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Abcam implements Neolane to win healthy B2Bmarketing results                                                              ...
“The accessibility and ease-of-use of campaign reports has enabled us to analyze overall campaign performance and trends g...
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Abcam implements Neolane to win healthy B2B marketing results


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Abcam, owner of one of the world’s largest catalogs of antibodies, engages
Neolane’s conversational marketing technology to conduct high-response,
one-to-one personalized B2B campaigns

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Abcam implements Neolane to win healthy B2B marketing results

  1. 1. Abcam implements Neolane to win healthy B2Bmarketing results Customer name: AbcamAbcam, owner of one of the world’s largest catalogs of antibodies, engages Industry: Life Sciences/Pharma/ Bio-tech/B2B eCommerceNeolane’s conversational marketing technology to conduct high-response, Business Need: Create effective B2B marketing communications in ten personalized B2B campaigns Engage with a rapidly growing number of bio-tech scientists worldwide, while promoting a catalog of 67,000+ productsAbcam is a producer and distributor of research- and deliverability could at best only be “We needed a smarter, moregrade antibodies with offices located in the roughly estimated, making it hard to direct user-friendly and scalableUK, U.S., Japan and Hong Kong. The company improvements. solution to meet ourproduces and distributes its own and third-party produced antibodies to academic and Additionally, the email application couldn’t requirement for deliveringcommercial users in over 70 countries. With support the marketing best practices Abcam personalized content to ouran online catalogue of over 67 ,000 products, wanted to introduce, such as highly refined rapidly expanding customerAbcam covers hundreds of disciplines including content personalization, campaign testing and base. We evaluated acancer, immunology and neuroscience. The event-triggered emails. number of tools, but werecompany’s vision is to build the largest online at first disappointed byantibody resource in the world while also Seeking a scalable solutionensuring that the antibodies are of high quality their inflexibility and lack “We needed a smarter, more user-friendly andand commercially viable. Some 600-800 new scalable solution to meet our requirement for of sophistication. Then weproducts are added to the catalog every month. delivering personalized content to our rapidly discovered Neolane.” expanding customer base, said Warwick. “We ”Challenging customer communications Jim Warwick, Chief Operating evaluated a number of tools, but were at first Officer at Abcam“Each of our customers is a specialist and disappointed by their inflexibility and lack ofour challenge is to generate timely content sophistication. Then we discovered Neolane. ”that’s specific to their field of activity, said Jim ” TECHNOLOGY ENVIRONMENTWarwick, chief operating officer at Abcam. “Only “Neolane was the only platform to meet • Custom ERP and CRM systemby seeing the subject matter as directly relevant our needs on functionality and scalability • SQL Serverto them, will an individual open it, read it and and it offers impressive one-to-one • On-site licenceperhaps click-through to the Abcam website. ” personalization capabilities rather than just simple segmentation, said Warwick. “Neolane ” OBJECTIVESAbcam’s main channel of outbound customer is highly configurable and while very • Increase campaign deliverability,communication is email. Customers can opt-in via sophisticated, it’s user friendly for marketers. ” relevancy, reactivity and salesthe website to receive newsletters on their area • Reduce complexity, timeframes andof research, product updates and other marketing For Abcam, there was also its data management costcontent such as regional news, promotions and policy to consider. The company maintains a • Improve adherence to preferredinvitations to Abcam scientific conferences. central database offering a high quality and techniques and procedures very detailed single customer view servingIn its early days, the company developed multiple enterprise applications. Abcam RESULTSa proprietary email marketing application, wanted its marketing automation solution • Reduced new campaign creation timewhich allowed marketers to semi-automate to draw upon that existing data source for by approximately 35 percent, saving 48rudimentary segmented campaigns. Requiring advanced segmentation of its customer base. staff days/yearSQL database query skills for any advanced • Achieved email open rates of 18.4segmentation and the ability to write html code, “We found that most marketing automation percent and click-throughs of about 3.6 percentIT support was often required. As the company tools mandate use of their own proprietary • Email deliverability rates now typicallygrew its product range, customer base and the datamart, which would have meant exceed 96 percentnumber of campaigns it needed to run, it began undertaking a complex integration exercise, ”to reach the limits of its in-house tool. said Warwick. “Neolane offered us the freedom to couple directly with our existing customerReporting was limited, too. Although click- database, saving considerable expense andthroughs were measurable, open rates the potential risks of data integration. ”
  2. 2. “The accessibility and ease-of-use of campaign reports has enabled us to analyze overall campaign performance and trends guiding continual improvement. We’ve also used it to test the effect on deliverability and reactivity of using different variables for the same email. ”Phased implementation Considered essential by Abcam, campaignImplementation was phased over twelve reporting is another Neolane strength.months starting with the UK and progressingacross the company’s worldwide operations. “The accessibility and ease-of-use ofAbcam engaged Neolane Professional Services campaign reports has enabled us to analyzeto help optimize more complex processes such overall campaign performance and trendsas automated one-to-one content personalized guiding continual improvement, said Warwick. ”product updates. Abcam also committed to “We’ve also used it to test the effect ondevelop a senior eCommerce employee skilled deliverability and reactivity of using differentin campaign process design towards becoming variables for the same email. ”a ‘Neolane super-user’ entrusted with buildingworkflows and supporting the team. Exciting benefits Abcam is enjoying many benefits from itsCampaign optimization Neolane investment:Captured as workflow elements, Abcam’smarketers can now simply build a performance- • Email deliverability rates typically exceedoptimized, one-to-one campaign by selecting 96 percent. Abcam’s deliverability ratesthe relevant workflow items. No input from IT with several very large organizationsis required. employing thousands of customer contacts are up by 400 percent through using a“We now have a central point of control over technique known as ‘throttling’ to controlcampaigns, said Warwick. “Neolane enables ” the number of emails sent hourly to anyus to define, capture and enforce best-practice one domain name.process workflows including for proper • Improved targeting and one-to-oneproofing and authorizations.“ personalization of subject titles and content,All of Abcam’s campaigns now run on Neolane and better formatting is also stimulatingincluding: campaign opening rates of 18.4 percent . Click-through rates now average 3.6 percent.• Automated one-to-one personalized product • The manual input to prepare one-off updates to enable customers to keep-up with campaigns such as the regional, product products that are relevant to their research and research field updates has fallen by some 35 percent. While it took perhaps 3• Research field updates: 20-25 different hours to create a campaign before, it takes newsletters per month, with personalized, around 2 hours now; saving 48 staff days relevant news and offers per year.• Monthly regional updates Neolane, Inc.• Specific promotions targeted to key accounts In the near future, Abcam will improve One Gateway Center - 7th Floor• Event-triggered messages: e.g. new marketing return on investment further. For 300-334 Washington Street example, finer personalization and ‘next-best- Newton, MA 02458 customer welcomes and purchase follow-ups offer’ features will be enabled by utilizing Office: +1 617 467 6760• Event invites: Abcam seminar and conference Fax: +1 617 467 6701 alerts to the specific customers that would further degrees of intelligence gleaned find them relevant from very recent interactions. More event- triggered campaigns will be run too, linked toAt Abcam, high-level personalization variables interaction behavior. United Statesinclude the individual’s discipline, specific area United Kingdomof expertise and their geography. Abcam’s Warwick concluded: “We are confident that Franceinternational offices and audiences are with Neolane we can continue to improve the Scandinaviasupported by ten language options and reflect quality of our customer marketing campaigns,cultural preferences. Much finer personalization supporting our continued growth.” Neolane and the Neolane logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Neolane Inc. in the United States and otheris achieved through analysis of each customer’s countries. All other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective and purchases. © 2011 Neolane, Inc.