B2 b marketing final


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Marketing work

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B2 b marketing final

  1. 1. Business-to-Business Marketing<br />Home sweet home, Ltd.<br />Students:<br />Nelson Lourenço<br />
  2. 2. Profile<br />Company’s Profile:<br /><ul><li>Name: Home sweet home
  3. 3. Type of company: Limited
  4. 4. Partners: Andreia Da Silva, Joel Ponte and Tânia Sofia
  5. 5. Capital: 10.000 Euros
  6. 6. Local: Santarém, Portugal</li></ul>Vision/Mission<br />Steps<br />Position<br />Marketing-Mix<br />Customers<br />Suppliers<br />Markets<br />Companies<br />Barriers<br />Research<br />
  7. 7. Profile<br />Vision<br />Creates homes with comfort, high Design and high quality, without to forget about destroying the environment. <br />Mission<br />To be the best company of housing construction and design, providing the best welfare.<br />Vision/Mission<br />Steps<br />Position<br />Marketing-Mix<br />Customers<br />Suppliers<br />Markets<br />Companies<br />Barriers<br />Research<br />
  8. 8. Profile<br />Steps for Preparing our Business:<br />Profile company;<br />Juridical Form;<br />Presentation of Business;<br />Market Analysis;<br />Competitors Analysis;<br />Suppliers;<br />Marketing-Mix<br />Vision/Mission<br />Steps<br />Position<br />Marketing-Mix<br />Customers<br />Suppliers<br />Markets<br />Companies<br />Barriers<br />Research<br />
  9. 9. Profile<br />Position of Business-to-Business Market and Business-to-Customers Market:<br />Vision/Mission<br />Steps<br />Materials of Construction<br />Position<br />B 2 B<br />Marketing-Mix<br />Home Sweet Home<br />Customers<br />Suppliers<br />Resale<br />Markets<br />Estates Agencies<br />Companies<br />B 2 C<br />Barriers<br />B 2 C<br />Research<br />Final Customer<br />
  10. 10. Profile<br />Marketing-Mix<br /><ul><li>Products:
  11. 11. High Quality
  12. 12. Environment Care
  13. 13. Product Recognition.
  14. 14. Price:
  15. 15. Relation between Price and Quality will be fair.
  16. 16. Place:
  17. 17. Our work office and Estates Agencies.
  18. 18. Promotion:
  19. 19. Outdoors;
  20. 20. Ads;
  21. 21. Internet.</li></ul>Vision/Mission<br />Steps<br />Position<br />Marketing-Mix<br />Customers<br />Suppliers<br />Markets<br />Companies<br />Barriers<br />Research<br />
  22. 22. Profile<br />Relations with customers<br />Vision/Mission<br />Customers<br />Steps<br />Position<br />Project Management<br />Marketing-Mix<br />Customers<br />Suppliers<br />Markets<br />Companies<br />Structure Design<br />Architectic <br />Barriers<br />Research<br />
  23. 23. Profile<br />Relations with Suppliers<br />Vision/Mission<br />Constructor Supervisor <br />Steps<br />Position<br />Marketing-Mix<br />Main Constructor <br />Customers<br />Suppliers<br />Markets<br />Companies<br />Contracts <br />Barriers<br />Research<br />
  24. 24. Profile<br />Markets<br />Vision/Mission<br />Steps<br />Position<br />Marketing-Mix<br />Customers<br />Suppliers<br />Markets<br />Companies<br />Barriers<br />Research<br />
  25. 25. Profile<br />Suppliers Companies:<br />Carvalhais & Neto, Lda .: Materials of construction company<br /><ul><li>Bento Pedroso Contruções, S.A.: Materials of construction company;
  26. 26. Tamstudio, Lda.: Architecture Engineers Company </li></ul>Customers Companies:<br /><ul><li>ERA, S.A.: Estates Agency
  27. 27. Century 21th , S.A.: Estates Agency</li></ul>Competitors Companies:<br /><ul><li>Lena, S.A.: Strong construction and housing company, It’s work a lot of time in the market;
  28. 28. Talhabel Construções, S.A.: It’s also good construction company.</li></ul>Vision/Mission<br />Steps<br />Position<br />Marketing-Mix<br />Customers<br />Suppliers<br />Markets<br />Companies<br />Barriers<br />Research<br />
  29. 29. Profile<br />Sellers:<br /><ul><li>There are many sellers, and the market in Portugal is already full of construction companies.</li></ul>Barriers of entry:<br /> Bureaucracies with government;<br /> Lack of investors;<br /> A lot of companies that operate on this branch;<br />Barriers of exit:<br /> It´s difficult to leave the branch where you are inserted because of the costs to go acting in other branch.<br />Vision/Mission<br />Steps<br />Position<br />Marketing-Mix<br />Customers<br />Suppliers<br />Markets<br />Companies<br />Barriers<br />Research<br />
  30. 30. Profile<br />Marketing Research (Conclusions)<br /><ul><li>Our interviewed prefer:
  31. 31. Big/Medium house;
  32. 32. About the colors:
  33. 33. Outside: white;
  34. 34. Inside: cold colors;
  35. 35. Child memories:
  36. 36. Do not influence their decisions in a choose of their home;
  37. 37. Type of architecture:
  38. 38. in the city modern architecture;
  39. 39. in the village rustic architecture.
  40. 40. About the localization:
  41. 41. The majority prefer situated next to the beach
  42. 42. The importance of feel comfort in their homes</li></ul>Vision/Mission<br />Steps<br />Position<br />Marketing-Mix<br />Customers<br />Suppliers<br />Markets<br />Companies<br />Barriers<br />Research<br />
  43. 43. Profile<br />Vision/Mission<br />Steps<br />Position<br />Marketing-Mix<br />Customers<br />Suppliers<br />Thank you for to pay attention<br />Markets<br />Companies<br />Barriers<br />Research<br />