Sophos Increases Lead Management Sophistication and Improves Engagement with Perpetual Prospects


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Neolane’s enterprise-ready lead management capabilities, commitment to
security and integration with are key to supporting Sophos’
increasingly sophisticated marketing strategies

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Sophos Increases Lead Management Sophistication and Improves Engagement with Perpetual Prospects

  1. 1. Sophos Increases Lead Management Sophistication andImproves Engagement with Perpetual Prospects Customer name: Sophos Industry: IT security and data protectionNeolane’s enterprise-ready lead management capabilities, commitment to Business Need: Sophos sought an advanced,security and integration with are key to supporting Sophos’ enterprise-ready marketing technology solution that would support its marketingincreasingly sophisticated marketing strategies department’s evolving campaign and lead management requirementsMore than 100 million users in 150 cycle and ultimately generate revenue,” “Neolane proved to becountries rely on Sophos (www.sophos. said Andrew Hall, Director of Marketing the only enterprise-classcom) as the best protection against Operations, Sophos. marketing automationcomplex threats and data loss. Sophos iscommitted to providing complete security Sophos had always benefitted from basic solution that could helpand data protection solutions that are marketing database centralization, but the us manage a numbersimple to manage, deploy and use. Sophos downside was that everything – every of different campaignsoffers award-winning encryption, endpoint touch, every lead - went into the CRM with varying levels ofsecurity, web, email, cloud, mobile and system. That process hampered Sophos’ complexity on a regionalnetwork security solutions backed by legacy system and made lead follow upSophosLabs - a global network of threat more inefficient. and global level.”intelligence centers. Sophos sought an Rob Schlansky,advanced, enterprise-ready marketing The Solution: Multi-Touch IT Director – Marketing,technology solution that could support Reporting and a Security Mindset Sophosevolving campaign and lead management Sophos spent several months evaluatingrequirements, and one that was also marketing technology vendors against aflexible enough to align with the transition specific set of criteria that included the TECHNOLOGY ENVIRONMENTto its new CRM system. ability to handle its multi-touch reporting • for CRM, Sitecore for requirements and manage tiered campaigns web CMSThe Challenge: Traditional Sales on a global level.Cycles Don’t Apply RESULTSSophos sends approximately 200 email Additionally, Sophos knew it would • Increased campaign efficiency, cutting cycle times and supporting increasedcampaigns globally each month, with two eventually transition to a new CRM system, activity with no additional headcountto three variations for A/B testing. These so the marketing solution had to be flexible • Automated response handling forcampaigns include license renewals and enough to not only integrate with Sophos’ hundreds of global and regionalsecurity alerts as well as invitations to existing IT infrastructure, but with whatever campaigns each monthwebinars and regional events. As Sophos system the company eventually selected. • Improved insight into which activitiesgrew its customer base and expanded effectively move prospects into the buying cycle and generate revenueinto new global regions, the marketing Being an IT security company, it was also • Supported smooth transition todepartment needed to be able to scale very important that Sophos work with a, with seamlessand improve lead management processes, vendor that was conscious of security integration and information flowwithout adding more resources. and could demonstrate a commitment to between the two systems data protection and privacy. As a result of • Future-proof platform can effectively“Traditional sales cycles don’t necessarily its evaluation, Sophos selected Neolane’s support Sophos’ growth and increasing marketing sophisticationexist at Sophos. Our marketing needs are conversational marketing technology. over timeunlike typical B2B organizations due to thenature of our subscription-based solutions. “Neolane proved to be the only enterprise-Our multi-touch campaigns use several class marketing automation solution thatmetrics to track which activities effectively could help us manage a number of differentmove prospects into the pre-buying campaigns with varying levels of complexity
  2. 2. “The ability to seamlessly plan, target, execute and measure communications with prospects is critical. Neolane allows us to better understand what messages and offers are most effective, if they’ve reached our target market, and whether the information provided is of value to our customers, partners, and prospects.”on a regional and global level,” said Rob information prospects find to be of value as the value of security, and I’m not sayingSchlansky, IT Director – Marketing, Sophos. they move through the buying cycle, as well that just because of the business we’re“Neolane stood out based on its ability to as allowing Sophos to make more informed in. The ability to protect customer dataclearly articulate strong value propositions business decisions about where to allocate and privacy is incredibly important givenand establish best practices associated with time and budget to deliver the greatest value it is often the primary target of attacks,”data protection and privacy. The platform is to prospects, partners and customers alike. said Schlansky.also UTF-8 compliant, providing support forJapanese characters, not something every “With Neolane, we will be able to better Sophos chose to take advantage ofvendor is capable of.” determine logical next steps for accelerating Neolane’s highly secure Software-as-a- discussions – like when to offer a free Service (SaaS) model, not only for theThe Results: Automate Response software trial following the download of a cost advantages it provided, but alsoHandling and Ease whitepaper, versus triggering a call from the because it was a low-risk approachTransition sales team,” said Hall. to evaluating the effectiveness of theWith Neolane, Sophos can automate response solution. In fact, Neolane was the firsthandling for hundreds of campaigns each Another substantial result of the Neolane external vendor solution to be deployedmonth. Leads are cleansed, deduped and deployment was Sophos’ ability to take in a SaaS model at Sophos. Neolane’squickly processed in Sophos advantage of the Neolane connector for ability to offer the option to move fromis now applying the benefits of automation to Today, Neolane provides a SaaS-based model to an in-housethe customer lifecycle process, streamlining the centralized marketing database and, hosted model, should evolving businessthe ability to stay ahead of customer based on a set of qualification criteria that needs warrant this in the future, wascommunications like sending renewal notices Sophos has established, automatically also seen as a positive by Sophos.associated with upcoming license expiration. determines what detail is shared with the new platform. Over time, Sophos plans to expandJust as important, the Neolane platform to other communications channels inis flexible enough to support Sophos’ “We were really pleased with the Salesforce. addition to email. The company willincreasingly granular multi-touch reporting and com integration offered. Using the latest also look to evolve its approach to leadattribution requirements that track and analyze connector, Neolane scoring to continue to improve leadthe last prospect touch (called a “hit”) and the ensured the transition from our legacy CRM quality, while decreasing the amount ofsteps immediately prior (the “assists”). environment to was a smooth human intervention. and seamless one. We were able to function“The ability to seamlessly plan, target, in a hybrid environment for a short period ofexecute and measure communications with time, where Neolane interacted with both Neolane, Inc.prospects is critical. Neolane allows us to and our legacy CRM solution 275 Washington Street Third Floor, Newton, MA 02458better understand what messages and offers without conflicts, and were able to get the Office: +1 617 467 6760are most effective, if they’ve reached our integration up and functioning Fax: +1 617 467 6701target market, and whether the information very quickly,” said Schlansky. www.neolane.comprovided is of value to our customers, partnersand prospects,” said Schlansky. Neolane also supports Sophos’ distributed global marketing teams. Neolane has become a United StatesNeolane enables Sophos to adjust campaigns development tool that is used to implement best United Kingdomand focus marketing spend on high- practices for more effective campaign execution, France tracking and measuring, and eventually to Nordicsvalue activities that are most effective intransforming a touch into a lead. Over time, encourage more self-sufficient teams. Neolane and the Neolane logo are trademarks or registeredSophos will rely on Neolane to support trademarks of Neolane Inc. in the United States and otherincreasingly sophisticated lead nurturing and Lessons Learned: Security Must countries. All other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.scoring strategies. These strategies will allow Align with Marketing Operations © 2012 Neolane, Inc.the marketing team to better understand what “Marketing vendors simply can’t underestimate