KBM Group and Danone: Enhancing Customer Communicationsand Driving Top-Line Results Without Increasing Costs              ...
“Our relationship with Neolane allows us to address the rapid expansion of communications channels available to our client...
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KBM Group and Danone: Enhancing Customer Communications and Driving Top-Line Results Without Increasing Costs


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Marketing Services Provider Leverages Neolane’s Sophisticated Conversational
Marketing Technology to Improve the Impact and Measurability of Clients’
Global, Distributed Campaigns

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KBM Group and Danone: Enhancing Customer Communications and Driving Top-Line Results Without Increasing Costs

  1. 1. KBM Group and Danone: Enhancing Customer Communicationsand Driving Top-Line Results Without Increasing Costs Partner name: KBM Group (Client: The Danone Company)Marketing Services Provider Leverages Neolane’s Sophisticated Conversational Industry: Marketing Services ProviderMarketing Technology to Improve the Impact and Measurability of Clients’ Business Need: Support future growth,Global, Distributed Campaigns streamline existing infrastructure, improve productivity and reduce costs.KBM Group is the global leader in more complete picture of each customer. To “Neolane’s unmatchedknowledge-based marketing solutions. accomplish these goals with limited resources technology for ROI-driven,Expert in both digital and traditional direct in an increasingly complex marketingmarketing, KBM Group helps companies environment, Danone sought a completely personalized cross-channelmanage, analyze and optimize marketing outsourced marketing service provider. marketing strategies, lowdata to engage more effectively with their The Solution: Consolidated total cost of ownership,customers and prospects. KBM Group’sparent company, Wunderman, is part of Young Inbound/Outbound Capabilities and flexible deployment& Rubicam Brands and a member of WPP . KBM Group selected Neolane based on models have fueled the its experience supporting distributedKBM Group sought a technology partner to marketing campaigns, the ability to next stage of growth forhelp it lay the groundwork for streamlining simplify even the most complex marketing KBM Group.”existing infrastructure, improving environments, and its deep expertise Tom Young, Senior Vice Presidentproductivity and reducing costs while in creating a dynamic 360-degree of Client Services, KBM Groupdelivering unmatched results for its clients. marketing view of customers. Ultimately,One such client is Danone, a leading global KBM Group sought a partner that wasprovider of fresh dairy products, water, capable of fully replatforming its existing OBJECTIVESbaby and medical nutrition. technology infrastructure, while simplifying • Replatform to consolidate campaign management and measurement of and database management with aThe Challenge: Insufficient Data Silos revenue-driven campaigns. Neolane’s single providerand Multiple Vendors Were Costly single code-based platform, ease of use, • Improve marketing effectivenessKBM Group faced many challenges cross-channel capabilities and inbound/ across brands and geographiesincluding a campaign management system outbound fusion engine all contributed to • Create 360-degree marketing view ofthat was incapable of scaling, maintaining the final decision that will drive a lower customers across channelsmultiple, siloed databases and managing total cost of ownership for the marketing • Move from simple segmentation tovarious external vendors—all of which service provider. more sophisticated personalizationcontributed to increasing costs, frustration RESULTSand deteriorating customer communication Ultimately, Danone’s limited resourcesfor its client, Danone. were leveraged into improved marketing • Replatforming decreases KBM Group’s costs by 30 percent efficiency, increased reactivity rates, andThey also sought a partner that offered higher value customers. • Offline/online channel integration to achieve 360-degree marketing viewflexible deployment models, such as • Increased data qualitySoftware as a Service (SaaS), with “Our relationship with Neolane allowsexperience delivering maximum uptime us to address the rapid expansion of • Improved customer experienceand flexibility. communication channels available to • Measure ROI on unified customer data our clients through a single solution that • Increase campaign performanceKBM Group’s client, Danone, aspired to automates a broad range of marketing based on improved personalizationachieve conversational marketing via real activities, said Tom Young, Senior Vice ” capabilitiestime customer interactions based on a President of Client Services, KBM Group.
  2. 2. “Our relationship with Neolane allows us to address the rapid expansion of communications channels available to our clients through a single solution that automates a broad range of marketing activities. ”“Neolane’s unmatched technology for “Improved personalization was anROI-driven, personalized cross-channel important goal for Danone. In order tomarketing strategies, low total cost of achieve this goal, Danone needed toownership, and flexible deployment switch from a siloed view of the customermodels have fueled the next stage of with multiple data points, to a centralized,growth for KBM Group, said Young. ” 360-degree marketing view that captured campaigns and interactions acrossFresh Dairy and Water Loyalty channels. Only Neolane’s technology couldProgram Snap Shot sufficiently support that effort in a singleWith the Neolane platform in place, KBM solution, added Young. ”Group, in collaboration with Wundermanare helping Danone’s fresh dairy and water KBM Resultsbrands to optimize its loyalty program across In the short term, KBM Group gainse-mail, direct mail and online channels. a lower cost solution that is more comprehensive and easier to use andThe fresh dairy and water brands loyalty manage. Long term, KBM Group canprogram currently has six million extend the marketing software platformcustomers in its database. With email for use by additional clients therebynewsletter and special offers campaigns, improving productivity and results.including coupons, Danone sendsapproximately five million emails a month, KBM Group will reduce costs by 30with some campaigns executed on a percent, due in part to the benefits ofquarterly basis. a single, consolidated platform for all its planning, execution, tracking andKBM Group quickly accomplished Danone’s measurement needs along with decreasedgoal to improve customers’ overall brand application maintenance costs throughexperience. With the improved ability to track the SaaS model. The marketing servicesand manage offline and online campaigns, provider can also add revenue streamsand capture actions such as coupon through new account management andredemption, KBM Group can improve data consulting services made possible by thequality to further enhance and personalize Neolane platform.messaging for future campaigns. Moving forward, KBM Group will rely on Neolane, Inc. One Gateway Center - 7th FloorDanone Results: Decreased Costs and expanding use of the Neolane platform 300-334 Washington StreetImproved Campaign Effectiveness to create more sophisticated one-to-one Newton, MA 02458As a client of a marketing service provider personalized offers for Danone customers Office: +1 617 467 6760 Fax: +1 617 467 6701using Neolane, Danone has been able to to improve offer optimization. Eventually, info@neolane.comfocus on their core business while confidently KBM Group will seek to integrate with a www.neolane.comoutsourcing their direct marketing campaign data analytics solution for enhanced re- United Statesmanagement. Danone realized higher value marketing capabilities. United Kingdommarketing campaigns through quicker results, Francegreater customer visibility and increased Scandinaviacross-sell opportunities. Neolane and the Neolane logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Neolane Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. © 2011 Neolane, Inc.