FYPJ - Cerebral Android App Development (Presentation)


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Let's Start Programming Members: Nehemiah, Minqi, Pei Zhen

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  • Present to you our application Cerebral.
  • One of the challenges some smokers have faced in quitting smoking is the fear ofputting on weight. Design a program that will highlight where smokers can find healthierfood options to help them prevent weight gain.Mainly 2 Effects ex-smokers suffer from once they stop smoking: Psychologically and Physically.PsychologicalOral Grafitication– feeling the need to have something inside the mouth. Ex-smokers often report that they miss the feeling of having something to do with their mouth and hands. Eating or snacking is like the action of smoking. The need to have something in your mouth goes away over time.PhysicalAppetite SuppressantNicotine is a stimulant, and may also interfere with the release of the hormone insulin. Insulin controls glucose levels in the blood. When this function is blocked, a person will become slightly hyperglycemic, and as a result, the body and brain may slow down the hormones and other signals that trigger feelings of hunger. So when they stop smoking, they become less hyperglycemic, more insulin gets into the system and trigger the feelings of hunger at a more frequent basis.
  • So since we cannot stop the ex-smokers craving due to psychological and physical factors:Our application can aid them in making wiser and informed decisions.What are these decisions?
  • These decisions are:Informative DecisionsFor example, when an ex-smoker enters a supermarket like NTUC Fairprice to buy groceries…How will he/she know whether that particular product is beneficial to their health?How will he/she know if there are other healthier alternatives to this product?Navigational DecisionsOr for example, when an ex-smoker is at home…How will he/she be able to know beforehand which supermarket outlet is selling the products that they require?Scenario: John has a craving for kinder buneo. He doesn’t know where to buy. He doesn’t know whether it is healthy for him to eat it. If it is not beneficial to health, what are the alternatives? Where to buy these alternative chocolates?After using our application Cerebral: Alternative found: Musketeers Chocolate Bar Benefit Level: 4 Location: Carrefour
  • So this application is beneficial to an ex-smoker because:He has more control over what he eats because of wiser decisions.These decisions are made because of the knowledge he has about the food product, its alternate food products and where he can find them.And these functionalities can be found in our application, Cerebral.
  • For our System’s Architecture:Cerebral’s Server and Database are connection through the use of python codes and PyODBC. The BackOffice which is Cerebral Web will be use to create, update, retrieve raw data into the database. Cerebral Android will be the main application we have developed to handle and process the data for the Android User which in this case is the ex-smoker.
  • FYPJ - Cerebral Android App Development (Presentation)

    1. 1. EFFECTS OF NOT SMOKING Psychologic al Oral Gratification Physical Higher Metabolism Rate
    2. 2. CONCEPT Cannot stop ex-smokers’ cravings.  Aid ex-smokers in making wiser decisions.  ???
    3. 3. CONCEPT Informative Decisions Alternative Product? Product: Kinder Bueno NTUC Hougang Healthy? Equal Exchange Chocolate Bar John Benefit Level 4! Navigational Kinder Bueno Benefit Level 1?!?! Healthier Choice John Decisions Carrefour
    4. 4. I have more control over my diet Locations Ex-Smoker Food product information Alternative Food Products
    5. 5. SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE Server Python & PyODBC Databas e
    6. 6. TASKS ACCOMPLISHED Nehemiah Pei Zhen Min Qi Application Design MySQL Database for GPS, Barcode, Alternate Product. Search History (Java & Sqlite) Barcode & Text Input Programming Logic Python codes for GPS, Barcode, Text Input Create Markers on GPS Map through Text Input & Barcode Website Design & Logic (Backend) Retrieve Alternative Product (Python) Retrieve Alternative Product (Java) General Research
    7. 7. Cerebral Web & Cerebral SYSTEM DEMO
    8. 8. Thank you for your attention. END OF PRESENTATION
    9. 9. BARCODE FUNCTIONALITY     ZXing ("Zebra Crossing") Open-source, multiformat 1D/2D barcode image processing library implemented in Java Photograph and decode barcodes on the device, without communicating with a server. Java Packages, Decoders & Added Serial Barcode (1D) QR Barcode (2D)
    11. 11. Cerebral Web BACKUP VIDEO