Presentation of movies, music and television in uk


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British Culture- Thursday M2-M3

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Presentation of movies, music and television in uk

  1. 1. Music, movies andtelevision in UnitedKingdomDaniel Medina González 1521401Angélica Abigail Cazarez Rodríguez 1646544Arturo Alejandro Venegas Espinosa 1395827Edmundo Salazar Villarreal 1495120
  2. 2. MUSIC• The music is based on the sound. The music haschanged a lot in those years, but some of thegenres most prevalent in the United Kingdom havebeen:• hillbilly, rock & roll, throught punk rock and heavymetal, to folk folk rock, Brit pop, boy bands, to rap,electronic and drum and bass music, and isexpected to go different styles.
  3. 3. Rock and rollThe major movement in rock and roll in britain wasdue to the impact of The Beatles in popular music allthat time and their impact on popular culture too.
  4. 4. The Beatles• The Beatles were an English rock band active during the 1960s, andrecognized as the most commercially successful and criticallyacclaimed in the history of popular music.• Formed in Liverpool, was established in 1962 by John Lennon (rhythmguitar, vocals), Paul McCartney (bass, vocals), George Harrison (leadguitar, vocals) and Ringo Starr (drums, vocals). Rooted in skiffle androck and roll of the fifties, the band later worked with differentmusical genres, ranging from pop ballads to psychedelic rock,• The April 10, 1970 Paul McCartney announced he was leaving thegroup, but it was de facto dissolved.
  5. 5. The Rolling StonesThe Rolling Stones is a British rock band originally from London. From itstour of the United States in 1969 called themselves "the rock and rollband worlds largest."The band was founded in April 19622 by Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, KeithRichards, Ian Stewart and Dick Taylor.The Rolling Stones is considered one of the best and most influentialgroups in rock history, in the words of Italian-American critic PieroScaruffi: "... in his time revolutionized the music taking up the rhythm andblues and assimilating everything bad of it (the arrogant attitude, howvulgar of interpretation, obscene, sexually explicit lyrics) to compromisewith the frustrations of a generation. "
  6. 6. Led Zeppelin• Led Zeppelin was a British rock, considered one of the most important inthe genre and one of the most popular during the seventies. It wasfounded in 1968 by guitarist Jimmy Page, who had belonged to TheYardbirds, to include in their training with John Paul Jones on bass andkeyboards (which Page knew from previous work with The Yardbirds),vocalist Robert Plant and John Bonham to the battery (which hadcoincided with Plant in the Band of Joy).• Led Zeppelin presented elements of a wide range of influences, includingblues, rock and roll, soul, Celtic music, Indian music, folk, and evencountry.• The band separated due to the death of drummer John Bonham and sofar only have come together to play a concert in 33 years.
  7. 7. Queen• Queen is a British rock band formed in 1970 in London by vocalistFreddie Mercury, guitarist Brian May, drummer Roger Taylor andbassist John Deacon. While casualties have two members (Mercury,who died in 1991, and Deacon retired from the music industry), thefact is that artistic society never dissolved.• The group enjoyed great success in Britain in the mid-1970s withalbums Sheer Heart Attack in 1974 and A Night at the Opera thefollowing year. This latest album called attention internationally,putting Queen at the forefront of the music scene.• After a while Freddie scene disappeared gave the surpriseannouncement that he suffered AIDS, died on November 24, 1991 atage 45.
  8. 8. Elton John• Hes a singer, songwriter and pianist British rock, glam rock and pianorock.• Is estimated to have sold between 200 and 250 million sold musicalproductions worldwide, making it one of the best-selling musicians ofall time.• His many honors include a knighthood after being named to theOrder of the British Empire by Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.According to Billboard, it is the third biggest artist of all time in theU.S., behind only The Beatles and Madonna.
  9. 9. Birtpop• Britpop is a subgenre of alternative rock born in the early nineties,characterized by the delicacy of the sound, the simplicity of the songs andthe appearance of bands influenced by groups of the sixties and seventieslike The Beatles and The Kinks. It was incredibly popular during the years 1994-1996. This movement began as a reaction to other fashion styles during thelate 80s and early nineties.• Although Britpop groups did not have a unique sound that unite them, themedia first called a scene "and later a" national cultural movement. "Oasis,Blur, Suede, Radiohead, Elastica, The Verve, Delirious?, Placebo, Pulp andSleeper are considered as the main movement groups.
  10. 10. British festivals of music-Glastonbury:Is the most famous british music festival, and the top of all british musicfestivals.-Coachella:Is an annual three-day music and arts festival, organized byGoldenvoice the third weekend or the last week of April.-Lollapalooza:Is an annual music fesival featuring popular alternative rock, heavymetal, punk rock and hip-hop bands.
  11. 11. Movies in the united kingdom• The cinema of the United Kingdom has had a great influence on thedevelopment of both technological and commercial and artisticfilms and is one of the most respected film industries in the world.Despite a history full of successful productions, the British film industryis characterized by an ongoing debate about its identity (includingeconomic and cultural) and the influences of American andEuropean cinema, but it is fair to say that during the 1940s, enjoyed abrief "golden Age" with the production of the Estádio of J. ArthurRank and Alexander Korda. The British film industry has producedsome of the most important actors, directors and movies of all time,including Alfred Hitchcock, David Lean, Laurence Olivier andAnthony Hopkins.
  12. 12. While motion picture production levels provide an overview of thehistory of British cinema is complex with various cultural movementsdeveloping independently. Some of the most successful films weremade during the so-called "recession", such as Chariots of Fire (1981)which was nominated for seven Academy Awards and won four,including the Oscar for best film.Some movies:-Dr. No.-Harry Potter saga.-Casino Royale.-From Russian with love.-Goldfinger.-Thunderball.-Live and let die-License to kill.-Goldeneye-Die another day.-Skyfall.
  13. 13. Actors and ActressesSir Charles Spencer Chaplin, KBE (London, April 16, 1889- Vevey, December 25, 1977) was a comic actor,composer, producer, director and British writer.Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock (Leytonstone, London, August 13, 1899 –Bel Air, Los Angeles, April 29, 1980) was a British film director.James Hugh Calum Laurie, OBE (Oxford, June 11, 1959),better known as Hugh Laurie, is an actor, comedian,writer and British musician.
  14. 14. • Kate Elizabeth Winslet, CBE• (n. 5 de octubre de 1975, Reading, Inglaterra)• es una actriz británica de cine y cantante ocasional.• En 2008 ganó el premio Óscar a la "mejor actriz" por• su papel en The Reader, convirtiéndose en la actriz• más joven en conseguir más nominaciones en• dicho premio.• Philip Anthony Hopkins, CBE (Margam, Port Talbot, Gales,• 31 de diciembre de 1937), es un actor británico de cine,• teatro y televisión, es muy conocido por su interpretación• del asesino en serie Dr. Hannibal Lecter en The Silence• of the Lambs, su secuela Hannibal y su precuela• Red Dragon.
  15. 15. Catherine Zeta Jones, CBE (Swansea, Gales,Reino Unido, 25 de septiembre de 1969),conocida como Catherine Zeta-Jones,es una actriz, cantante y bailarina galesa.Christian Charles Philip Bale, más conocidocomo Christian Bale (nacido en Haverfordwest,Gales, el 30 de enero de 1974) es un actor decine y televisión británico.
  16. 16. Classification• Universal Children :• Material suitable for all audiences, but especially for preschoolers, applies tovideo and DVD only.• Universal Material :• suitable for all audiences.• Parental Guidance:• For all ages, although it is advised that certain scenes may not be suitable foryoung children.• 12 Accompanied / Advisory:• Suitable for 12 years and over (only cinemas), children under 12 are admittedin the company of over 18 years.
  17. 17. • 12:• Material relevant to the age of 12 years and older (video and DVDonly).• 15:• Suitable from age 15 in adelante.Puedo contain violence, somesexual thematic and realistic depictions of blood or blood• 18:• Only for persons 18 years or excedan.Puede that contain sexualscenes, grotesque acts of violence and frequent use of stronglanguage• Restricted 18:• Material only for those who are 18 and older, only applicable incinemas and sex shops allowed.
  18. 18. Television in united Kingdom• The British Broadcasting Corporation (British BroadcastingCorporation), better known as the BBC, is public service media in theUK. It is headquartered in the Broadcasting House in Westminster,London. It is the largest consortium of world communication withabout 23 000 employees. Its functions are to broadcast television andradio, in public, in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and theChannel Islands. It is a public entity and autonomous, established in1922 by a Royal Decree that guarantees independence from privatecommercial control político.• In the UK is financed by a TV license paid by each household,company and organization where there is any equipment capableof receiving and / or record TV and radio broadcasts. The price of thislicense is set annually by the British Government and agreed byParliament. In 2010 the price per household was £ 145.50.
  19. 19. • Outside the UK operates under the callsign of BBC WorldService and its work is to broadcast on radio and television allproducts and more recently, the Internet. Despite sharingesctructuras, especially the news service, the World Serviceoperates independently and has an Executive Director itself. Itis funded primarily by public funds from the British government,regardless of the funding from the television license.
  20. 20. Doctor Who• Doctor Who (also known as Doctor Mystery in some countries in LatinAmerica) is a British television series science fiction produced by theBBC, and a sequel in film produced by Universal Studios under licensefrom the British company in 1996.• The program shows the adventures of a mysterious alien and timetraveler known as the Doctor who explores time and space in hisTARDIS ship with peers, fixing problems and correcting errors.• Doctor Who is in the Guinness Book of Records as the series ofscience fiction televisions longest-running world1 and is also asignificant element of British popular culture.
  21. 21. FIN