Sears Canada Automates Campaign Execution,Increasing Revenue while Lowering Costs                                         ...
“Neolane has done a phenomenal job for Sears Canada. They’ve by far exceeded our immediate goals, and we’re confident the p...
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Sears Canada Automates Campaign Execution, Increasing Revenue while Lowering Costs


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Sears Canada doubles frequency of coordinated telemarketing and direct
mail campaigns for retail stores; annual revenues from this campaign rise 50
percent, helping the multi-channel retailer to generate ROI in just one month.

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Sears Canada Automates Campaign Execution, Increasing Revenue while Lowering Costs

  1. 1. Sears Canada Automates Campaign Execution,Increasing Revenue while Lowering Costs Customer name: Sears Canada Industry: RetailSears Canada doubles frequency of coordinated telemarketing and direct Business Need: Increase marketingmail campaigns for retail stores; annual revenues from this campaign rise 50 efficiency and ROI by replacing a legacy system with a cross-channel campaignpercent, helping the multi-channel retailer to generate ROI in just one month. management platform that’s easy to implement, easy to use, and delivers high-volume automation.Sears Canada is a multi-channel which meant that campaigns were “Neolane was moreretailer with a network of 196 corporate executed in silos. Moreover, the marketing nimble, flexible, andstores, 260 hometown dealer stores, 33 teams were bogged down by inefficient,home improvement showrooms, over manual, and undocumented processes, hungry than the1,800 catalogue merchandise pick-up such that generating campaign lists alone other providers welocations, 108 Sears Travel offices and a took a tremendous effort. This inefficiency, considered. Even morenationwide home maintenance, repair, in turn, significantly limited Sears Canada’s important… was thatand installation network. The Company ability to run additional campaigns toalso publishes Canada’s most extensive support its revenue goals. the product was bothgeneral merchandise catalogue and offers easy to implement andshopping online at By implementing a campaign management easy to use.” solution, Sears Canada hoped to kill Jill Speirs, SeniorWhen Sears Canada set out to implement two birds with one stone. The company Vice President,a campaign management solution for its could deliver a more consistent, relevant Customer Strategy,retail, catalog, and card services marketing customer experience by centrally managing Sears Canadaprograms, it had an aggressive timeline. communications across multiple channels,Just how aggressive surprised even Jill including direct mail, email, and the callSpeirs, Senior Vice President, Customer center. At the same time, it could generate OBJECTIVESStrategy at Sears Canada. significant efficiencies and Return on • Reduce ongoing maintenance costs Marketing Investment (ROMI) through by replacing a legacy campaign“Our CFO wanted a solution implemented greater automation. management systemin just three months—a goal I didn’t initially • Integrate with MDM solution tothink was possible, reflects Speirs. “Six ” According to Speirs, Neolane was the leverage latest customer data during campaign targetingmonths seemed more feasible, but he was right company and product for the job: • Increase marketing efficiency byadamant that we do it in three. Fortunately, “Neolane was more nimble, flexible, automating list generation acrossNeolane was able to rise to the challenge and hungry than the other providers we multiple divisionsand together, we met the objective. ” considered. Even more important, given • Centrally manage communications our urgent business needs, was that the across channels, including call center, email, and direct mailStepping back, the campaign management product was both easy to implement andproject was part of a broader Sears Canada easy to use. We were confident that they RESULTSinitiative to become more customer centric. could meet our aggressive three-month • Met aggressive 3-month deploymentWith the recession raging, the retailer implementation timeline.” goal thanks to strong projectwanted to address a fundamental shift in the managementmarketplace: increasing consumer control Another point of differentiation for • Achieved significant cost savings byover how, when, and where they interact Neolane was its flexible financing and phasing out legacy systemwith brands. For marketers, this meant delivery options. Sears Canada chose the • Reduced campaign executionmoving toward an interactive dialogue with rather unique combination of a perpetual time and doubled output with no additional staffconsumers, regardless of the channel. software license with hosted delivery by • Generated a 50% increase in retail Neolane. Because the company lacked the campaign revenue—and ROI in 1At the time, Sears Canada was using available IT resources needed to complete monthmultiple, disparate systems across its a full-blown, on-premise installation, theretail, catalog, and card services groups, hosted model was crucial to meeting the
  2. 2. “Neolane has done a phenomenal job for Sears Canada. They’ve by far exceeded our immediate goals, and we’re confident the platform will continue to grow and support us over time as our needs evolve. ”short, three-month timeframe. It would based on profile data, transaction andalso streamline ongoing operational response history, etc. To prevent contactmaintenance, minimizing the need for fatigue, customers who have received aadditional IT infrastructure or headcount. campaign within the last three months are automatically excluded.Because it had implemented a Master DataManagement (MDM) solution only a few Thanks to this enhanced automation, Searsmonths prior, Sears Canada had already Canada significantly reduced campaigndone the bulk of the work needed to create execution time. Previously, the companya 360-degree view of its customers. Using could only run campaigns every two weeks.Neolane’s advanced data management As a result of the efficiency gains generatedcapabilities, it was relatively easy to create by Neolane, they’re now running campaignsan automatic sync between the MDM weekly, doubling the number of campaignssolution and the Neolane database— with no additional staff.ensuring the latest customer data wouldalways be driving its direct marketing efforts. In addition, Sears Canada is able to conduct more targeted, ad hoc campaigns—In addition to these enabling technical something that simply wasn’t possiblefactors, expert project management by before. Overall, the increased targetingNeolane was critical to meeting Sears capabilities provided by Neolane areCanada’s target go-live date. “Neolane translating directly into increased results.was a great partner in listening andadapting to our needs throughout the With the retail campaigns runningimplementation process, reflects Speirs. ” smoothly, Sears Canada next turned to“More specifically, they recognized that we its card services campaigns, automatingwere trying to tackle too much at once, so yet another list creation process. The thirdthey helped us develop a phased approach phase will be the catalog campaign, whichthat made the project more manageable will entail sophisticated household-leveland ultimately more successful. ” targeting to drive more effective catalog mailings. Ultimately, all three campaignsThe first phase involved launching Sears will be planned and executed from a singleCanada’s retail campaigns on the Neolane platform and user interface: Neolane.platform. These campaigns involve a Sears Canada anticipates that havingcoordinated direct mail and telemarketing a centralized campaign managementeffort to drive store traffic. Because they solution will not only increase marketinggenerate millions of dollars in revenues, effectiveness and efficiency, butthey were given highest priority. dramatically improve ROMI. Neolane, Inc. 275 Washington Street Third Floor, Newton, MA 02458With Neolane’s workflow capabilities, Impressed with the results to date, Sears Office: +1 617 467 6760Sears Canada has transformed complex, Canada has begun exploring additional Fax: +1 617 467 6701manual processes into an intuitive visual uses for the Neolane platform, including www.neolane.comframework that automates campaign email marketing. “Neolane has done aexecution. Each month, a workflow phenomenal job for Sears Canada, asserts ” United Statesgenerates a master list of qualified Speirs. “They’ve by far exceeded our United Kingdomcustomers that serves as the basis for that immediate goals, and we’re confident the Francemonth’s campaigns. This list is then further platform will continue to grow and support Nordicssegmented for each individual campaign, us over time as our needs evolve.” Neolane and the Neolane logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Neolane Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. © 2011 Neolane, Inc.