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2013 illusions of space


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Published in: Education
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2013 illusions of space

  1. 1. Illusions of space (Western art) • Aerial perspective - Colour is duller further away - Colour & tone have less contrast in the distance - Cooler colours recede; warmer colours advance - Details are vague – less defined / out of focus – further away Illusions of space (Western art) • Overlap sets up ‘front’ and ‘back’ • Size/scale – bigger in front • Position – close to the bottom of the format seems to be in front • Linear perspective - diagonals seem to converge to vanishing points on an imaginary horizon Research the meanings of these terms and find examples. Construct an A3 ‘infographic’ poster.
  2. 2. Thomas Baines Durban from Mr Currie’s Residence, Berea 1873 Oil on canvas (45 cm x 60 cm) Local History Museum - Durban
  3. 3. Titian Venus of Urbino 1538 RENAISSANCE