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Slides to support Jason Neiffer's "Capture: Setting Up Traps to Organize Mountains of Information"

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Capture @ #Wildtech '11

  1. 1. Capture: Setting Up Traps to Organize Mountains of Information Jason NeifferC u r r i c u l u m D i r e c t o r, M o n t a n a D i g i t a l A c a d e m y 8 August 2011 WP-CSPD August Institute 2011 Missoula, Montana
  2. 2. Paperless Handouts (wildtech11capture is case sensitive)
  3. 3. Framework
  4. 4. Whoa!•  “The average ‘knowledge worker’ -- basically, anyone who works on a computer – gets about 93 e-mails a day…”•  “Because people can be connected 24/7, many of them are.”
  5. 5. Not new…“In this breakthroughbook, Richard SaulWurman explains whythe informationexplosion has backfiredleaving us strandedbetween mere facts andreal understanding…”
  6. 6. 1989!
  7. 7. New Way of Thinking
  8. 8. Workflow “A workflow consists of a sequence of connected steps…” “A defined set of development stages applied to a content item…”
  9. 9. GoalCreate a regular set ofsteps to processinformation, content andknowledge…
  10. 10. The rules1.  Start with one process: develop more over time2.  Less is more: don’t use four tools when two will accomplish the same task3.  Review and evaluate: regularly review and evaluate, then eliminate, enhance or modify4.  Adopt new tools carefully: don’t assume that you need to use EVERYTHING that is cool, nifty or otherwise handy5.  Don’t follow these rules: ignore the rules if you stumble on something that works better for you!
  11. 11. Tool organization: XMarks
  12. 12. Capture: Google Reader
  13. 13. Archiving/Sharing:Delicious Social Bookmarking
  14. 14. Reading: Instapaper
  15. 15. Devices:Laptop, desktop, iPad, iPhone
  16. 16. L e t ’s d e v e l o p a workflow!
  17. 17. Workflow Setup 1: Captur eI n f o r m a t i o n t o K e e p Yo u F r e s h
  18. 18. ScenarioI am a world geography teacherthat has a unit for each continent.I am looking for fresh, currentcontent to support my unit onAfrica as the textbook is datedand isn’t as engaging as I wouldlike it to be.
  19. 19. Workflow Process •  Check existing resources1. •  Consider new topics •  Set up traps for information2. •  Process collected results3. •  Archive AND/OR4. •  Share •  Review5.
  20. 20. Workflow Process With Tools •  Check existing resources (Web Search; Delicious)1. •  Consider new topics •  Set up traps for information (Google Reader)2. •  Process collected results (Google Reader)3. •  Archive (Delicious, Instapaper) AND/OR4. •  Share (Shareoholic; Delicious RSS Feeds w/WordPress and Moodle) •  Review5.
  21. 21. 1. Review
  22. 22. 1. Review
  23. 23. 2. Set up traps
  24. 24. 2. Set up traps
  25. 25. 2. Set up traps
  26. 26. 2. Set up traps
  27. 27. 3. Process Results
  28. 28. 4. Archive: Delicious
  29. 29. 4. Archive: Instapaper
  30. 30. 4. Share: RSS Feeds
  31. 31. 4. Share: Shareaholic
  32. 32. 4. Share: Shareaholic
  33. 33. 5. Review•  Too wide a net? Too narrow a net?•  Still useful?•  Capturing too much information for my current projects?•  Using the right tools?•  Able to process the information?
  34. 34. “Media Diet” (Mark Hurst’s Bit Literacy)Stars•  “Rare sources that consistently give useful, relevant information”•  In workflow: tools that are the core tools you use all the timeScans•  “Reliably deliver at least some relevant information”•  In workflow: tools that may not be used every day, but so something very wellTargets•  “Sources good for a targeted, single use”•  In workflow: highly specialized tool that you use for special projectsTryouts•  “Sources that are applying to be in your lineup, but are applying to be there)•  In workflow: new tools form discovery or referral that could end up above
  35. 35. In review…•  Questions: –  Time? –  Right tools for the job? –  More efficient way to do the job?
  36. 36. Wo r k f l ow S e t u p 2 : H a n d l eYo u r C o m m u n i c a t i o n F l o w
  37. 37. Inbox Zero Merlin Mann
  38. 38. Workflow Process: Email •  Establish regular email practice (check email 3 times1. a day) •  Choose action items: immediate action, short term2. action, long term action •  Immediate action: complete, schedule, share3. •  Short term action: Schedule, archive, share4. •  Long term action: Schedule, archive, share5.
  39. 39. Workflow Process: Email With Tools •  Establish regular email practice (Gmail; check 3 times a day with weekly review on Sunday mornings to find lost or forgotten action items)1. •  Choose action items: immediate action, short term action, long term action2. •  Immediate action: complete, schedule (Google Calendar, CalenGoo on iPad), archive (Delicious, InstaPaper, Dropbox) share (Delicious, Shareaholic)3. •  Short term action: Schedule (Google Calendar, CalenGoo on iPad), archive (Delicious, InstaPaper, Dropbox), share (Delicious, Sharaholic)4. •  Long term action: Schedule (Google Calendar, CalenGoo on iPad), archive (Delicious, InstaPaper, Dropbox), share (Delicious, Sharaholic)5.
  40. 40. Long-term strategies
  41. 41. Less is more…•  Don’t use tools to try to gather all information; use filters to gather only information you think you would use•  Example: the RSS Feed for the New York Times or even my local newspaper
  42. 42. Questions?
  43. 43. Thank you! Jason Neiffer http://www.tec hsavvyteac her.comTwitter: @tec hsavvyteac h @neiffer