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2013 art & the spiritual realm gr 11 2011


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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2013 art & the spiritual realm gr 11 2011

  1. 1. • Bast, the cat goddess.- very ancient deity.• Discuss the Egyptian‘Spiritual Realm’• Does stylization helpor hinder the concept ofspirituality???• Discuss this sculptureas a stylized spiritualobject. By looking atthe following features:- Face, Ears,- Clothing Drapery),-Body and Decoration.
  2. 2. Isis & Horus• Cow horns• Sun disk• Horus = adult figure• Uraeus = crown of thereigning queen• Bronze• +/- 3000 BC• NB! Mkhanya’s Portrait of Isis
  3. 3. Portrait of Isis 2003 (40cm x60 cm) Oil pastels onpaper‘The Unfolding Spirit’ exhibitionin 2003 at AAC• What is the legend of Isis?• How does this relate toMakhanya’s view of women inAfrica?• What is meant here by‘spirituality’?•How do you connect this to thetheme of the exhibition - ‘TheUnfolding Spirit’?•What do you think Makhanyafeels about the ‘renaissance’ ofvalues in the African culture?Issue 1 – Women in Africa
  4. 4. Issue 2 – Culture & IdentityMeaning of the images in anAfrican context.• Black pots & the amadlozi?• Decorative patterns?• Hands on the spear?• Hidden figure in/under Isis’cloak?• Hieroglyphic writing.• The sun/moon.• Are there repeated images &patterns that have no meaningbut a different function?
  5. 5. Issue 3 – ‘Formal’ elementsi.e. - a formal analysisNB! Remember – Makhanya hasa Western formal education,but works in an African context• Placement of shapes in anillogical space.• The expressive impact of this?• Flattening of the picture plane.• Function of shapes in dividing upthe format.• Expressive use of colour?• Technique– layering of pastels- scraping back tounderlying layers (‘sgraffito’)- over-working another layer on top
  6. 6. OR 2013 Sfiso kaMkameSfisoK a-Mk ame&theSpiritu al RealmSfiso ka-Mkame was born at theMarianhill Mission, (Pinetown)
  7. 7. ‘HOW PICTURES WEREBORN’– DVD on the spiritualinspiration of artExplain the essentially‘spiritual’ nature of thispainting to a tour group
  8. 8. Nativity,11thcentury,mosaic,Hosias Loukas,Greece1) frontality & eye contact2) two-dimensionality & stylization3) scale4) words5) colourBYZANTINE- Easternpart of the old Roman Empire- Discuss stylization & Christianspirituality
  9. 9. Motifs of:-• Christ Pantocrater• Lamentation
  10. 10. GiottoLamentation,fresco,Arena ChapelItalyProto- RenaissanceLate 13thcenturyDiscuss thetension betweenspirituality andthe newhumanism
  11. 11. Analyse this painting byGiotto under the followingheadings:-• Subjectmatter/content• Social & religiouscontext, includingpatronage• Composition• Handling of form.Modelling? Solidity?• Emotional impact.How? Why?
  12. 12. Botticelli, Venus and Mars,c.1483, oil on panel, 69,2 x173,4cm, National Gallery,LondonBotticelliThe Birth of VenusEarly RenaissanceChristianity versus theRoman pantheon of gods.
  13. 13. Explain the following concepts byusing one of da Vinci’s paintingsto help your explanation.You should use diagrams aswell.1) Humanist intentions2) His composition (diagram this)3) Use of aerial perspective(meaning?)4) Use of linear perspective(meaning?)5) Use of sfumato (meaning?)6) Use of foreshortening (meaning?)7) chiaroscuro (meaning?) Leonardo da Vinci The Virgin & St Anne1485 – ‘Quattrocento’ RenaissanceLeonardo da Vinci The Virgin & St Anne1485 – ‘Quattrocento’ Renaissance
  14. 14. da Vinci Last Supper fresco• linear perspective (1-point) - to single vanishing point
  15. 15. Titian Venus of Urbino 1538 RENAISSANCE
  16. 16. BotticelliPrimavera c.1482Primavera, Roman wallpainting 1st C. A.D.Baroque - after the RenaissanceRubens, Minerva protects Pax fromMars, 1629 -1630,
  17. 17. CaravaggioLate Renaissance (Mannerism)ItalyThe Entombment of ChristDiscuss Mannerist dramaticexaggeration:-• of light (chiaroscuro)• of body language
  18. 18. The Rape of Leucippus’DaughtersRubens 1616BAROQUEWoman Bathing(Bathsheba?)Rembrandt 1654BAROQUEChurch patronage versusmerchant patronage - discuss
  19. 19. BAROQUEVermeerMilkmaid
  20. 20. • copper statuette from India• dancing woman from Mohenjo Daro.• naked except for her jewelry• Her pose is relaxed and quite jaunty,showing a confidence and poise.• great importance on the female form assacred and vital to the continuation of life.• The cult of the mother goddessoccurred throughout the ancient worldand especially in India, Iran and the NearEast.• figure is stylised, but conveys themessage of female beauty and powereffectively.
  21. 21. • holy shrines of Buddhism• Yaksha•Yakshas are air spirits whoinhabit trees.• she is richly bejeweled andrichly fertile.
  22. 22. • theme of love is The Swing.• The swing symbolises love,and the dark clouds threateningabove symbolise desire.• The swing is an ancient Indiantheme and is associated withboth love and with spring.• Since ancient times theIndians had held rituals thatinvolved swings.
  23. 23. ManetOlympia 1863TitianVenus ofUrbino1538