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Event Management Plan


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Event Management Plan

  3. 3. EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN Participants are expected to evaluate their previous experience in event organizing Practical applications of the principles and learnings in Event Management Plan Effective and Efficient programs and any other activities from the initiative of Parish Youth Apostolate
  4. 4. EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN Planning is the most important part of running a successful event, and this means starting well in advance. The best way to approach planning is to develop a detailed management plan, which includes a timetable of what needs to be done and when.
  5. 5. EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN Determine what activities and programs are already in place and look for the availability of the possible needed resources. Have your previous activities/events met the goals of your organization. Brainstorm with your organization
  6. 6. EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN What, Where and When Is there a need for an event? If a need exists, what type of event would best suit the need? Try to consider the expected number of audience. It is also a must to consider the convenience of the audience before selecting the venue of the event. Check whether there are any other events already planned to avoid clashes in events. Timing of event is also important to consider.
  7. 7. EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN Managing committees effectively means recognizing why people became involved, it requires a combination of organizational skills and an understanding of the members. You need to explore the skills of the people on the committee and match them to the jobs which need doing within the group. Remember that the committee members need to get something out of their role in the committee too.
  8. 8. EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN Aim to choose committee members with a range of expertise, interests, skills and experience to share the work. Essential roles for an event committee are: • Event Head Organizer • Treasurer • Other roles such as Promotions and Secretary • General members with various responsibilities on the ground.
  9. 9. EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN You may have a great idea for an event, but you need to make sure it is financially viable. Budget When you apply for funding, you will need to set out your projected Income and Expenditure to demonstrate that your budget will balance, and your event will be financially viable.
  10. 10. EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN Income Sources of income fall into 2 main categories: a) Earned income: ticket sales, merchandising, catering etc . a) Unearned income: Solicitations, donations and sponsorships from individuals, NGOs and Government Authorities
  11. 11. EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN Expenditure You should list each item of expenditure for your project - grouping them together under headings will help. Examples include: • • • • Overheads – communications, transportations, representation etc. Event site costs – venue, decorations, chairs, tables and sound/lights rentals Artistic costs - performers' fees, prizes, accommodation, travel, etc. Marketing costs - print of leaflets, flyers, programs and tarpaulins etc.
  12. 12. EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN Managing a public event includes ensuring the safety of event organizers, volunteers, contract staff, event staff and the public. It is highly recommended, and may be mandatory, that event managers have comprehensive public liability insurance and seek legal advice as part of their risk management strategy.
  13. 13. EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN To prepare your contingency plan you need to first identify all the possibilities that could occur that would have a negative impact on your event. Once these have been identified, your contingency plan should include a set of specific actions that can be implemented to reduce these anticipated negative impacts on the event if/when challenges arise.
  14. 14. EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN Event promotion and marketing is one of the most important aspects of planning your event. You want as many people as possible to attend your event so it is important to get the information out to your target audience well in advance of your event.
  15. 15. EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN You will need to consider the best and most cost effective way of advertising and promoting your event to keep with your event budget. Example: • Tarpaulin • Public gathering announcements • Radio/Television advertisements • Posters • Leaflets • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook etc.)
  16. 16. EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN A checklist provides a step-by-step guide to organizing and executing a special event. Remember, you may not have all of the specifics that your event requires on a checklist, so brainstorm prior to starting your event planning to make sure everything gets covered.
  17. 17. EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN A group will choose an event different from the others and make a checklist for that event. All items in the checklist should be essential to the chosen event. A certain member of the group will present and defend the checklist in front. Other groups will observe if something is missing or unnecessary items are present in the checklist and may ask questions to the presenting group.
  18. 18. EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN • Make sure that all bookings are confirmed in writing and always, wherever possible, hold back a final balance payment until they arrive at the venue on the day. • Set meetings to follow-up and update the different committees on their assigned tasks. • Settle disputes within the working committees • Say no to “unya na” habit • Over-all in charge of the event • Creating an environment for fun and success
  19. 19. EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN • Check, double check and check again. Always check rather than guess. • Make sure that one person is ‘in charge’ on the day. • Solely, head organizer should make decision when it is immediately necessary • Always be AVAILABLE • Relax, be positive, put it in mind that the world is with you in making the event successful.
  20. 20. EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN • Lead the restoration • Say THANK YOU to working committees, sponsors and to all individuals who have been part of the event. • If there are funds available, pay back the working committees.
  21. 21. EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN • Take time to evaluate right after the event while the details are fresh. • At the conclusion of your event it is important to evaluate the event against the aims and objectives. This will allow you to identify and make appropriate changes, where necessary, to your event management plan to ensure the success of future event.
  22. 22. EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN Sample format for evaluation Area of concern Responsible committee Strength Weakness Recommendation
  24. 24. “In omnibus amare et servire Domino” THANK YOU