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Melissa Terras: Using Social Media to promote your own Open Access research


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Published in: Education
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Melissa Terras: Using Social Media to promote your own Open Access research

  1. 1. Using Social Media to promote your own OpenAccess research © Melissa TerrasReader in Electronic Communication, UCL Dept of Information StudiesCo-Director, UCL Centre for Digital, @melissaterras
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  3. 3. @melissaterras, @UCLDH, @textal, @DHQuarterly, @ALLC_org
  4. 4. Results• Most papers downloaded about 100 times in 24 hours• 6172 downloads from our department in total in past year – 27 out of the top 50 downloads in our department are Terras, M. – 1/3 of the entire downloads for our dept are Terras, M.• If you tell people about your research, they look at it. Your research will get looked at more than papers which are not promoted via social media.
  5. 5. Timing is everything• Don’t tweet new things at Midnight• Don’t tweet important things on a Friday• The best time to tweet is between 11am and 5pm GMT Monday to Thursday
  6. 6. Open Access versus print?• Digital Curiosities – downloaded 1115 times• 16th most downloaded paper from our entire institutional repository in the final quarter of 2011• 3rd most downloaded paper in UCLs entire Arts Faculty in the past year• Most downloaded paper in 2011 in LLC Journal – 376 full text downloads Its a really good thing to make your work Open Access. More people will read it than if it is behind a paywall. Even if it is the most downloaded paper from a journal in your field, Open Access makes it even more accessed.
  7. 7. Controls?Library and information resources and users of digital resources in thehumanities: 297 downloadsDocumentation and the users of digital resources in the humanities: 209downloadsIf You Build It Will They Come? The LAIRAH Study: Quantifying the Useof Online Resources in the Arts and Humanities through StatisticalAnalysis of User Log Data: 142 downloadsThe Master Builders: LAIRAH Research on Good Practice in theConstruction of Digital Humanities Projects: 12 downloads.The papers that were tweeted and blogged have had at least more than11 times the number of downloads than their sibling paper which was leftto its own devices in the institutional repository. QED, my friends. QED.
  8. 8. If you want people to findand read your research,build up a digital presence inyour discipline, and use it topromote your work when youhave something interestingto share.
  9. 9. If (social media interaction is often)then (Open Access + social media)= increased downloads
  10. 10. ©