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Adrenalyn mapp pitch

  1. adrenalynmapp Locate your passion Nenad Kosović CEO/sales miloš pešić co-founder/cto
  2. Serbian longboard community
  3. Challenges? locations safety ! Where can we ride longboards? Community People scattered all over the web skill level needed to ride there?
  4. Why now? 10.2km Stop 24:56 55m:23s ??? 3345 steps175m 1:53:14 1.2m 20m 10m
  6. TRACTION 7/1/2014 2014 2015 2016 JunMAy JuL JunMAy JuLAug Sep oct nov dec jan feb mar aapprr JunnMMAAy JJuuLL AAuug Sep oct nov dec jan feb mar apr Startup weekend Cus. dev. Team ict hub play store 10k+ users / 3k mau Apple store 10/1/2014 2/1/2015 6/1/2015 9/1/2015 12/1/2015 events Today 22k+ users / 5k+ mau MAJOR UPDATES UPDATES game
  7. TIMELINE 7/1/2016 2016 2017 JunMAy JuL Aug SSeepp oocctt nov dec jan feb mar 10/1/2016 2/1/2017 Gopro integration web appshop Language packs 40k+ users +2 new apps Home feed (images & videos) wearables
  8. Feedback Quality ’’This is a really good way for people to find new spots, and it seems like there's a good community building. Spread the word, and this will become something special for sure.’’ Kyle Sammarco November 10, 2015 Awesome ’’Iv been waiting for so long to actually have a traveling app devoted to longboarding, it works perfect and now i can save my trips! Thank you so much!!’’david baker may 05, 2015 amazing app ’’ It will help alot. Thanks for this. Cheers from the Philippines’’ tino bxtch martch 29, 2015 May the skate gods bless you ’’I couldn’t be happier to belong to a community like this. I can’t begin to express my gratitude to everyone behind this app. You’re really on the forefront of something big and I’m beyond stoked to be apart of it. Thank you. May the skate gods bless you and your people with sunny skies and smooth rides.’ Alex zint may 05, 2015 email feedback
  9. Investment 1 Full Time Market ready 2 other extreme sports 3
  10. thank you Nenad Kosović Skype Nenad_am Founder