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數位時代 X 台灣安吉斯媒體集團
MEGA Marketing:4Cs大行銷。新面貌

Connecting Dots整合:跨界、串連、Big Data,翻新全球商業模式
功典集團執行長 陳傑豪

Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Connecting the Dots
  2. 2. Web, Online, Internet, Mobile, Social Network………… b l bl l k(81%) will go online to verify those recommendations(81%) ill go online to erif those recommendations(61%) specifically through researching product/service information(55%) reading user reviews (43%) searching ratings websites(43%) searching ratings websites
  3. 3. Exponential Data GrowthExponential Data Growth What is  Wh t i happening out there? out there?
  4. 4. Big DataBig Data Be ready to face a world of multi exponential data growth….. Corporation Big g Historical Data (ERP, CRM, and etc) Data Issues Large Enterprises Mid‐Size Companies Small Companies Small Companies Current Future
  5. 5. to to1to1:     1‐to‐1   / targeted conversation 鎖定式對話1toALL: 1‐to‐all / social marketing           社群行銷 影響ALLto1: all to 1 / influence                         影響ALLto1: all‐to‐1 / influence
  6. 6. Connecting the Dots BE STRATEGIC BE STRATEGIC
  7. 7. Product Product ‐ CentricConsumer ‐ Centric
  8. 8. International CRM vs Asian CRM International CRM vs Asian CRM Consumer ‐ Centric Pre‐Sales Sales After‐Sales Up‐SellNeed Awareness Interest Search Purchase Usage Satisfaction需求產生 知名 興趣 搜尋 購買 使用 滿意 Dissatisfaction 不滿意 Product ‐ Centric Inventory Management Cost and Product ManagementReady Warehousing Delivery Packaging Supply‐Chain  Manufacturing Procurement For  &Shipping Assembly
  9. 9. B2C CASE STUDY
  10. 10. Inside‐out power users CRM Consulting Service calls related to Nature of Issue Detail of Issue Hardware EDO/SD/DDR RAM Power  User 12282 4420 582 Power SMPS mode Software 820 Text Minin Te Closing the loopRepeat‐sale 1984 Fan operating voltage Specification 625 ng EngineUp‐saleU lCross‐sale 1386 BIOSInfluential‐saleI fl i l l 922 Drivers Behavior Analysis CRM Tools 1340 Lifestyle  Data  Matching Email 10%Effective Coding (Mosiac) Accuracy  Process Mbr Database to Acquire more info 40% Power Users
  11. 11. Outside‐in power users  VIP Opinion Leader Corporate Promoter MAVEN 10% SALESMAN 4% uses knowledge to advise others others  what to buy tech savvy 6% uses knowledge to persuade others p to become brand  users loyalist Feed tech news  Attack with great  and related product offers product contributor TLC birthday offers b hd ff Product pre‐launch gamer notice Incentive bundle packages over‐clocker l k Exclusive access Exclusive sale events
  12. 12. Activate consumer migration for profit optimization  Product Product A Product B Product C Price High 1 PRICE POINT power user power user Mid PRICE POINT PRICE POINT Low 2 PRICE POINT PRICE POINT passive user CRM Marketing Purchase  P h Consumer Browsing Behavior Activeness Behavior Engagement Most recent  Frequent member  Target product purchase site log in candidate Campaign High spender Hi h d Frequent event Frequent event Frequent participant Incentive
  13. 13. CASE STUDY Take B2B to the CRM world
  14. 14. Business Objective:Business Objective:Embedded market through Online Strategy:  South Asia (40%), SEA, (30%), Taiwan (17%), Korea (6%), ANZ (4%), RoA (3%)
  15. 15. Reach Relationship p Revenue Demand Creation Online Experience Capability Content Online Sales Center Local Sales Rep.
  16. 16. Virtual Event  where is all happensVirtual Event ‐ where is all happens
  17. 17. Virtual Event – Increase Customer Experience p
  18. 18. Widget for you to configure Widget for you to configure
  19. 19. Virtual Conference + Analytic CRMGeneral Contact List ( 2 days results ) Final Registered Rate Final Registered Rate 25% SEGMENATION CRM Purchase  Purchase Consumer Browsing Behavior Activeness Behavior
  20. 20. is the is the Future
  21. 21. Curation W ldC i World where consumers are creators h 策展的世界
  22. 22. S a e co te t t you oShare content with your own TASTE S
  23. 23. Database and Software FutureDatabase and Software Future Infrastructure Relational Database Hadoop p
  25. 25. Take advantage of the NEW WORLDTake advantage of the NEW WORLDDATA NOISE N 1) Find Trust 2) Sort 3) Filter YOUR BRAND Organizing
  26. 26. New Job TitleNew Job Title 1. Curator 2. Sr. Tech Curator 2 Sr Tech Curator 3. Chief Curate Officer Chief Curate Officer
  27. 27. Web 3.0 or CloudW b 3 0 Cl d is not about Google, Facebook, or Amazon…!!! It s about us!!! It’s about us!!!
  28. 28. THANK YOU  THANK YOU &Pleasure to be here!Pl t b h !