Reputation Management for Property Managers


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  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-17 13:28) -----GreetingThank Jason and LLWS for putting on this event
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-17 13:28) -----I know you're busy.We appreciate your time and promise to make this a worthwhile investment.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (11-06-17 08:13) -----Who was at WEBCON? New content in here.----- Meeting Notes (12-02-17 13:28) -----Make this social.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-17 13:28) -----People have always been social.Bon-fire----- Meeting Notes (12-02-21 11:26) -----One reason people love food so much is the social aspect. It feels good to converse!
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-17 14:39) -----Back when business was truely social. Owners knew customers.Customers knew owners."Where everybody knows your name"
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-17 14:39) -----Then something happened.Corporate culture became cold and customers became #'s.Companies became too big to know everyone by name.----- Meeting Notes (12-02-27 10:40) -----The people didn't like it but they started to accept it as they way business is done. But then social media came along and things started to change.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-23 13:41) -----The signifigance of this change is word of mouth. SM has increased the velocity and reach of word of mouth in a way traditional cannot. At a fraction of the cost. Word of mouth, in order to be effective, is relationship based. The currency of this channel are trust and relevance, this has to be earned. Cannot be bought
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-21 11:26) -----845 million monthly users (39% increase)2.7 billion comments and likes per day3.7B revenue for 2011700M Net Income----- Meeting Notes (12-02-23 16:04) -----Does this actually matter?
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-21 11:26) -----dead even distribution acrooss
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-24 11:28) -----We may not have won the world hockey junior championship this year. That goes to sweden, BUT we are winning in social media market share!
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-17 14:39) -----almost half covered on FB, email, twitter
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-14 14:32) ----- -the digital world is now a real reflection of the real world -people google businesses more than other people -significant negative info online can hide you in search results (ex: Dell, Rick Santorum…)
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-23 10:05) -----Who's familiar with the Marketplace story? The did a 30 minutes story on transglobe----- Meeting Notes (12-02-23 16:04) -----We are going to take a look at each 'input' using a recent PR incident in your industry.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-23 09:35) -----I'm not trying to single anyone out, but this is highly relevant. The buzz was so big it made for an ideal case analysis. The goal is to learn what happened and what to do and not to do. We'll discuss some things that could have been handled better. ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-24 11:31) -----FB has broken 1000, twitter broken 200, email over 100. People are still sharing!
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-23 10:05) -----The TV program lasted 30 minutes, the real damage happened on the Blogs, twitter feeds, FB pages and is still going on today.Ernest > came off credible, well written, rational > hard to combatSHareowner > the length people will go prove point / may not even be a tenant / investor relations
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-23 10:05) -----Not highlight these points to pass judgement, I want to show you how far people will go when a story about you breaks, they will keep it alive. Transglobe knew months in advance that this story would break, and it appears that no preparation was made. The result? Uncontrolled conversation about you (tenants and public)
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-23 10:05) -----The last piece of your online reputation: search. Google is something we are all familiar with. So in the face of all this what was the official response?
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-23 10:19) -----What did they do?
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-23 10:05) -----Press Release for investors. Not addressing tenants, viewers, or the conversation on SM.----- Meeting Notes (12-02-23 10:19) -----This was the only thing we could find. This usually has no legs, but in this case it did because people we're actually mocking their response.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-23 10:19) -----This could have been a disaster for FEDEX, so what did they do? They hit the issue head on.Open, honest, straight shooter. They aren't dancing around the issues.Lesson? Sh*t happens, everyone in this room is one step away from PR disaster. Don't fear it, have a process in place to correct it. Like when we were kids, when you got in trouble you fear your parents, but you can lessen the blow if you come clean. People respect that.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-15 16:05) -----Who are you looking for?----- Meeting Notes (12-02-22 16:05) -----1) correct misinformation, make remarkable recoveries, answer questions, point towards proper channels, help out!2) listen and learn 3) reward! recognize, incentivize, research----- Meeting Notes (12-02-22 16:07) -----"keep your friends close, hold your enemies closer." to learn! real talk----- Meeting Notes (12-02-23 10:19) -----3) GROW - recruit more of them, the more champions you have the better your company will be (Greenrock ex)
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-23 10:20) -----No longer one sided, two sides of the story. Not the PM talking, it's the tenants! Much more powerful.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-24 11:37) -----Brand De-vangelist
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-23 13:22) -----Who's talking? Can be influential people (customer service expert). This article written 4 years ago, still #2 on Google!What's the impact? How many prospects have been researching Transglobe and stopped right here?
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-14 14:33) ----- -Google yourself (while logged out) -get rid of old/dormant profiles (TransGlobe twitter example) -take advantage of free tools like google alerts, etcEngage across networksPre picked companies (no surprises)
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-23 13:22) -----Radian 6 > hootsuite on sterioids etc
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-22 16:17) -----magic formula: consistenatly see 180 turn in attitude
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-14 14:34) ----- -check Yelp, DoNotRent, ApartmentRatings, Gripevine -(depending on platform) respond in a personal, apologetic way and offer to continue conversation offline -generally, person complaining just wants to be heard -repeat company name with compliments, don't repeat with negative reviewsComing to canada, not big right now
  • ----- Meeting Notes (12-02-23 13:22) -----Has anyone used tripadvisor? If you see only positive review it doesn't feel authentic, need some negative or neutral. Does it sound credible? People are able to decifer between angry people and rational/credible reveiws. Don't fear the negative.----- Meeting Notes (12-02-23 13:26) -----Using Facebook to personalize my experience, I didn't do anything!
  • ----- Meeting Notes (11-06-17 08:38) -----Walk into building get building alerts
  • Reputation Management for Property Managers

    1. 1. Building Social CommunitiesManaging your Reputation in a Social Media World Prepared by: Steve Ballantyne, Director of Business Development at Neighbourhood Buzz Trusted by Canada’s best property management companies. Copyright © Neighbourhood Buzz Communications. 2012.
    2. 2. Thank you for coming! 2
    3. 3. Ask Questions during the presentation. #WEBCONVAN @nbrhoodbuzz is me! 3
    4. 4. In the beginning… 4
    5. 5. @georgesbarber? 5
    6. 6. @greedisgood 6
    7. 7. Where we could be #hopeful 7
    8. 8. Is the world going social? 8
    9. 9. Is the world going social? 9
    10. 10. Is the world going social? 10
    11. 11. How People Share online 11
    12. 12. Why should I go social? Customers are online Prospects are online Competitors are online People pissed off at your company for no reason are online The future is online 12
    13. 13. What makes an online reputation? 13
    14. 14. 14
    15. 15. CBC Marketplace Blog 15
    16. 16. Facebook & Twitter 16
    17. 17. 17
    18. 18. What could have been done? Blog response Twitter conversation Facebook conversations Facebook defense / fact posting / clarification Integrate into the PR process 18
    19. 19. What is 19
    20. 20. What could be 20
    21. 21. How it’s done 1. Admit the fault - dont try and hide it or justify it. 2. Apologize - should come from the top of the organization. 3. Indicate the plan to do better/fix the issue - Includes timeline and milestones. 4. Exceed expectations - take the crisis as an opportunity to not just fix the problem but do much better. 5. Deliver on expectations - Actually DO what you say youll do and OVER communicate through the process.
    22. 22. Who are we looking for? Dissatisfied customers Brand de-vangelists Brand champions & evangelists 22
    23. 23. Dissatisfied Customers 23
    24. 24. 24
    25. 25. 25
    26. 26. Brand Evangelists 26
    27. 27. How do we begin managing our reputation? Free: Google alerts, Hyper alerts Small Business: Hootsuite Enterprise: Radian6 27
    28. 28. Google Alerts 28
    29. 29. Hootsuite 29
    30. 30. Radian 6 30
    31. 31. How to address negativity1. Say thank you2. Address the complaint3. Inform on action you/they should take4. Promise a brighter futureAlways be polite! 31
    32. 32. See the magic in action 32
    33. 33. How do we handle review sites? 33
    34. 34. Trip Advisor 34
    35. 35. The integration continues… 35
    36. 36. What could be! Keep a finger on all online chatter about your brand Create positive social media presence Positive testimonials around the web Maintain a watchful eye Managing your brand, is your company logo being misused? 36
    37. 37. Benefits • Increase perception of ‘fair-dealing’ by immediately addressing questions and correcting misinformation in a public forum • Early warning system regarding brand or product issues • Find brand champions and reward to pro- actively influence conversation 37
    38. 38. Where are we going?• More ‘American Style’ review sites ie:• More chatter across the social web• Mobile & Twitter increasing speed• More power to the people 38
    39. 39. Thank You! 39
    40. 40. A complete communication package that allows property managers to easily and effectively Cutting edge tools… communicate with their residents and develop Without the big price tag their community Print Facebook Mobile Email Monthly hi-gloss Creation of custom Provide important Go digital andnewsletter, created resident Facebook and timely provide an email specially for your page plus daily messages to your version of the print residents… monitoring and residents using SMS newsletter… All for FREE!* management text messaging All for FREE! *While we would love to offer all of this completely free, a small delivery fee may apply. 40 Copyright © Neighbourhood Buzz Communications. 2011.