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This presentation about Brazil was done at Reston School, Manitoba, Canada in February, 2013. The main goal was to show the elementary students a little bit about the country, culture, landscapes, food, etc.

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  1. 1. Brazil
  2. 2. Flag of Brazil Coat of Arms of Brazil
  3. 3. Pau Brasil
  4. 4. Important Information: • Official name: Republica Federativa do Brasil (Federative Republic of Brazil) • Capital: Brasília • Most Populous City: São Paulo (19,5 million people) • Official Language: Portuguese • Other Languages: German, Amerindian, Japanese, Italian, English, Spanish, Sign language • President: Dilma Rousseff • Population: 190 million people • Money: Real • Climate: Tropical • Important Holidays: • September 7th: Independence Day • November 15th: Proclamation of Republic • December 25th: Christmas • February: Carnival • June: Festa de São João (Saint John Festival)
  5. 5. Food
  6. 6. Dances
  7. 7. Sports Soccer Volleyball
  8. 8. Others Pictures