What is RTB? An introduction.


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Presented by Luke Millican, Client Service Account Director at Amnet

Wednesday 24th July 2013

This webinar session gave accessible overview of the RTB industry, aimed at people with an interest in joining this major growth market. The session consisted of a 45 minute presentation, followed by a Q&A session.

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What is RTB? An introduction.

  1. 1. amnet confidential What is real time bidding?
  2. 2. amnet confidential Revolution in media
  3. 3. amnet confidential The Aegis Media Family
  4. 4. amnet confidential Clients
  5. 5. amnet confidential What is Digital?
  6. 6. amnet confidential Digital is changing
  7. 7. amnet confidential DATA Ads viewed Gender Looking for a new credit card Arsenal fan Postcode Online video views Housewife Income Vauxhall owner Researching holidays to Florida Clicks on lots of ads Good credit rating What is data?
  8. 8. amnet confidential How RTB Works Every time an impression is available, the exchange “asks” if you’d like to bid (the “bid request”) You get a variety of information, such as the site URL, time stamp, information about the user cookie, etc. You typically have milliseconds to respond with a bid (the “bid response”) The impression is qualified in real-time and only fulfilled if valuable to the advertiser If you win the impression, your ad is served This whole process takesDeliver ad User On Site Request To bid Accept bid 50 milliseconds
  9. 9. amnet confidential Real time bidding Targeting film content Bid £0.80 Targeting rugby No bid Targeting cookie123 Bid £2 • Film review article • Male • Cookie 123 WIN £0.81
  10. 10. amnet confidential Contextual targeting
  11. 11. amnet confidential Contextual targeting
  12. 12. amnet confidential • We need to understand what they are trying to achieve. This can raise a lot of questions: > What do they want to achieve? > Who do they want to see their ads? > How will we measure the campaign? > What do they have on their website? > Are they doing interesting things on Facebook? > What data do they have? What does an Amnet day look like? Brief from client
  13. 13. amnet confidential • Response > What are the best sites to appear on > What data can we use > Is there any contextual targeting that is relevant > What will be the best bid strategies > Should this be display, mobile or video > What ad formats should we use..? What does an Amnet day look like? Response
  14. 14. amnet confidential • Optimisation • Ensuring the campaigns hit their target • This is like working on the trading floor of a City bank in terms of the immediacy of response to your action (which is really exciting!!). The campaign is managed and optimised in real-time using algorithms > Bid rates > Audience data > Campaign pacing > Targeting > Reporting What does an Amnet day look like? Optimisation
  15. 15. amnet confidential
  16. 16. amnet confidential
  17. 17. amnet confidential Amnet teams Client services Trading Data and media partnerships •Sales •Reporting •Presentations •Pitching •Hitting the target •Optimisation •Finding new data sources •Negotiating relationships with websites
  18. 18. amnet confidential • Speak to Neil • Visit www.aegismediacareers.co.uk to check out our live roles • E-mail: Hannah.mawson@aemedia.com (Amnet HR); • or if you have further questions contact me at Luke.Millican@amnetgroup.com Want to work for us?
  19. 19. amnet confidentialamnet confidential