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What is Moodle?


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What is Moodle?

  1. 1. Moodle Jason Neiffer Curriculum Director Montana Digital Academy Twitter: @techsavvyteach & @neiffer
  2. 2. About ME! :) 13 year classroom teacher UM doctoral student First Curriculum Director of MTDA Wannabe keynoter Shameless Self-Promotion: Jason N-E-I-F-F-E-R
  3. 3. About Montana Digital Academy Nearly 50 courses 2010-2011 Free for its first year AP and unique electives Partnered with Montana school districts and the University of Montana
  4. 4. “What the h*#% is a Moodle?”
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Modular Object- Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment
  7. 7. just 8 years old free, open source software supported by either the community OR commercial partners supporting, as of January 2010, 45,000 sites, 32 million users and 3 million courses Moodle is...
  8. 8. Moodle utilizes... Themes Plugins and extensions Several commercial companies, called “Moodle Partners”
  9. 9. In Montana Adopted by dozens of school districts Recently adopted by the University of Montana, Montana Tech, UM-Western and UM College of Technology-Helena
  10. 10. Case Study: MTDA
  11. 11. Case Study: Paperless Classroom
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Case Study: Blended Learning
  14. 14. Implementation Planning critical...think before you act! Training your users! Expect adoption and plan for hardware needs!
  15. 15. Kick the tires! Key to School Global Classroom NineHub
  16. 16. Your questions? Jason Neiffer Curriculum Director Montana Digital Academy Twitter: @techsavvyteach & @neiffer