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Windsun solar quarter


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Presentation by Shyam Modi At Solar Roofs Nagpur 2017

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Windsun solar quarter

  1. 1. Windsun Renewables Private Limited 502, SuryaKiran Complex Opposite VNIT Bajaj Nagar Nagpur – 440010 M – 9552598815 web :
  2. 2. Windsun Renewables Pvt. Ltd is a fast growing Solar EPC solutions provider in Central India. Windsun Renewables is promoted by experienced professionals from Renewable Energy sector, having experience in Project setup & Project Finance. Windsun Renewables has sculpted well proven, cost effective & efficient business models based on their unique solutions for Indian Solar Industry. Windsun Renewables has to its credit to have obtained the first Net Metering approval in Nagpur(Urban) Circle. ABOUT US
  3. 3. End-to-End Solutions Provider Site Survey & Energy Mapping Site Analysis Equipment Supply Financial Modelling Installation & Commission- ing with O&M Services Power Evacuation Engineering and Design Liasion Services NET Metering ,RPO Total Turnkey Solutions for Solar Grid Tie Rooftop Systems
  4. 4. 1 MW Project at Divyansh Steel Pvt. Ltd Gumthala
  5. 5. 150 KWp Project at Baidyanath Seoni MP
  6. 6. 102 KWp Project at AVBR Hospital Wardha
  7. 7. 400 KWp at YCCE Nagpur
  9. 9. SINGLE GENERATION METER CASE STUDY • HT Consumer Drawl 11 KV • Contract Demand 750 KVA • Educational Institute • Area 15 Acres • Capacity to be installed 650 KWp • Load is on 15 Buildings in the campus
  10. 10. Conventional Energy Distribution in any big Campus Metering Point
  11. 11. Conventional Distribution • Educational campus is generally spread into acres • HT Meter is situated at entrance of the gate or at centre of the location • HT is distributed after metering so as to avoid losses on LT side • The Distribution in LT is done among the loads / buildings • The Rooftop Solar Capacity is designed in such a way that first generated energy will consume in the same building , if excess it will flow to the other load centres or back to grid ( Net Meter)
  12. 12. Arial view of the campus
  13. 13. Hurdles • Commercial Circular 258 does not mentioned about Single or multi point Generation meter ( Generation Meter is to be installed at such locations in the premises of the eligible consumers as would have easy access to MSEDCL for meter reading • The Single non revenue Generation Meter in big campuses such as GMC, VNIT, IGMC,LMH,DMIMS are technically incorrect.
  14. 14. WAY AHEAD • Educational Institutes are day consumers • The multi Generation meters are to be allowed on to big campuses where the single generation meter is technically not possible. • Meter Reading can be done through Modem or an access to SCADA/ Inverter portal /or data from Consumer • The portal / Scada will give all parameters from the project • Use the technology available to us instead of manual readings
  15. 15. • HURDLE 2 - REGION BASED POWER SUBSIDY BY GOVERNMENT OF MAHARASHTRA • Govt Of Maharashtra announced power subsidy in June 2016. • Condition To eligible for this subsidy was 100 % Power to be obtained from DISCOM. (Probably intention was to discourage open access) • WHAT ABOUT CONSUMERS WHO HAVE INSTALLED CAPITIVE SOLAR PLANT , WILL THEY BE ELIGIBLE FOR SUBSIDY ??? • Government clarified on this point by issuing the GR that the entities are eligible to power subsidy even if they install solar rooftop plant . • But still many consumers are finding it difficult to get the subsidy.
  16. 16. WAY AHEAD • HURDLE 3 – NET METER PROCUREMENT • As per the net metering policy of government of Maharashtra Net meter to be installed by Discom. • Almost 2 years has gone since this policy has been implemented, still consumers are compelled to purchase net meter at their own cost. • This cost is significant if system size is small. • Apart from costing it also increases the Liaisoning time as customer has to test the meter from Discom
  17. 17. Lets Pledge Together to clear all the Hurdles to Fulfill Clean & Green India Power to All at affordable cost