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  1. 1. Nela Dunato Art & Design is a boutique design consultancy that helps micro-businesses evolve into premium brands and connect with their dream clients, by crafting extraordinary visual experiences. I empower creative entrepreneurs to feel confident in their position on the market and attract better paying clients, with my hand-lettered logo & brand design, digital strategy and mobile friendly websites.
  2. 2. Extraordinary ideas need excellent presentation in order to be noticed & remembered
  3. 3. You have brilliant ideas, products and services you want to share with the people that get you and your worldview. For you, your business is not “just work” – you’re investing your heart along with your time and money. You’re aware that what you’re doing is different from what others in your field are doing, but it’s difficult to communicate that to your potential clients, and sometimes you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of offers similar to yours. Forget about trends, blueprints and imitating others. In my design studio every detail is custom crafted just for you, and your clients will be delighted and impressed by marketing materials unlike any others they’ve seen before. My superpower is combining artistic creativity with technical knowledge and problem solving, and this enables me to create design solutions that are beautiful and functional, and attract your ideal clients.
  4. 4. Featured projects I’ve been working with clients from across Europe and the United States for over a decade, on more than a hundred branding, web design and print design projects. It would be impossible to present all of them here, so I’ve included several projects that I feel display my work the best.
  5. 5. 4D-monitoring is a company specialized in geographic information systems (GIS) and geo-referenced spheric imaging (360° virtual reality photography), and they serve clients in the public sector such as cities, municipalities and public utility companies. They started the company in 2013 and immediately hired me to design a memorable and professional visual identity which communicates the company’s progressive approach and the use of modern technologies.
  6. 6. We’ve been working together ever since, and during this time I’ve created their entire brand identity, website design and development, as well as graphic design of promotional brochures and other print materials. I’ve also planned the content strategy of their new website, so it would achieve the company’s business goals and attract more clients, which is already proving to be working.
  7. 7. The business card design is a real attention grabber, since it’s very different from regular business cards their clients see. Business cards are die-cut in the shape of the logo symbol, so they look unusual at a first glance, and new clients memorize them immediately (as they’ve often remarked later). These business cards are not just a marketing tool – they’re a conversation starter.
  8. 8. “All our clients notice the consistency of our visual brand” “We set the visual brand as a priority at the time of starting our business, because of the positive impression we’d get when a company that had a professionally defined visual brand reached out to us. This proved that somebody cares about their business, and invested additional time in shaping their approach toward their users. We expected that this approach will bring recognition to our company, and we’re proud that we’ve achieved that. Over the years we’ve confirmed that all our clients notice the consistency of our visual brand application, even those we would never expect, especially because our company is in the engineering and technical consulting niche, not sales or marketing. Our communication looks professional, and we don’t consider visual branding too large an investment – objectively, it’s not a big expense, and we believe it’s an essential first step for any company.” — KRISTIJAN LJUTIĆ, CEO OF 4D-MONITORING LTD
  9. 9. Nubeculis is a small publishing house from Sweden dedicated to promoting foreign graphic novels of high literary quality, which haven’t been available on this market before. Since 2014, I’ve designed their logo and basic branding guidelines, a WordPress website, magazine advertisements, promo posters, as well as complete book and cover design of their titles.
  10. 10. Savarakatini is an agency that offers a wide range of services from the areas of digital marketing, content writing, translation and event management. I developed a comprehensive brand identity for Savarakatini that communicates the company’s core value of fun. The hand-lettered logotype is elegant, feminine and informal at the same time, and the swirly decorations add a dose of playfulness.
  11. 11. The “twist” is the Devil’s tail detail which symbolizes a creature that knows how to have fun: a little demon sitting on your shoulder and whispering ideas for pranks and mischief. The result is a striking and unique visual brand that you can love or hate, but you can’t ignore it.
  12. 12. How do you evoke the atmosphere of soft candle light, incense sticks and the intimacy of a person who is ready to listen to all your troubles and offer a wise advice, online? This was a challenge I accepted when Claire asked me to create a web site for her tarot and psychotherapy practice. Claire Fortune has been working with hundreds of happy clients in person for years, at events and in her home office. She wanted to expand her business from Croatia to the whole world, using new technologies such as video-calls.
  13. 13. As a part of this project, I designed a hand- lettered logo, business cards and a website with the online payment and appointment booking functionality. I’ve also taken a series of atmospheric photographs at Claire’s office, that we used on her website and social media channels. Thanks to this, Claire Fortune is visually very different from other similar service providers in her field, and at the same time, her visuals are tasteful and professional.
  14. 14. Services The best ways to start working with me and transform your business into a premium brand that people talk about
  15. 15. Logo & Brand Design Before you develop any kind of marketing campaign, it’s necessary to develop a brand strategy which outlines how your company is different from your competition, who your target clients are and what are your company’s core values that you want to communicate. The next step after we set these foundations is developing the visual brand, which has the purpose to communicate your core message to your ideal clients through the language of symbols and color (which affect people on both the conscious and the subconscious level). Logo is an element of a brand identity that many people are familiar with, but there are many other elements that, when used in harmony, enhance the brand’s recognizability, memorability and trust.
  16. 16. As a part of the brand design, we define the following elements: • A unique logo optimized for print and web use • Color palette • Typography • Additional visuals like photography, graphic patterns and textures • Graphic design of business cards, stationery, brochures and other marketing collateral • Graphic design of promo graphics for web and social media • Branding guidelines that describe the correct use of all the elements mentioned above Of course, we can develop fewer elements that are top priority for you, if that’s more appropriate for your current budget.
  17. 17. Digital Strategy & Website Development Digital strategy is defining the way you’ll use digital media such as websites, social media, mobile apps, text, graphics, audio and video content, different forms of online marketing, search engine optimization and conversion optimization to achieve your business goals. Your goals can be increasing your sales, increasing the number of users, lowering your costs and other goals that affect your business growth. In order for your website to achieve the goals you want, it has to be aligned with your other marketing channels, attract potential buyers and users with the help of quality content that they want to consume, and lead the visitors toward desired actions – purchase, registration, inquiries etc. – in a smooth and logical way.
  18. 18. My desire is to insure your website is actually achieving your goals, which is why my website development services include the following: • Analyzing your business goals and creating a digital strategy to achieve them • Defining your content strategy • Website architecture planning • Mobile-friendly website design • Website development on the WordPress platform, plus providing training for first-time users Website development is a step that follows the brand design, so we can insure that all your marketing materials are in harmony. For this reason, I only create websites for clients who have also hired me to create a logo & brand design for them.
  19. 19. About me I’m an artist, designer, teacher and writer from Croatia (EU). I have over a decade of professional design experience, working both in agencies, and as a freelancer. I teach in-person graphic design and marketing courses and workshops, and write about topics relating to creativity and business. I’m a huge Sci-Fi and fantasy nerd, lover of all things Victorian and Art Nouveau, believer in magic, cat person and a dedicated shadow worker.
  20. 20. Ready to make your business beautiful? LET’S TALK