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  4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Scoop Honey Company is a business located in Punjab dedicated to producing sustainable, high quality honey that is pure, natural, raw and non-pasteurized from our local hives. We will be a company that approved through FASSAI. We sell our honey through supermarket, online, wholesalers and retailers. Along with honey, our Company will provide beeswax, pollen, propolis, bee venom and mead. We are differentiated through our locally unique types of flavoured honey, mead and others bee products With these differentiated points we intend to expand our business further with our current customers as well as developing untapped segments We aim to increase our brand awareness by increasing our social media presence. Our company aims to expand our distribution network to include more organic and local stores. This will help us reach our goal to increase our business to business sales. In the following document, We will discuss in depth the surrounding industry of the our Honey Company and how our products differentiate us in the competitive honey and beverage industry.
  6. GOALS • Expand our distribution network of honey to new retailers • Increase brand awareness of the Honey Company Improve internet marketing and social media sites • Increase sales online, in store, and through retailers
  7. OBJECTIVES . Add as much farmers we can to make a big production and supply chain of Honey and other bee related products. • Expand brand awareness through social media with videos, written updates and pictures • Increase our followers on various social media sites • Expand our distributionnetwork to include organic specialty stores such as a few super markets in the Punjab and Delhi region. • Improve in-store sales by social medial foot traffic to the store and promoting direct online sales
  9. COMPETITORS Scoop Honey Company has a vast amount of competitors. These competitors come in the form of retailers, honey makers, wax makers, beekeepers, etc. One of these companies, The honey company, is based out of Indripuram, Gaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. They not only offers raw honey but also provide mustard honey, jaggery and jaggery powder 100% pure bee wax. They also carry a wide variety of other food products. Among their products they also offer an online bee education tutorial bee art to help educate in the wonder of bees. There are several sites where you can find their products like Flipkart, Amazon and also purchase directly from their website. Himalaya natives , based in thubarahalli Bengaluru, Karnataka, not only offer raw honey but also provide all natural food items like cow ghee, Himalaya pink salt. They carry a wide variety of food products. Among there products They also provide education tutorial for the farmers .There are several sites where you can find there products like Flipkart , Amazon and also purchase directly from their website
  11. THE SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS - Reasonably priced of products other than honey include bee wax , propolis, bee venom , pollen and mead Wide selection of honey from a variety of several plants and flowers - Unique product selection Bee Keeping has positive environmental benefits - Well established relationships with retailers THREATS . - Many widely known competitors . - Limited differentiation in the honey itself . - Limited production of honey WEAKNESSES - Limited differentiation for the honey itself - Lack of customer awareness about product benefits OPPORTUNITIES - Expand distribution of raw honey to include new retailers such as supermarkets and other organic supply stores locally . - Expand product line Increase awareness for local honey.
  13. Situational Analysis . • Political, Legal, and Ethical Environment The honey industry has undergone recent political legal and ethical dilemmas because 10 out of 13 major brands tested fails purity test. .Therefore government have decided to introduce new subsidy plan for farmer to produce raw and natural honey. . National bee board has been started by government to help farmer to increase production of honey. .Currently, India is 8th largest honey production in world aim to be 1st largest honey production in World. .We aim to bring small farmer on one platform to create one of the largest raw honey brand in India. And help them to grow with not only honey but as well as with others bee farming products to increase their income and interest to produce more honey and other products that help India to become largest producer of honey in the World. • Sociocultural/Demographic Environment The honey industry is struggling to expand because of the recent decrease in bee populations. .This decline will lead to a decrease in supply and an increase in prices for the final consumer. .This increase in price will affect those who purchase honey as a necessity not as a luxury. The Blue Ridge Honey Company provides raw honey as opposed to processes honey. Our products are appealing to the upper class ,middle class, educated individuals who most likely purchase honey on a regular basis for health benefits or for typical consumption .Our company will start distributes to the Punjab and Delhi region in start aim to go pan India. Macro-Level External Environment
  14. Natural/Sustainable Environment . Honey production is increasing year by year. . Other agricultural industries depend on the bee industry for natural pollination services. .The honeybee is vital to crops across the globe for pollinating. . If the bee population decreases, pollination will decrease, which will eventually lead to a decline in crops and an increase in crop prices for the final consumer. . Bee colonies are capable of sustaining themselves as long as they are given access to the proper environment. .Because of their positive relationship with local surroundings, bee keeping and honey production is a very sustainable industry. Economic Environment The honeybee population in the India provides not only profits from the selling of honey, but helps increase the profitability of the entire agricultural sector. Their pollination abilities help to increase farm income by about $8-14 billion annually. Honey production has increased from 76,150 MTs (2013- 14) to 1,20,000 MTs (2019-20) which is 57.58 % increase. Export of honey has increased from 28,378.42 MTs (2013-14) to 59536.74MTs (2019-20) which is 109.80 % increase. . The increase in production still not able to fulfil consumers demand. .In recent year demand of natural products includes raw honey and other natural products has been increased immensely. Viruses like Covid-19 has increased human awareness and demand for natural and healthy products
  16. MARKETING STRATEGIES Marketing Mix Products 1. Honey. Honey is the Scoop Company's largest tangible asset Our honey is produced locally and comes in over five varieties, sometimes more depending on the seasons in which the bees are producing. The honey is then bottled and sold in the standard size of 250gm bottles, 500 gm bottles, and 1kg bottles. They can be sold individually or by the crate. 2. Beeswax/Pollen Beeswax can be used in making candles and beauty products. Scoops will offers the wax in 500gm and 1 kg bars. Bees also collect pollen, which is a great source of protein and other nutrients. The pollen can be consumed by adding it to. This is offered a 200gm jar.
  17. 3. Bee Venom Bee venom is given as a shot for rheumatoid arthritis, nerve pain (neuralgia), multiple sclerosis (MS), reducing the reaction to bee stings in people who are allergic (desensitization) to them (venom immunotherapy), swollen tendons (tendonitis), and muscle conditions such as fibromyositis and enthesitis . Most pharma company buy it in bulk of 1kg and small individual farmer cannot able to produce this much venom is bulk. We will collect bee venom from different farmers are sell them in bulk to increase their income. 4. Mead Mead or fermented honey water, is an alcoholic beverage, sometimes with various fruits, spices, grains, or hops. The alcoholic content ranges from about 3.5% ABV to more than 18%. The defining characteristic of mead is that the majority of the beverage's fermentable sugar is derived from honey. It lies between Bear and Wine. We will sell mead in wine bottles on online store ,Horeca and bar all across India.
  18. Price Scoop Honey Company price our honey competitively to encourage buyers to compare their honey to other generic and name brand honeys. Distribution We will established relationships with local retailers and supermarket across Punjab and Delhi region. We will privately distribute through local farmer's markets in various locations in the Punjab and Delhi region. We also offer shipping of our products via online to anywhere in the India. Promotion We will pursue Smart ads online, Facebook promotions, newspaper print ads. brochures, and an email newsletter to promote our products and services. See Implementation section for further details.
  19. Target Marketing. Our target market is specifically people in the India who are locally minded and are pursuing some form of health benefits from the food they consume. Our product is desired by all ages of people. Because our products are locally created, our product can generate relief for allergy sufferers of any age who consume our products in the India. Positioning Our raw honey is collected straight from the extractor, it is entirely unheated, unpasteurized, unprocessed honey. This process of collecting honey makes our honey healthier than other commercial honey with unhealthy additives. Therefore. we position ourselves as a healthy, natural sweetener option for young health conscious adults and for the aging population who seek the health benefits of raw honey. Market Segmentation The market for honey, honey related products, and education on beekeeping can be attractive to multiple segments of people. Often the consumers of our retail honey products are middle class females with a family. The consumers of our products presented at farmer's markets are young, health conscious people who are seeking raw honey without additives.
  20. Market Development Strategy This strategy will allow for expansion of the firm's product line in untapped markets. We will attempt to secure a contract with at least five super market and several retailers in Punjab and Delhi region in the first year to enter into the organic food stores market. We will also engage with additional online stores such as Flipkart and Amazon to sell our products to more of others location. Social Media We could boost our customer reach by expanding their social media presence. By implementing this plan we could involve ourselves in the lives of younger consumers who are beginning to become more aware of their health and the importance of consuming and using organic products. A major platform we use is our Facebook profile. This has spread word of our company and our products to places no one thought possible and has increased the consumers purchasing on the online are front. Another social medium that would build relationships is Instagram Younger generations are very involved with documenting their day to day lives and posting the pictures on Instagram.
  21. Our Company can demonstrate business, bee keeping honey, and other products us using the picture sharing database. With over 300 million users, this tool is a concept that can build relationships with consumers and instil value in the products by demonstrating the process of making the honey and other miscellaneous products. .Therefore, with the 1.19 billion active users on Facebook combined with the 300 million Instagram users, our online reach is nearly limitless. The digital age of business is here and if companies do not adapt they will surely get left behind. Our company is doing everything possible to expand knowledge of the social media world, which at the same time is contributing to market expansion. • If these social media marketing techniques prevails as expected, a Twitter account can be formed allowing for direct access and communication with customers all over the world.
  23. IMPLEMENTATION Smart Advertisements- We will create online advertisements that will run on Instagram and Facebook. Free samples- We will offer free honey sticks of our most popular honeys which will be provided at farmers markets and will be complementary in any shipments of our products purchased online. Promotional Videos- These videos will include different aspects of the production process, tutorial videos, educational videos on the benefits of honey and an inside view on how our bees create the honey. SEO Campaign- This will run throughout the year to maintain a prevalent online presence on search engines.
  24. Brochure: •Newspaper print ad price is based on local newspaper in India •Brochure pricing is based on •video and multimedia production is based on a local, professional production •Facebook promotional prices are based on their available website Information • All other prices are based on supplemented documents future annual advertising budget can be adjusted based on viewed result Facebook: We will post which farmers markets we will be attending and we will pay $5 to appear in the pages of people who have liked our page which will allow their friends to see our posts. We will feature videos on our page. Many people are wondering whether their "Honey" Facebook ads are working when the "Honey" advertising are not getting any reach. Your "Honey" Facebook ads can help you expand brand awareness, increase coverage and bring conversions, only if you choose the right Facebook interests and target your audience accurately.
  25. BUDGET