Tips for picking a WordPress Template


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Tips for picking a WordPress Template. If you require a WordPress Template designer, you should hire Neogain.

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Tips for picking a WordPress Template

  1. 1. Tips for picking a WordPress TemplateChoosing the right WordPress template / theme for your website is tough. Often peoplechoose a theme that they feel, will work well for their website content. Unfortunately this isusually chosen without any prior research to truly assess what is required. Not forgettingthat a theme should be robust enough to use for today as well as the short-term future asthe website expands and probably will be modified over time.RowsThe amount of rows is actually incredibly important. If you have or are creating a brand,then your website probably will require a logo. This probably means you will require aheader area at the top, plus a header is a great location for a few static menus, phonenumber and slogan.For many user a top navigation is required below a header. There are many websitethemes that actually have a small static menu in the header aligned to the left or right, buta main dynamic menu stretching the width of the main container.Obviously the content will require its own row, which will no-doubt will be large. Thenperhaps a row for the footer, with the all-important copyright notice, plus perhaps somemore page links and a telephone number.ColumnsThe amount of columns and size of the columns, can vary widely depending on yourneeds. For instance if you plan to provide advertisement, the type of adverts and howmany you place will make a dramatic difference, to the amount of columns you require.For instance if you wish to have a large Google AdSense square advert in a sidebarcolumn, this means you should seriously consider only using two columns, i.e. one forcontent and another for the sidebar.However not everyone needs more than one column, but others require a few. So beforeyou choose your theme, you need to make sure you know what type of content you wish toplace on the website, and where.BrandingWeve already mentioned the logo and slogan in this article, but branding isnt just aboutthose two elements, but also colours, fonts, styles and more. Your branding andpresentational style should influence your website theme.Your website needs to firmly fit into your branding and be recognisable, especially if youhave a strong branding elsewhere such as brochures, leaflets, adverts and so on. Makesure you create a house style surrounding your branding, which can be used by a webdesigner and content contributors alike on your website.If you use an off the shelf theme, the theme should be easily modifiable to suit your brandand house style.Accessibility & Disability FriendlyIt is no good having a website theme that displays perfectly in Internet Explorer, but youhave visitors using the web browsers Chrome, Firefox and Safari also, not forgetting themobile browsers as well. The website theme needs to be designed to work in many
  2. 2. different popular browsers. It isnt just a case of making sure the website code is compliant,but also you should under going a testing programme to iron out any issues.Also you need to make sure your website theme is disability friendly, including putting yourwebsite design through testing aimed at making sure the theme is disability friendly.ConclusionWebsite design isnt just a case of picking a website theme you think looks right. Theabove advice is only the tip of the ice-berg. Instead of using a stock design, why not havea skilled web designer put together your theme? Hire a WordPress Template Designer. Hire Neogain.