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QR Codes at MBUSA


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QR Codes at MBUSA

  1. 1. QR Codes: Physical Links to Digital Content Popular Free scanning apps: ScanLife, I-Nigma, AT&T Scanner, BeeTagg Neil Nathanson 6/29/11
  2. 2. Torque Creative – in top navigation bar find: Learning Link LIVE
  3. 3. Torque Creative Technically what are QR Codes? • QR codes are 2D bar codes – hold more data than 1D bar codes • 1 dimensional codes are linear and have 1 axis • 2 dimensional codes are square and have 2 axes: an x and y axis • There are 3 popular formats of 2D bar codes: • QR Codes (Quick Response) • Datamatrix Codes • Microsoft Tag
  4. 4. Torque Creative How you scan a QR Code • Mobile devices with cameras can use scanning apps to view and decode the information • Popular Free scanning apps: ScanLife, I-Nigma, AT&T Scanner, BeeTagg
  5. 5. Torque Creative Why is now the time to consider QR codes? • QR codes are an aspect of the mobile device and mobile Internet explosion • Inflection point in 2011 Q1 more Smartphones + Tablets sold than Desktop + Notebook computers • Mobile Internet usage is on track to exceed Desktop Internet usage by 2014
  6. 6. Torque Creative You are most likely starting to see more QR Codes recently • They are showing up everywhere • Began as an inventory device and are becoming popular for marketing and other uses • They are a way to connect with people via their devices • Function as physical links connecting consumers to digital content and your brand
  7. 7. Torque Creative QR Codes can be designed for more appeal • Error correction lets QR work even if some areas are covered • Graphic design brings them to life: •  Colors and spot graphics can be used •  Stylized grid shapes and decorations •  Logos and characters for branding for marketing uses
  8. 8. Torque Creative How MBUSA is using QR Codes at Auto Shows • Codes on all cars and signage at show • Links to landing pages for more info • Landing pages have form for customer data collection/response
  9. 9. Torque Creative How MBUSA is using QR Codes with iPad apps • The QR code has a link to go directly to the iTunes store location for that app • Makes locating a specific app for downloading faster and easier
  10. 10. Torque Creative How MBUSA is using QR Codes with Owner’s Support Videos • Links to mobile version of Owner’s support videos, • QR codes are placed in 4 locations: •  On the Car, in the Owner’s Manual Pouch, On the Delivery Checklist, in the Welcome Kit
  11. 11. Torque Creative How MBUSA L&P uses QR with MPG: Mobile Product Guide • Available on Learning Link providing quick linking to this dealer tool for mobile information
  12. 12. Torque Creative How MBUSA L&P uses QR to deliver product information • Informational videos will be made available during M-Class launch via QR links
  13. 13. Torque Creative Some ways Dealers can apply QR • Business card contact info - connect customer to Staff • Dealer website or app - connect customer to Dealership • Pre-Owned vehicle webpage - connect customer to Car Neil Nathanson Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC Phone: 201-573-4135 Scan my business card
  14. 14. Torque Creative How you can easily make a simple QR code for free in 2 minutes • Websites for code creation • simple generator • more capable generator (vCards, error correction) • More complex systems exist to allow tracking and reporting beyond simple codes
  15. 15. Torque Creative MBUSA QR url shortener/redirect/tracking/reporting application • in example below “2012M” •  Reports on how many times a code was followed with requesting device identified •  Can be used in conjunction with campaigns, in example below “MClass”
  16. 16. Torque Creative Questions?