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Foley Information Services - Website Evaluation Checklists


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Some points to consider when evaluating websites.

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Foley Information Services - Website Evaluation Checklists

  1. 1. Foley Information Services Website Evaluation Checklists Foley Information Services
  2. 2. Website Evaluation Checklists How was the site identified? • Recommended / referred by a trusted source:  Print, online, word-of-mouth What is the organisation behind the site? • Created by, or is part of, a known organisation • Provides full contact information: – Telephone – E-mail – Post – Visited in person Foley Information Services
  3. 3. Website Evaluation Checklists Who is the author? •Referred by another trusted source •Work has been cited by others in the same field •The author's site is often linked to on the Web How does the author demonstrate his/her breadth of subject knowledge? •Cites theory and background (if relevant) •Quotes relevant case studies •Demonstrates knowledge of others' work in the field •Raises new, insightful questions Foley Information Services
  4. 4. Foley Information Services Website Evaluation Checklists How does the author present his/her work? •Describes his/her methods of research, how any evidence presented has been reviewed and conclusions arrived at •Provides links to related information •Identifies any limitations on the information presented How is the information presented? •Clearly and logically •Organised and easily navigable
  5. 5. Website Evaluation Checklists How current is the material? •The Web page displays a date – Is it clear? •Date of original source material •Date created •Date most recently updated Foley Information Services
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