Technology for language centers


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Some ideas for using technology in Language Centers

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Technology for language centers

  1. 1. Neny IsharyantiTechnology for Language Centers
  2. 2. Outline What is the purpose of the language center? What is technology? Common Perspectives Toward Technology in Learning Challenges in Using Technology in Timor Leste Technology for Language Centers Some insights on the technology for language centers Conclusions
  3. 3. What is the purpose of the language center? MaintenancePreservation Development Language Centers
  4. 4. What is the purpose of the language center?Preservation Maintenance Development• Extinct • Existing • Developed languages languages languages• Local languages • National • International languages/ languages lingua franca
  5. 5. What is the purpose of the language center? Local languages? National languages/lingua francas? International languages?
  6. 6. What is Technology? “Technology is the making, modification, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems, methods of organization, in order tosolve a problem, improve a preexisting solution to a problem, achieve a goal or perform a specific function.” (Wikipedia)
  7. 7. Common Perspectives Toward Technology in LearningTechnogeeks Technophobes
  8. 8. Common Perspectives Toward Technology in Learning Are you a technophobe or a technogeek? Let’s take a quiz! a-technogeek-or-a-technophobe/
  9. 9. Challenges in Using Technology in Timor Leste What are the challenges in applying technology in Timor Leste?
  10. 10. Technology for language Centers MaintenancePreservation Development Documentation Standardization Dissemination
  11. 11. Technology for language Centers • Compiling language sourcesDocumentation • Storing the documents • GrammarStandardization • Dictionary • Language competence assessments • Publishing documents on languagesDissemination • Providing language and cultural courses
  12. 12. Technology: which to choose? tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems, met hods of organization Objectives vs. Tools
  13. 13. Objectives vs. Tools Personnel Technology Policy Objectives
  14. 14. Technology - Internet Computers  Hardware  Software Internet  Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0  Dialogues between providers and users  Syndication, Aggregation, and Mashup
  15. 15. Documentation Syndication MashupCollection and and finding Aggregation Collaboration organizing blending
  16. 16. CollectionNew Existing• Blog • Google search• Website • Multimedia• Wikis • News• Google Drive • Pinterest Collection
  17. 17. Syndication and Aggregation TechnocratiGoogle BloglinesReader Syndication
  18. 18. Mashup and Collaboration GoogleBlog Drive Mashup and Collaboration
  19. 19. Standardization Dictionary – corpus linguistics Language Competence Assessments – online assessments
  20. 20. Dissemination Blog – Wordpress, Blogger Websites – Google Sites Social Networking Sites – Facebook, Twitter Databases – PHP Software Resource Centers – internet-enabled lab, accessible materials online and offline
  21. 21. Conclusion Objectives, objectives, objectives Technology will follow