Revisiting old social directories and networks to build backlinks


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How you shouldn't overlook using old social networks to build website backlinks. Hire Neogain to run your search engine optimisation campaign.

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Revisiting old social directories and networks to build backlinks

  1. 1. Revisiting old social directories and networksThis article is about revisiting old social directories and networks to build website backlinks. However before we proceed with the search engine optimisation tips, I will tell you about Neogain, a Hull website services business.
  2. 2. One of the website services we provide is search engine optimisation. Our SEO services help people increase their website’s visibility in search engines.If you require SEO services, please contact Neogain to see how our SEO services can help your website achieve a stronger search engine placement. For SEO Services, please hire our Hull website services business.
  3. 3. Social directories and networks tend to rise to fame, then have a sharp decline in traffic.There are a few that stay consistent, but you can probably name a few that have seen better days.Regardless of popularity it is unwise to only think about new social directories and networks, when building backlinks to your website.Older social networks can still help you with your search engine optimisation and shouldn’t be overlooked, just because the bandwagon might have moved onto a new service!
  4. 4. Remember MySpace?How about StumbleUpon?Remember Digg?How about forums?Just because the buzz about these sites has died down, doesn’t mean you should shun them completely for LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter!
  5. 5. To submit a website url to StumbleUpon or indeed any of the older websites, takes seconds once you are setup with an account.StumbleUpon for instance makes it incredibly easier as they have a browser addon, that once installed enables to click ‘I like it!’.Making use of older established social networks, enables you to build half a dozen backlinks within minutes!
  6. 6. Some seasoned SEO experts might be thinking, that is all well and good, but what about do-follow links?Quite frankly ‘do-follow’ links do hold more SEO juice, but building links consistently is better than nothing, and seeing as these services are free, it would be unwise to neglect them.So whether a social network provides a do-follow link or not, you should utilise them.
  7. 7. Also it is especially unwise not to bother with these networks, seeing as many of them still have sizeable followings.They might be overshadowed by Facebook and Twitter in the news, but being able to get a link, as well as a human visitor stumble across the content is a win!So how about forums? Never spam forums, but they have powerful seo potential. How many times have you searched for a solution to a problem, to discover a forum thread discussing it and the solution?
  8. 8. This often happens and making sure you are active in the discussions, with a great profile, signature and occasion non-spam link in a post, again has multiple benefits for your website traffic.Remember overdoing your backlinking can negatively impact your search engine placement, even resulting in the site being blacklisted.Yet no SEO strategy will often leave you off page 1 for search results.
  9. 9. Hire our SEO services, to help youimprove your search engine placement.