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Search Engine Optimisation Blog Tips


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Want to discover great search engine optimisation blog tips? Read this article! Also hire Neogain who run a SEO consultancy.

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Search Engine Optimisation Blog Tips

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimisation Blog TipsFirst of all I will state there isnt just one way to write a blog post, even when you are takingsearch engine optimisation into consideration. There are many different types of blogscovering a range of topics and content. However that being said there are some tips thatshould be able to help a writer produce a better SEO article.Tip 1 – Do your homework.It is important that you have a set of keywords in mind before you start writing. Perhapsyou performed research using Googles Keyword Tool, then followed this up by delvingdeeper into potential competition, using SEO Quake to see competitor statistics?Regardless of how you rsearch, make sure you know what keywords you wish to target.Tip 2 – Dont get carried away.Sure the more relevant and high quality the content, the more chance you could have ofattracting traffic. However once a visitor arrives at your website, you dont want them tohave to wade through an essay just to pick up the details they require, and worse yetprobably leave without actioning on your websites objectives. So 300 to 500 wordsprobably should do it, but this will vary on the content.Tip 3 – Style your document.As you will notice with this article Im clearly breaking the article up using headings andbold text. It means people should be able to quickly get the gist of what the article covers.Using formatting and images can help break up a post, making it more readable.Tip 4 – Use images correctly.Too many people will upload large images, then resize them within the article, but in manyinstances this means the original file size is still being loaded. Instead it is probably bestyou make the image web friendly before uploading, to help with website performance.Plus dont forget to give the image a filename related to the image, and to use the alt tagsand caption when embedding the image.Tip 5 – Be careful with your links.The fewer the links, the better for articles. Plus it is currently considered by many that thefirst link is the most important in terms of SEO benefits.It is best to make sure all the links use anchor text that include keywords. So best avoidhaving a link with the text click here, if possible. If you have more than one link, try andmake sure they have different keywords in the text, and point to different web pages.Tip 6 – Have fun!Many people struggle to write blog posts, but if you give yourself enough time, incorporateblogging into your life, plus find the topic interesting, hopefully you can also enjoy theprocess, which also hopefully will translate into better content. If you require SEO consultancy, please get in touch with Neogain.