TOTAL APPLE APP STORE ANDROID MARKET APP DOWNLOADS EXCEED 1 BILLION HTC releases the HTC Dream, the first commercially available Android smartphone April 2010 APPLE RELEASES THE FIRST IPAD TOTAL ANDROID MARKET APP DOWNLOADS EXCEED Samsung releases the Galaxy, 1 BILLION the first tablet computer with an Android operating system in the U.S. August September 2010 2010 TOTAL APPLE APP STORE APP DOWNLOADS EXCEED APPLE RELEASES THE IPHONE 4S APPLE RELEASES THE IPAD 2 10 BILLION October March January 2011 2011 2011 TOTAL NUMBER OF MOBILE TOTAL ANDROID MARKET APPS REACHES APP DOWNLOADS EXCEED AMONG SMARTPHONE 1 MILLION 10 BILLION USERS, APP USAGE SURPASSES MOBILE December WEB USAGE 2011 APP USAGE MOBILE WEB USAGE BEAUTIFUL WIDGETS BECOMES THE 94 72 FIRST PAID ANDROID APP TO REACH 10 BILLION DOWNLOADS min. min. APPLE UNVEILS THE THIRD GENERATION OF THE IPAD (“THE NEW IPAD”) March GOOGLE RENAMES THE ANDROID MARKET GOOGLE 2012 TOTAL APPLE APP STORE PLAY APP DOWNLOADS EXCEED 25 BILLION SMARTPHONES ACCOUNT FOR HALF THE CELLULAR MARKET IN THE UNITED STATES DRAWSOMETHING REACHES INSTAGRAM PASSES April 50 MILLION 50 MILLION 2012 DOWNLOADS JUST 50 DAYS AFTER RELEASE DOWNLOADS, FROM 12 MILLION IN JANUARY TOTAL GOOGLE PLAY APP May DOWNLOADS EXCEED ANGRY BIRDS EXCEEDS 2012 15 BILLION 1 BILLION DOWNLOADS GLOBALLY MICROSOFT RELEASES WINDOWS 8, BRINGING SMARTPHONE-STYLE APPS TO PCS WHAT’S COMING BY 2016… … 44 BILLION APP DOWNLOADS PREDICTED … APP-TO-PERSON MESSAGING SHOULD OVERTAKE TEXT MESSAGING BRANDED APPS 70% IPHONE USERS WHO HAVE DOWNLOADED 60% WOULD BE INTERESTED IN DOING SO APPS FROM WELL-KNOWN BRANDS WHAT MAKES A BRANDED APP SUCCESSFUL? According to research from Indiana University, effective branded apps provide users with information and personalization – and, most importantly, a connection to a brand they know and trust. TABLETS VS. SMARTPHONES Not all apps are created the same for all platforms; users of tablets probably want something completely different from smartphone users. HOW THEY USE THEIR DEVICES 89% 72% Tablet users who go online with Smartphone users who their devices while at home access the web on the go SMARTPHONES’ PORTABILITY ALSO MEANS THEY ARE USED MORE FREQUENTLY. APPS FOR EACH PLATFORM SMARTPHONE TABLET QUICK, KEEP EASE ANALYSIS, DISCOVERY OF PURCHASING IN MIND AND CONTENT CONSUMPTION DISPLAY ADS WELL-TOLERATED DISPLAY ADS WELL-TOLERATED IN-APP ADS SHOULD BE EASY CAN EMPLOY LONGER-FORM IN-APP TO CLICK THROUGH; USERS ADS, BUT MAKE SURE THEY ARE WON’T WANT TO SIT HIGHLY RELEVANT TO APP USERS THROUGH A MINUTE-LONG AD APPS ARE UBIQUITOUS BENEFITS FOR BRANDS AND ENGAGING INCREASE IN GENERAL INTEREST OF PRODUCT APPS PRESENT AN INNOVATIVE APPS HAVE EXPANDED FROM NEW MARKETING SMARTPHONES TO TABLETS TO IMPROVEMENT IN /COMMUNICATION CHANNEL PCS (I.E. COVER ALL DEVICES) ATTITUDE TOWARD BRAND Youve invited the brand into your life and onto your phone. If its an informational app, youre inviting that brand even deeper in, because now youre thinking about whats in your life andapply it to the things that the apps are presenting you with. With the experiential app, things are still kept at a distance -- youre still experiencing it on your phone and not in your life. ROBERT F. POTTER, DIRECTOR OF THE INSTITUTE FOR COMMUNICATION RESEARCH AT IU BLOOMINGTON KEYS TO ENGAGEMENT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE UBIQUITY OF APPS AND THEIR HIGH USAGE/ENTERTAINMENT VALUE TO CREATE A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE MARKETING CHANNEL. COORDINATE IT SEAMLESSLY WITH EXISTING CHANNELS, INCLUDING EMAIL, WEB, SOCIAL MEDIA AND MORE. HOW CAN IT WORK? Automate the Create, target and Send execution of personalize push notifications campaigns of push notifications and and in-app notifications in-app content content that are contextualized and geo- personalized Leverage data in a central Measure the marketing database to response rates and send consistent messages revenues generated via the app and other from push and app channels (cross-channel, campaigns not just another silo) EXAMPLESEVENT-TRIGGERED AND CROSS-CHANNEL MARKETING TRANSACTIONAL MARKETING A user abandons an online Upon completing an online shopping cart and receives purchase, the user receives a coordinated email and an order confirmation via mobile push notification. push notification and is Upon accepting the push redirected in app to review notification, they’re the purchase details and redirected to complete the receive additional product purchase in the app. recommendations based on their purchase.PROMOTIONAL MARKETING GEOLOCATION MARKETING The user receives an Based on a Facebook exclusive offer via push check-in, the user receives a notification and is real-time push notification redirected to a product with a personalized offer for info area within the app. a promotion at a nearby A badge displays the store location. number of days remaining before the promotion expires.ADDITIONAL SOURCES University Research, May 2011