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Seo help-for-bloggers

  1. 1. December 15th, 2012 Published by: NeilMSEO Help for Bloggers SEO Help – An Image In Your Blog Post Is Worth It’s Weight This eBook was created using the Zinepal Online eBook In Gold Creator. Use Zinepal to create your own eBooks in PDF, Absolutely – just check the licences. Some require you put a ePub and Kindle/Mobipocket formats. link to the image Upgrade to a Zinepal Pro Account to unlock more • features and hide this message. • • Public Domain Pictures.netSEO Help – An Image In Your • MorgueFile.comBlog Post Is Worth It’s Weight • EveryStockPhoto.comIn Gold • Flickr.comBy Neil McGrane on December 15th, 2012 • FreeDigitalPhotos.netFor those in the know an image in your blog post is worth its • PhotoXpress.comweight in gold in SEO Help terms. Why? For three reasons • 1. An image makes your blog post more interesting, and • interesting posts result in more comments & shares. • More comments / shares result in better positioning in the search engines, especially shares on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc i.e. social media sites as the recent   SEO Help – So how does my image Google updates (panda / penguin) favour Social Media end up on Pinterest? links over pure website back links The are two ways your image (and blog link) can end up on 2. An image offers more places to insert your SEO keywords Pinterest (see SEO Help with keywords for your blog post) into your post. Generally speaking, the more occurrences of 1. You add a Pinterest button to your blog post as I have your keyword phrase the more weight your post will have (I use Pinterest Lite), thus a reader can add your image with the search engines. In a blog post (generated using to Pinterest for you. This is great because it can then go word press) you can insert your keywords in viral. • a title 2. You can add the link by pressing the pinterest button yourself. • an alt tag (HTML tag show as an alternative to showing the image) Just like twitter, facebook etc. ideally you need to have people • a caption following you, therefore they will see the images you share. However, you can create groups (or collections) of related 3. The reader of your post (or you) can use your image on images, and you can give them catergories that can then be Pinterest and this will obtain a deep link to your blog found in a pinterest search. In my experience when you share post. This is a great contributor to attracting traffic to your images people find you and start to follow you (it’s the your blog in SEO Help terms. done thing to follow them back). In SEO Help terms this is a valuable contribution and will result in increased traffic.SEO Help – Are there any free *** If you enjoyed this post "SEO Help – An Image In Yourimages I can use? Blog Post Is Worth It’s Weight In Gold", please do me a favour, share with others by commenting below *** SEO Help – How to use Twitter to generate traffic By Neil McGrane on December 15th, 2012 SEO Help – using Twitter to generate traffic to your website. Google is changing the way it ranks sites, from sites with loadsCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 1
  2. 2. December 15th, 2012 Published by: NeilMof random back links to sites that are actively mentioned on From a Google point of view you’ll end up with loads of socialsocial media sites. media links to your website (including deep links – pages that are not your homepage), so over time this will meanOne such social media site is Twitter. Using this free service your website becomes an authority on your chosen subject,you can effectively make announcements, called Tweets, of up resulting in organic traffic from Google. Also some of theto 140 characters (including website links) – more about this followers reading your tweets will click on your links againlater. resulting in traffic.Once you’ve registered, you need to setup your profile. Inbroads terms this should say: Using Twitter to generate traffic is like everything else in the SEO help world, it doesn’t produce over night success, but, it • Who you are – this is especially important if your twitter works and it’s well worth the effort. account is for a company Productivity Tools for Twitter • What your interests are (keywords) I’ve come across a few tools to maximize your productivity on • Why you’re on Twitter, and what you’re going to use it Twitter. for. is a free service to make using twitter easier. You can:The Golden rule is be transparent, and be personal. Itsimportant to remember that your profile is searchable by • schedule tweetspeople looking for other people with the same interests etc(called followers). • reduce your words to fit in the 140 character limit • reduce your URLs to an address (again to fit in yourHow to find followers 140 character limit) *There is not much point making announcements if nobody islistening. In twitter parlance listeners are called followers. So • focus on what’s important to you, using tweet filtersyou need to find some people to follow, as the unwritten rule • arrange your feeds into customizable columnsis “if someone follows you, you should follow them”. An easyway to find people to follow is the advanced search. Using this * Whilst from an SEO help point of view you need to mentionyou can find people who:- your full URL for Google to pick it up this is not always possible. • live in a particular location - is a tool that allows you to manage profiles, • have keywords /phrases (both inclusive and exclusive) in schedule messages and tweets, and analyse social media their profile traffic. • are asking questions in their tweets *** If you enjoyed this post "SEO Help – How to use Twitter • have tweeted with a specific hashtag (a hashtag is to generate traffic", please do me a favour, share with others a categorisation of tweets, see for more by commenting below *** info)Another site to find people with similar interests is SEO Help With Keywords ForSEO Help – how does using Twitter Your Blog Post By Neil McGrane on December 15th, 2012generate traffic? I struggled for years with SEO and I wanted to offer you some SEO help with your choice of keywords. Most people (myself included until now), create a website then consider targeting the keywords later. Then they wonder why they don’t get much traffic or worst they get traffic but the visitors don’t stay long and certainly don’t buy any of the products.SEO Help – How to use Twitter to generate traffic I’ve just started using a product called Market Samurai, thisFrom a SEO Help point of view how can Twitter help? SEO help product takes keyword / phrase research to another 1. You can add your website URL (address) to your profile. level. The product has a series of fantastic training videos – so even though the program looks complicated using the videos 2. Possibly more importantly you can add URLs to your you can quickly get the correct results. tweets so you can add links from a social media site to specific pages of your website. Presumably you’ve noticed that Google has just ten slots on a results page. It’s estimated that over 42% of clicks in Google 3. Twitter allows re-tweeting (this is where your follower(s) go to the 1st site, in fact the stats are:- forward your tweet onto their followers), this then results in yet more specific page links. Results position Percentage of clicks receivedCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 2
  3. 3. December 15th, 2012 Published by: NeilM1st 42% SEO Help Golden Rule #3: How to Assess2nd 12% Market Competition 8% This is the most important rule and most people fail by3rd ignoring this rule.4th 6% As I said there are only 10 sites on the Google results page, but,5th 5% you only have to be a little bit better than your competition to 4% take their spot.6th 3% There are two aspects to assessing the competition;7thSo you really need to be in the top 3 (on page 1 of Google 1) The amount of competition – the number of sitesresults), and preferably top slot to receive a decent amount of competing for that keyword phrasetraffic. 2) The strength of your competition – the number of pagesMarket Samurai have 4 golden rules and if you follow these the site has, the amount of SEO optimisation on the site, theyou should be able to achieve the glorious top spot on page 1. number of back links, the age of the domain etc.SEO Help Four Golden Rules For SEO Help Golden Rule #4: How to Assess CommercialityKeyword Research Having found the keywords that satisfy the other 3 goldenSEO Help Golden Rule #1: How to Find rules, you need to work out if your competition are makingRelevant Keywords money with your keyword phrases so you can then target the one that will make you money. *** If you enjoyed this post "SEO Help With Keywords For Your Blog Post", please do me a favour, share with others by commenting below ***SEO Help With Keywords For Your Blog Post SEO Help For Blog PostsYou can look at a keyword phrase as a suggestion to the search By Neil McGrane on December 15th, 2012engines about the topic of your site and pages,(there are a SEO help for Blog posts – writing a blog post is much like anyfew “On page SEO optimisations” you can do to help the other piece of internet content; it will be found easier by thesuggestions become a reality). search engines if you perform on page optimization. This postYou are wasting your time if you target keyword phrases that shows my steps for producing an SEO optimized post.don’t reflect the topic of your pages / website as the visitors To date I’ve been blogging for 3 months. Using the techniqueswon’t stay long and certainly won’t buy your products. below, my blog has achieved page 1 on Google for ”secondOccasionally the search engines will reorder keyword phrases, income”, and “2nd income” – with very few links andand keyword research tools may suggest these phrases, as comments on Facebook etc.something with lower competition. You may be tempted totarget these phrases without realising that these phrases will SEO Help – Plan Firstresults in little or no traffic. This tool also allows you easily When I’m planning a blog post, I typically I follows these stepsavoid this. 1. Think of the topic – and do some research on the topicSEO Help Golden Rule #2: How to Find 2. Research possible keyword phrase for that topic –High Traffic Keywords bearing in mind you will have to incorporate the phraseYou need to find keyword phrase(s) that generate a high into your post, so make it a phrase you can work into yourenough volumes of traffic to make it worthwhile targeting post easily e.g. “SEO Help“that phrase. It’s worth spending time on this as over 90% ofkeyword phrases don’t receive enough traffic. 3. Incorporate the keyword phrase into the title and into the post itself (multiple times)It’s easy to work out how much traffic a keyword phrase isgoing to get, Google keywords tool will give you this.The tool I use, Market Samurai, goes further and calculateshow traffic you could expect to receive for a keyword phrase.Difference between searches and traffic – searches is thenumber of times that keyword phrase (Google gives you this)was searched for whilst traffic is the number of clicks you couldexpected from that search. SEO Help For Blog PostsCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 3
  4. 4. December 15th, 2012 Published by: NeilMI also use a word press plugin called SEOPressor to give meSEO help with the optimization of the post. Every time youupdate your post SEOPressor gives you a percentage score forhow well you’ve SEO optimized the post; it checks 1. If you have enough occurrences of your keyword phrase in the post (the plugin will apply underline, bold and italics to you phrases to indicate importance to the search engines). 2. If you have included your keyword phrase in heading H1/ H2 / H3 tags 3. If you have an image with title tags, ALT tags 4. If you have used the keyword phrase in link text 5. etcTo give each post a fighting chance of being found on Googleyou need to get the percentage in the upper 80th percentile.In SEO Help terms its a really good idea to start and endthe post with your keyword phrase – I’ve added an automaticfeature that adds the title (which contains my SEO keywordphrase) to the bottom of every post – If you give me a GOOGLE+ share I’ll show you how to do it.*** If you enjoyed this post "SEO Help For Blog Posts", pleasedo me a favour, share with others by commenting below ***Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 4