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Building a Foundation for CASL [Infographic]


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Use this infographic to learn more about Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), an upcoming law governing commercial electronic messaging (CEM) in Canada. Using a beach/sandcastle motif, the infographic outlines who CASL impacts, what it requires, and best practices commercial senders can implement to help ensure compliance.

The key takeaway? While many digital and email marketing professionals are concerned about preparing for CASL, it shouldn’t pose a great challenge for senders who apply best practices around permission and acquisition. The full guidelines will be published once the law is official (expected later this year). Until then, you can prepare for—and even get ahead of—CASL by auditing your data collection processes and ensuring that you’re getting explicit consent at all points of entry!

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Building a Foundation for CASL [Infographic]

  1. 1. While CASL is not scheduled Use this infographic to exploreto go into effect until later this CASL and its requirements,year, the stipulations are fairly as well as best practiceswell defined. The most important you can implement now torelate to permission and consent. ensure compliance. CEM CASL (Commercial Electronic Messages) (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation)What/Who? Message Any CEM sent from or Requirements: Sender identification Mailing address* accessed by a computer Penalties up to: One additional contact system in Canada Exemptions: $ 10,000,000 (telephone, email, website) CAD for organizations Easy unsubscribe Non-Canadian senders withnon-Canadian products/services that could not be expected $ 1,000,000 (no more than 2 clicks)* to know their message will CAD for individuals *Valid for at least 60 days be accessed in Canada. CASL Governs All CEM APP Email SMS Mobile Push Social Media IM Best practice: use campaign management to centrally manage channel-level permissions icitt: xplsen E n Imp co thei r put ss or ox con lied rs in e Use il addr check-b sen ema firm a con cked -che it e a pr expl ic An t: exis cti ce: idered ting pra ons Exp rela B est is not c ires tio nsh box sent Bes afte ip cam t pra r2 con yea exp paign ctice: rs ires s be imp to c fore lem onfi imp ent rm e lied auto xpre con mat ss c sent ed ons entWhen you think about it, the CASL requirements arebased on universal digital marketing best practices.If you implement them now, you’ll have a solidfoundation that will prevent you from being sweptaway when the law goes into effect.