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Are Your Marketing Messages K-Cups or Carafes?


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This mini graphic or visual vignette uses a coffee analogy to illustrate the differences between 1:1 personalized messages (K-cups) and generic bulk messages (carafes).

Published in: Technology
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Are Your Marketing Messages K-Cups or Carafes?

  1. 1. ARE YOUR MARKETING MESSAGES K-CUPS OR CARAFES?Activist consumers expect each brand interaction to be tailored precisely to their needs and behavior.Yet, many businesses continue to send generic batch-and-blast campaigns. Marketing looking togenerate higher engagement and ROI should ask themselves whether they’re marketing messagesare K-Cups or Carafes. VS One-to-one One-to-many One message, One message, as many one recipient recipients as possible Real-time Batch Delivered when and Delivered according where a consumer to the brand’s takes action timeline Personalized Generic Content driven by One “flavor” or individual tastes message for and preferences all recipients Fresh Stale High engagement & ROI Declining response rates