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Online Tools for Web Designers – part 2


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These services are just the tip of the iceberg, but highlights how both simple and complex online services can save you both money and time, whilst enriching your web design projects.

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Online Tools for Web Designers – part 2

  1. 1. Online Tools for Web Designers – part 2Welcome to part 2, if you’ve not read part 1 please click: ‘Online Tools for Web Designers – part 1‘.Loads.inEver wondered how fast your website loads in a different area of the world with a different browser?Perhaps not, but the differences can be staggering and impact visitor will serve up these facts for you. Now granted you shouldn’t take one set of figures at face value,as network performance for x number of reasons could mean results would be different another day.However that said it also could highlight a performance issue for a region loading your website if the statsare analysed correctly, and perhaps require you to address an issue if that region is important to you.Plus if your website graphics are not optimised it will show you how people around the world experienceyour website loading. There are many solutions to slow loading websites, but one of them is optimisingimages and achieving a balance between presentation and load times.Website: http://loads.inBrowsershotsBrowsershots gives you the ability to see how your live website appears in many different browsers ondifferent platforms. From the obscure browsers, to multiple versions of IE, Firefox and Safari amongstothers.
  2. 2. Even if you are certain that your website looks fine, putting it through browsershots could highlight anunexpected issues with the css code.Website: http://browsershots.orgType TesterType Tester is has been in existence for a number of years, but it is still a useful service to use to previewtext. It enables you to preview different text of your choosing with standard web fonts and settings used ina web page.This shouldn’t be underestimated as the settings include spacing, alignments and other configurationswhich can make a dramatic difference to presentation. You can then export the CSS settings, which is amajor time saver.Website: http://www.typetester.orgUltimate CSS Gradient Generator
  3. 3. This is an impressive gradient generator. Many web designers will create a gradient for header ornavigation bar in a graphics application, then use CSS to create the desired effect. i.e. a top image and acolour for the bottom half or similar.Using this gradient generator could help you improve website loading times as it produces a CSSgradient, minus the necessity of image files.Website: services are just the tip of the iceberg, but highlights how both simple and complex online servicescan save you both money and time, whilst enriching your web design projects.Hire Neogain!If you want to hire a web designer to take your website project to the next level, please get in touch withus.