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Southampton University Deck


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Our desk from our presentation at Southampton University on 8th November 2013

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Southampton University Deck

  1. 1. Morning Southampton, and welcome to “a career in digital marketing.” by Neil’s Recruitment Company
  2. 2. Why are we here? - Job rich & Specialist Market - Fast progression - Evolving market driven by rates & technology - We’re Investing in the market - Only agency to operate Not-For-Profit - Why is NFP good for you?
  3. 3. What we’re covering today Previous Southampton Graduates success stories The Digital Marketing job market The key areas of Digital Media How you get into the market - Where are they now? - How did they get there? - SEO & Content Marketing - PPC - Display & Programmatic Buying - Agency v Client side - Finding roles - Standing out in a big crowd - Using us & our network
  4. 4. Success Stories Chris Soo Dave Taylor Adam Cunnington Nikoletta Kiokpasoglou - 2006 Computer Science 2006 PPC Exec - MG OMD 2010 Head of Search - Razorfish 2013 Head of Performance Marketing – Unique Digital - 2013 Business & Marketing - 2012 Search Marketing Intern - MEC - 2013 Search Account Executive - MEC - 2010 Aeronautics - 2011 Marketing - 2012 Web Analytics and Conversion Optimisation Specialist – Aegis - 2011 Digital Marketing 2012 Cmarketing Assistant – Crocodile (Client) 2012 Digital Marketing Assistant - Kidzone (Client) 2013 Search Assistant - iProspect (Agency)
  5. 5. Search Engine Marketing
  6. 6. SEO & Content Marketing
  7. 7. PPC (Pay Per Click)
  8. 8. Display & Real time Bidding (RTB) Traditional v RTB CPM Basis v Single Impression basis Demographic statistics v Data Trading v Biddable
  9. 9. Display & Real time Bidding (RTB)
  10. 10. Where can I go? Agency Client side - More jobs agency side - More graduates, hence more people to learn with i.e. structured, focused training - More room for development & progression - Varied work, varied accounts - Greater exposure to new Technologies & tools - Faster paced - Good fun! - More ownership & control (as a manager) Implementation pushed out to agencies (sometimes) Fewer roles, hence more competition Single tech tools or use agencies for smarter tech More difficult to move back to agency Grad schemes normally rotate, good exposure across business less focused on digital
  11. 11. Where do I start?
  12. 12. Making yourself stand out General Websites, blogs & sites - Not just about your CV - Develop an online profile & utilise it - Don’t mix business & pleasure - Perfect for making yourself a name - Use it as a portfolio & Optimise using free web tools - Use it as a testing ground, again just keep it clean but have fun! Facebook & Twitter LinkedIn - It’s personal, lock it down - Use it where possible to maximise your network reach - Use Twitter, follow the right people - Have a voice, just keep your professional one clean - Most utilised networking platform Your digital profile & CV First stop for most HR & line managers All roads lead to LinkedIn
  13. 13. Your Digital Profile LinkedIn Photo: Title: Current: Education: URL: normal, no selfie! – hats??? Digital Marketing Graduate – Looking for opportunities Southampton University (link to uni) Southampton University (link to uni) Change your URL to your name Profile Write a profile! – Who are you, what are you looking for? Be personal and yet professional Experience Fill in dates correctly and treat it like it was your CV Specify as much as possible where relevant Add relevant placements or internships Focus on the most relevant/recent experience.
  14. 14. Your Digital Profile Previous experience: Focus and highlight experience that is relevant to the industry and the types of jobs your are looking for. Other random jobs (that you just did for the money) or older jobs you can keep very brief Add and expand on your education. Specify as much as possible. Add key achievements of your course Add any additional courses or training If you linked correctly University logo should show automatically
  15. 15. Your Digital Profile It’s set up, how should I use it? Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow….. Follow companies and people relevant to your industry Join groups and start interacting with relevant HR managers and digital managers in the market Connect and reach out to people, this is your professional Facebook, use it. Keep your feed active and relevant by posting useful and fresh content, Google loves it and your employer will also.
  16. 16. How do I get it? Internships - Great way to gain experience Companies are expecting internships Target agencies in London Write focused cover letter (see info) CV Record date you sent & who to Follow up Research & Preparation - Blog Training sessions Resource guides Read and research online Follow market developments Follow the key people Twitter, Linkedin follow people on Follow up with us about targeting companies, cover Letter, cV layout, LinkedIn profile & Internships…etc
  17. 17. Moving on up
  18. 18. Agency Progression Business Director Head of Division Account Director Account Manager Account Manager Senior Planner Senior Planner Planner Planner Planner Exec
  19. 19. (£ 000’s) What will I earn? 50 UK Avg 45 London Avg 40 London Grad 35 Digital Grad 30 25 20 15 Entry Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
  20. 20. Who we provide free graduates to
  21. 21. Thanks for listening, Questions outside… @NeilsRecCo