A Guide to Facebook Business Pages


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Hot Potato’s Facebook Business Page guide will share everything you need to know about creating a Facebook Business Page, from initial setup to content creation. Topics include:

Setting up your business page
Facebook image optimization
Creating custom tabs
Facebook promotions
Measurement (INSIGHTS)
New in 2013

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A Guide to Facebook Business Pages

  1. 1. HotPotatoSocialMedia.comA Guide toFACEBOOKBUSINESSPAGESm
  2. 2. 2Hot Potato | Guide to Facebook Business PagesFacebook, with over one billion users can be the hub of a successful social mediamarketing strategy.Facebook is the leader in social media customer sources, with more than 52% ofmarketers finding a customer on Facebook this year. Interested in driving traffic toyour website? Not only does Facebook generate direct leads, it increases websitetraffic1.Despite the potential benefits of a Facebook presence, not all businesses haveleveraged this platform. 59% of small businesses do not have a Facebook page,while 41% do. Larger companies are doing a bit bitter. 58% of Fortune 500companies have a Facebook page. Interestingly, 71% of the fast-growing companieson the Inc. 500 list said they have Facebook pages2.Even more powerful are Facebook usage statistics. Over 50% of users login each dayand users log 8.3 billion hours per month. Undeniably, Facebook offers a largeopportunity to engage with your audience. Avoid being part of the 59% of smallbusiness that do not have a Facebook Page, create yours today!Hot Potato’s Facebook Guide Hot Potato’s Facebook Business Page guide will shareeverything you need to know about creating a Facebook Business Page, from initialsetup to contentcreation. Topics include: • Setting up your business page • Facebook image optimization • Creating custom tabs • Content • EdgeRank • Facebook promotions • Measurement (INSIGHTS) • New in 2013Setting Up Your Business PageCreating a Facebook Business Page requires that you owna personal account. From your personal account you cancreate a business page. Visit Facebook’s Create a Page tobegin now (while logged in to your Facebook account), or click the create a page button on your pages list.Facebook business Pages
  3. 3. 3Hot Potato | Guide to Facebook Business PagesThe first step is to decide what type of business page you are creating. Are you alocal business or place, company, organization, or institution, brand or product, bandor public figure, entertainment, or a cause or community?Next, choose a category that best applies to your business. Then, provide your busi-ness/company/brand name. If you select a local business or place, you will need toprovide some additional location information (address, city, state, zip, phone #).Provide an overall description of your business and links to your website, Twitter,blog, and more to improve the ranking of your Page in search.After entering this very basic business information, you will be prompted to uploadthe very important “profile picture”. Below we will share Facebook image best prac-tices, including information about profile pictures and cover photos.Facebook Image OptimizationSince profile pictures are the first things people will see when you post updates,make sure they are noticeable – you really just need a solid logo or symbol thatrepresents your company/brand. Your profile picture displays at 160×160 pixels. Itis recommended to use a square image, as rectangular images will be cropped to fitthe square display.
  4. 4. 4Hot Potato | Guide to Facebook Business PagesTimeline banners were meant for branding the heck out of your company page. Theyare located at the top of your timeline, right above your profile picture. Therefore,timeline banners should be integrated with the profile picture you select. Here’swhere you make good use of that logo, perhaps with various keywords placed onwhat your company strengths and services are. Be sure to follow Facebook’s coverguidelines (ex: images can’t consist of more than 20% text).Below are size guidelines for your Facebook profile picture, cover photo, and customtabs.Visual content is gold on Facebook. Photo albums, pictures, and videos get 180%,120%, and 100% more engagement respectively3. Be sure to upload photos to yourtimeline that are the optimal size.Timeline Images: On wall – 403 x 403 pixels Photo viewer – 960 x 960 pixels MAX UPLOAD – 2048 x 2048 pixels Milestones and Highlighted posts – 843 x 403 pixels (max)
  5. 5. 5Hot Potato | Guide to Facebook Business PagesIf you share links to your FB page, the link preview will be 155 x 114 pixels (see below).Visual content, as mentioned earlier, can be the most popular content on Facebook.Make sure your images are optimized for Facebook before uploading by following thesize guidelines above!Custom TabsCustom tabs are located at the top of your Page, below your cover photo and offer agreat way to customize your page. For example, the Hot Potato Facebook Page tabs(seen above) are links to our Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter profiles, offering fansan easy way (and encouraging) to engage with us on those sites as well.Each tab is an “app”. By default, photos will show up in the first position. This cannotbe changed. Every other position can be customized to your preferences. We willtake you through an example of adding your Twitter profile as a custom tab on yourPage.One trick is to visit a Page that has a Twitter tab. Click on that tab, and then scroll allthe way to the bottom and select “Add a Twitter Tab” at the bottom.You will then be prompted to select the Facebook Pages you would like to add theapp to (yourself or any of the Pages you manage). Select the applicable Page.
  6. 6. 6Hot Potato | Guide to Facebook Business PagesThen, authorize the tab application to continue. Then enter of all your relevant Twitterinformation including your preferences.There are endless possibilities for custom tabs, you can even use whatever image you wouldlike to maintain your visual identity throughout your Page. To edit the settings of your tabs/apps, go to edit settings in the admin panel of your Page and click on apps in the left handtoolbar. Here you will find all the apps associated with your page. You can edit the settings,or get the link to each tab here.
  7. 7. 7Hot Potato | Guide to Facebook Business PagesTo change the order of how your tabs appear on your profile, hover over the tab.A pencil should appear in the top right of the tab. Click on the editing pencil, andchoose “swap position with”, selecting the tab you’d like to swap with.ContentYour Facebook Business Page has been created. Now what? Start creating/sharingcontent!Facebook business pages provide a great opportunity to engage with your audience.There are a variety of features including status updates, videos, and photos thatallow you to share your content. Consider these statistics4: • 50% think that a brand’s Facebook page is more useful than its website • Promotions and discounts are the biggest motivators in liking a brand on Facebook • The top 3 ways consumers interact with brands on Facebook is to print off coupons, like/comment on brand’s page, and to learn about new products • The top 3 ways brands could get non-likers to like them on Facebook are to have more giveaways, post less often, and let them hide that they like the brandContent ideas include:Status Updates – Status updates are one of the most useful features of Facebook.You can use a status update to share that blog, case study, or white paper you justpublished. Ask a question to engage your audience.Photos/Videos – Preferences are switching to visual content. Research shows thatphoto albums, pictures, and videos get 180%, 120%, and 100% moreengagement respectively.Contests – If appropriate for your company, a contest can help you get more likesor increase engagement. Consider having a sweepstakes, essay, photo, or video con-test. However, make sure to familiarize yourself with Facebook’s strictpromotion policies.Exclusive Content – Your audience may expect exclusive content/offers in returnfor liking your Facebook business page. In fact, as mentioned above, promotionsanddiscounts are the biggest motivators in liking a brand on Facebook. Consideroffering your fans exclusive deals/coupons.Events - Does your company have events? Create events on Facebook to promoteyou events and increase attendance. You can even create events for things likessales that your company may have.
  8. 8. 8Hot Potato | Guide to Facebook Business PagesEdgeRank AlgorithmFacebook users spend a majority of their time browsing through their News Feed.40% of the time spent on Facebook is in the News Feed, while only 12% is spent onprofile and brand pages5. Therefore, showing up in the News Feed of your Fans isa top priority, since many do not visit your actual page. Content you share, statusupdates, photos, etc. are what you share in your Fans News Feed. However, not all ofyour fans will see your updates. Why? In an effort to selling advertising, and provideusers with the most relevant and wanted content Facebook has developed EdgeRank.EdgeRank is a ranking algorithm developed by Facebook to determine what is dis-played on the News Feed. The three variables that make up the algorithm are affini-ty, weight, and time decay (seen above).Affinity – how close of a relationship a Fan has with a brand (repeat interactions)Weight – value of a post (amount of likes, comments, etc.) (commenting is morevaluable than a like)Time decay – how long has it been posted? The older, the less valuable
  9. 9. 9Hot Potato | Guide to Facebook Business PagesComplicated? How about a more simple explanation from PostRocket6.
  10. 10. 10Hot Potato | Guide to Facebook Business PagesFacebook PromotionsHave you ever considered starting a Facebook contest/promotion to generate buzzfor your company’s Facebook page? Contests are a great opportunity to increaseengagement or boost your fan count. If you have been on Facebook, you may have seen or even participated in contests/promotions from anyone from small businesses to major brands. Have you everliked a page to be entered into a contest? Have you ever commented on a post to beentered into a contest? Facebook’s promotion policy is very strict, and these types ofpromotion actually violate Facebook’s terms. Yet, you see it all the time. Smallbusinesses and even major brands are unfamiliar with Facebook’s strict policy.Despite the large number of Facebook promotions you see that are actually inviolation of Facebook’s promotion policy, you probably haven’t heard of many gettingbusted. Is it worth the risk? Just because “everybody is doing it”, does not make itok. It is not worth risking your Facebook page where a large following/communityhas been built or tarnishing your brand’s image.Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines are as follows:1. Promotions on Facebook MUST be administered within Apps on Facebook.com,either on a Canvas Page or a Page App. 2. You MUST include a complete Facebook release as well as acknowledgement thatthe promotion is not endorsed, sponsored, administered by, or associatedwith, Facebook. 3. You MUST NOT condition registration or entry upon the user taking any actionusing any Facebook features or functionality other than liking a Page, checking in toa Place, or connecting to your app. For example, you must not condition registrationor entry upon the user liking a Wall post, or commenting or uploading a photo on aWall. 4. You MUST NOT use Facebook features or functionality as a promotion’s registrationor entry mechanism. For example, the act of liking a Page or checking in to a Placecannot automatically register or enter a promotion participant. 5. You MUST NOT use Facebook features or functionality, such as the Like button, asa voting mechanism for a promotion. 6. You MUST NOT notify winners through Facebook, such as through Facebookmessages, chat, or posts on profiles (timelines) or Pages.
  11. 11. 11Hot Potato | Guide to Facebook Business PagesBack in 2009, Burger King created aFacebook promotion called “WhopperSacrifice”. Users could use the whoppersacrifice app to sacrifice, or delete, 10 oftheir friends in return for a free whopper.“What would you do for a free WHOPPPER?Now is the time to put your fair-weatherweb friendships to the test. Install WHOPPERSacrifice on your Facebook profile, andwe’ll reward you with a free flame-broiledWHOPPER when you sacrifice 10 of yourfriends.” Deleted friends received notifications,similar to the ones you are used toreceiving, informing them that they werede-friended for a free whopper. The response? Almost 234,000 people Facebookers were de-friended as a result ofthis promotion. However, Facebook wasn’t thrilled. A spokesman said that thepromotion violated user’s privacy. In particular, the de-friending notification woulddisrupt user’s privacy expectations. Facebook requested that Burger King tweak thisfeature. Burger King did not face removal of the page, or any harsh punishment. However,instead of making the requested tweak, they decided to stop the promotion alltogether. “While Facebook was a great sport, they did ask for changes that would haveresulted in a different approach to our application, counter to what we developed,”said Burger King in a statement. “Ultimately, based on philosophical differences, wedecided to conclude the campaign and chose to ‘sacrifice’ the application.”Lesson to be learned- Before you being a promotion/contest on Facebook, be sure tofamiliarize yourself with Facebook’s Promotion policy.Measurement (INSIGHTS)So, is all your work on your FacebookBusiness Page paying off? Quantify yourefforts by using Facebooks built inanalytics tool, Insights. Understandingand analyzing trends of your Page canhelp you make necessary improvements/adjustments.
  12. 12. 12Hot Potato | Guide to Facebook Business PagesNote: You need to have a minimum of 30 likes on your Page to accesss Insights. Ifyou meet this criteria, these analytics can be accessed through the admin panel onyour Page. Click See All on the Insights box.You can navigate through four tabs on Insights: an overview tab, likes, reach, andtalking about this.There are two types of Facebook insights7: • User Insights: Total page Likes, or a number of fans, daily active users, new Likes/Unlikes, Like sources, demographics, page views and unique page views, tab views, external referrers, media consumption. • Interactions Insights: Daily story feedback (post Likes, post comments, per post impressions), daily page activity (mentions, discussions, reviews, wall posts, video posts).The real question is what do you want to measure? What are your goals? Goals needto be quantifiable to measure success. For example, your goal may be to increasethe amount of fans you have by a certain percentage, decrease your “unlike” rate, orincrease the average number of comments you receive. Setting these goals lets youknow what metrics you need to be paying attention too.Also, Insights can be helpful in determining the effectiveness of the content on yourpage. Facebook INSIGHTS show the number of interactions within a Facebook page.The peaks in interactions can be linked to content generated which induced anindividual to interact with the piece of content (comment, like, share, etc.)New in 2013Facebook, like all social media, is constantly updating its features. Here are some ofthe newest developments so far in 2013:Graph Search – An upgraded search tool that allows users to perform moresophisticated searches on Facebook. Instead of searching for a specific person,place, or thing, conduct an advanced search such as, “people who like cycling andlive in Chicago, IL”.Cover Photos Can Now Have Calls-to-Action - Facebook has updated their pageterms, now allowing users to include calls-to-action in their cover photos. Calls-to-action, such as “get it now” or “tell your friends” were previously prohibited. Keep inmind that covers still may not consist of more than 20% text.
  13. 13. 13Hot Potato | Guide to Facebook Business PagesReply Links - New reply links allow you to reply directly to comments on your page,making having conversations even easier. Active conversations will be moved to thetop of the thread.Hashtags - Facebook is working on incorporating the hashtag. They are testingwhether to follow in Twitter’s footsteps by allowing users to click on a hashtag to pullup all posts about similar topics in order to index conversations around trending top-ics and build those users conversations up.Facebook is such a great tool for companies to interact with their fans. But, if youbuild it, they won’t necessarily come. After the initial creation of your page, be sureto follow some of the tips provided throughout this guide to optimize your page. Butmost importantly, make your page worth visiting.Resources1. Hubspot, 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report2. Goldhat3. Facebook for Business4. Lab425. Comscore6. Postrocket7. MashableAbout Hot PotatoBased in Naperville, IL outside of Chicago, Hot Potato Social Media is a full servicesocial media marketing agency that helps companies and brands implement andmanage social media and other inbound marketing programs for measurable, andoften profound sales results. For more information, check out the website atwww.HotPotatoSocialMedia.com, or call 630-868-5062.