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Presentation By Rahul Galgate


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Presentation By Rahul Galgate at Solar Roofs Nagpur 2017

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Presentation By Rahul Galgate

  1. 1. Presented by Rahul Galgate
  3. 3. WAAREE ENERGIES – SNAPSHOT IN NUMBERS Revenue INR 1080 Cr in FY 16-17 Q1 FY 17-18: INR 485 Cr Employees 1000 + Number of Years in Solar 10+ years Modules Delivered (including OEM) 1 GW+ EPC Projects Delivered 500+ MW IPP Projects 100 MW [25 MW under execution] Structure & MMS 375 MW [Started in 2015] Global Module Ranking TIER 1 [Ranked by BNEF]
  5. 5. Waaree Group - Growth Trajectory 1989-1997 1997-2007 2007-2011 2011-2013 2013-2014 2014-2017 • WAAREE Group was founded by Mr Hitesh Doshi in 1989 with a focus on Instrumentation business • JV with Italian & Chinese partners & setup of Global offices at Dubai, Qatar, Oman and in EU. • Expansion into 65 countries for customer service. • Establishment of Waaree Energies Ltd. • A 30MW module manufacturing line is set-up in 2007 • Started EPC services and venture into other business segment like solar pumps and other off-grid applications • Expanded module manufacturing capacity from 30 to 110 MW • Expands its IPP business to 150 MW • Joint equity with a MiniRatna company for 100MW project • Module Manufacturing capacity up from 110 to 250 MW • Expanded capacity from 250 MW to 550 MW • In process to Expand Capacity to 1200 MW
  6. 6. GUIDING PRINCIPLES Vision is to provide high quality and cost-effective solutions across areas of operations in emerging as well as developed markets while leveraging on the goodwill and experience of the group and Management expertise By virtue of our commitment to our stakeholders, we strive for continuous improvement in the quality of our products & services The core values of our organization are those values that underlie our work & strategies we employ to fulfil our vision & mission
  8. 8. Capabilities & Services SOLAR MODULES EPC SERVICES INDEPENDENT POWER PRODUCER ROOF TOP SOLUTIONS SOLAR PARK DEVELOPER FRANCHISEE NETWORK SOLAR WATER PUMP SOLAR PRODUCTS One-Stop Solar Solution Provider Enabling Solar – Since 2007 5000+ customers across the globe INR 1000+ Cr Turnover for the past 2 years Global presence and outlook End-to- End Capabiliti es Pre feasibility Studies Land and Site Identificati on Design & mfg. of Modules Site Infrastruct ure Developme nt Installation & Commissio ning Power Evacuation SOLAR INVERTERS SOLAR THERMAL
  9. 9. India’s No. 1 Solar Company *Bridge to India Report - 2015 *Bridge to India Report - 2016 *Bridge to India Report - 2017
  10. 10. Waaree’s Satisfied Customer Base: A to Z of Solar World More than 1000 satisfied customers…
  11. 11. Accolades & Recognition …More than 100 Awards 2017: CBIP Award for Best Solar PV Module Manufacturer & Solar Power Developer 2015: Make In India Award for Excellence 2016: National Excellence Award for Solar PV Module Manufacturing 2014: 4th Annual Global Solar EPC Award for “Innovative technology application in the field of Solar Thermal” 2013: Awarded prestigious India SME Excellence Award for "Excellence in Technology & Innovation" 2012: ETNOW – IndiaMART Leader of Tomorrow Award, India's biggest SME Awards 2017: India Solar Week Excellence Awards Winner of 3 Awards, Leadership in PV Modules, Leadership in Solar EPC & Outstanding Contribution to Brand India Awarded by EEPC as “Best Performer” for four years in a row. Awarded by President of India for “Best Company in Medium & Small Sector”
  13. 13. State of Art Module Manufacturing Plant State of the Art, Module Manufacturing Facility, with the capacity of 550 MW, - Under up-gradation to 1200 MW SOLAR MODULES
  14. 14. Certifications Of Modules ISO 9001:2008 l ISO 14001:2004 l OHSAS 18001:2007 IEC 61215 l IEC 61730-1&2 l IEC 60068-2-68 l IEC 61701 l IEC 62716 ROHS Compliance | REACH Compliance Successful Audits Fitchner Srl, Italy Black and Veatch, USA EDF, France MCS Sun Edison Enel, Italy SOLAR MODULES
  15. 15. Picking up best from the world to deliver optimum performance and efficiency Cell High Efficiency Cells by globally known and certified suppliers such as Gintech - Hareon and Indosolar. Variant Modules in the Power class of 3Wp to 400Wp with 260Wp family for 60 cells Modules and 315Wp family for 72 cells. Type Manufacturing Poly Crystalline as well as Mono-crystalline modules. Process Manufacturing process follows the best International Industry Standards and Practices. Efficiency Current module efficiency in excess of 16%. High conversion efficiency based on leading innovative photovoltaic technologies. High reliability with guaranteed 0~+4.99 Wp power output tolerance, ensuring best ROI. Withstands high wind-pressure and snow load (passed 5400Pa mechanical loading test), and extreme temperature variations. Each PV module is provided with RF identification tag which are to be used in solar power plant projects. Poly And Mono Crystalline PV Modules: Features SOLAR MODULES
  16. 16. Picking up best from the world to deliver optimum performance and efficiency Process Flow of PV moduleSOLAR MODULES Incoming Inspection Tabbing & stringing Layup Inspection Pre-EL Testing laminationTrimmingFraming JB FixingPost-EL testing Flasher Testing Safety Testing FQC Cleaning & Packing
  17. 17. Ensuring Quality and Reliability. Waaree has passed factory audits from various International buyers Stringent Quality controlSOLAR MODULES In-House Testing ▪ Insulation Resistance Test ▪ Di Electric Withstand Test ▪ Mechanical Load Test ▪ Performance At Low Irradiance ▪ Thermal Bypass Diode Test ▪ PID Testing ▪ Robustness Of Termination ▪ Humidity Freeze Test ▪ Thermal Cycling Test ▪ Damp Heat Test ▪ Sun Soaking /Pre Conditioning ▪ Outdoor Exposure Test ▪ Wet Leakage Current Test
  18. 18. Sr. No Capacity Company Project Location Year 1 200 + MW Azure India 2014-17 2 100+ MW Sterling & Wilson India 2015-17 3 50+ MW Ujaas India 2010-17 4 30 MW Suzlon India 2015-16 5 10 MW Atersa UK 2016 6 2 MW Sigma Energy Italy 2015 7 1.3MW LUXOR GmbH Germany 2015 8 5MWp ESPE SRL Italy 2014 9 14 MW KREN Invest B.V Netherlands 2013 10 2.5 MW Enel Green Power Italy 2013 11 15 MW Monosteel India 2012 12 5 MW Greentech India 2012 13 3 MW Abellon India 2012 14 5 MW Wipro, Dadri India 2012 15 5 MW Sacchi Giuseppe SPA Italy 2011 16 2 MW Fliegl Energie Germany 2010 17 1.3 MW Feliciony Energy Italy 2010 18 500 KW ECOJOULE S.R.L. Italy 2010 19 507 KW Ferla Energy Srl Italy 2010 20 500 KW V.T Telematica S.P.A. Italy 2010 Manufacturing Track-Record [Major Module Installations] SOLAR MODULES
  20. 20. Merlin Products: Variants • Portable Power– Compact tri-fold design • Durable & Weather proof • Easily fits into backpack, briefcase or purse • Integrated cable/connector stowage • Low maintenance – non-stick surface, easy clean Portable Power SolutionsRugged Modules BR/ GX Series • Glass Modules w/o frame • Standard Form Factors • Back-Rail for fast deployment FX Series • Flexible light- weight modules with ETF coating • Non-Standard Form Factors for varied applications
  21. 21. • Conventional c-Si solar construct is limited in form factor to 3.2mm tempered glass with Al-frame – Cell micro-cracking in extreme conditions – Cell to Cell interconnect fatigue (flex) • Merlin, by design, eliminates these concerns & enables rugged form factor panels optimized for key applications SPECIALIZED APPLICATION: RUGGED & LIGHTWEIGHT MODULE FORM FACTORS • Maintains module integrity • Resistant to arcing at fatigued locations
  23. 23. Experience of providing End to End solutions in project development, implementation and O&M Infrastructure Planning And Development Business Development Project Execution Project Maintenance Manufacturing Full Service Offering with Proven Experience Engineering ➢ Project Systems ➢ Electrical ➢ Structural & Civil ➢ Monitoring ➢ Evacuation Procurement ➢ PV Modules ➢ Inverters ➢ Structures ➢ Cables ➢ Transformers ➢ Land Development ➢ Structure ➢ Control Room ➢ Roads & Drainage ➢ Evacuation of Power Construction More than 500 MW ‘s of EPC projects delivered - 100 MW under execution EPC SERVICES
  24. 24. More than 500 MW ‘s of EPC projects delivered … Waaree Capabilities – Ground Mounted Waaneep Solar 50 MW Roha DyeChem 27.5 MW MonoSteel 10 MW Sharda Constructions 10 MW EPC SERVICES
  25. 25. More than 500 MW Ground Mounted Solar Projects… No. Capacity (MW) Company Name Project Location Project Status 1 44 Hero Future Energies Telangana Under Execution 2 22 Roha Dyechem Maharashtra Under Execution 3 23 Maharashtra Seamless Rajasthan Commissioned 4 75 Leading Utility Company Surat, Gujarat Commissioned 5 50 Waaneep Solar Madhya Pradesh Commissioned 6 25 Waaneep Solar Andhra Pradesh Commissioned 7 40 Adani Power (Design) Gujarat Commissioned 8 27.5 Roha Dyechem Rajasthan Solar Park Commissioned 9 10 Sharda Constructions Latur, Maharashtra Commissioned 10 10 Mono Steel India Una, Gujarat Commissioned 11 5 Green Tech Kolayat, Rajasthan Commissioned 12 5 Friends Group Susner, Madhya Pradesh Commissioned 13 5 Sai Baba Green Power Latur, Maharashtra Commissioned 14 5 Avatar Solar Patan, Gujarat Commissioned 15 5 Taxus Infrastructure Kutch, Gujarat Commissioned 16 5 Bhadresh Trading Susner, Madhya Pradesh Commissioned 17 3 Abellon Clean Energy Modasa, Gujarat Commissioned 18 2 Claris Life Sciences Modasa, Gujarat Commissioned 19 2 Haldirams Nagpur, Maharashtra Commissioned 20 1.5 Neon Laboratories Murtizapur, Maharshtra Commissioned EPC SERVICES
  27. 27. FULL SERVICE PLUG-N-PLAY MODEL OF DEVELOPMENT CLUSTER # LOCATION DETAILS BALANCE CAPACITY AS ON 30-SEP-2017 EVACUATION ARRANGEMENT 1 District Akola, Maharashtra 7 MW AC Double Circuit 33 kV Transmission Line to MSETCL 132/33 kV Grid Sub-Station 2 District Solapur, Maharashtra 30 MW AC Double Circuit 33 kV Transmission Line to MSETCL 132/33 kV Grid Sub-Station SHOVEL READY SOLAR PARKS IN MAHARASHTRA SOLAR PARK DEVELOPER Solar Park Solution for Captive Solar Projects Single Location Aggregated & Developed Land on free-Hold Basis Ready & Robust Evacuation Infrastructure (Transmission Line and GSS Bay) on Shared Basis Plug-n-Play Solution with proven expertise of Waaree’s EPC, Approvals and Asset Management team
  29. 29. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Location District Akola, Maharashtra Connectivity MSETCL 132/33 kV Substation Park Capacity 30 MW AC GHI (Indicative) 1882 KWh/m2 Present status Land Acquisition completed All permissions obtained Power Evacuation Infrastructure 100% complete Transmission Line connected, charged and in use 33 KV Metering Bay allotted at MSETCL Grid sub-station SOLAR PARK DEVELOPER
  30. 30. SNAPSHOTS OF LAND & INFRA High Insolation Shovel Ready Land 33 kV Double Circuit Line Commissioned & Charged 33 kV Pooling Switchyard SOLAR PARK DEVELOPER
  32. 32. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Location District Solapur, Maharashtra Connectivity MSETCL 132/33 kV Substation Park Solarfield Capacity 30 MW AC GHI (Indicative) 1954 KWh/m2 Present status Land Acquisition completed All permissions obtained Power Evacuation Infrastructure 100% complete Transmission Line connected and charged 33 KV Metering Bay constructed & commissioned at MSETCL Grid sub-station SOLAR PARK DEVELOPER
  33. 33. SNAPSHOTS OF LAND & INFRA 33 kV Double Circuit Transmission LineHigh Insolation Shovel Ready Land SOLAR PARK DEVELOPER
  35. 35. Floating solar solution Value Proposition • UV resistant floats for long-life • Floats have redundant leak-tolerant features • Smart tethering & anchoring solution DURABLE and RELIABLE: • Stable against high winds, waves • Tolerates variation in water draft • Freshwater or seawater compatible • Corrosion resistant metal structures • PV module engineered for marine use (10 years) NO ENVIRONMENT IMPACT: • Certified for use with drinking-water • Freshwater or seawater compatible • Lead-free solar module available • Minimum contact with water surface • Abundant light and air passage for life underwater • Resistant to biofouling (algae) EXTRA GENERATION: • Module inclination adjustable for each location • Module operates 10-15 °C cooler for extra generation. • Designed for quick installation and easy O&M • Can be modified for tracking DIFFERENTIATION • Made in India* • Patents: • PCT/US2015/063136 • PCT/US2016/43007 • Patents are protected in India • Complies with environmental, structural standards • High quality components for long-life • Heavy, high buoyancy floats with redundant features • Flexible monolithic platform tolerates wind, waves
  36. 36. Basic Design Aspect IP67 rated Solar modules designed for marine environment Open structure generates moon- pool effect to minimize wave- motion and passes plenty of light and air for aquatic ecosystem High endurance HDPE components designed for drinking-water systems. High buoyancy enables minimum contact with water surface Marine-grade Aluminum structures designed for wind-load over 150 kph
  37. 37. mooring can adjust to large water height 4 anchor/tether system similar to a boat changes Anti-lift membrane to resist waves and winds Key Elements
  38. 38. Multiple Solutions Based on Deployment Fixed Floats Dams, Reservoirs, Tailings Near Shore Coastline, up to 0.5 m waves Full Offshore No limits, suitable for 4-5 m waves
  40. 40. Our Experience to serve you ✓ We have close to a decade of extensive experience working with both Government and private institutes ✓ We are India’s Largest Manufacturer of solar panels (500 MW) and consistently ranked No 1 Indian Module Manufacturer ✓ We have already installed over 3,50,000 kW of systems We do great work ✓ We select only best in class Inverters, Panels and hardware ✓ We’re skilled, professional, knowledgeable and we build systems that last decades ✓ Our in-house Engineering team will custom design your system ✓ Recognized Industry Leader: Tier 1 Module Manufacturer (international), CRISIL SP1A Grading (MNRE), Award for ‘Best Solar PV Module Manufacturer & Solar Power Developer’ (Government of India) amongst others We make it simple ✓ Our team will manage your project from beginning to end, including Engineering, Procurement, and Installation. ✓ Our installation is robust and it’s easy to maintain for long time. ✓ You can monitor the performance of your system through your computer or your smart phone. Waaree Advantage: Rooftop Installation ROOF TOP SOLUTIONS
  41. 41. Waaree Advantage: End To End Capability Waaree Advantage: Capability to provide complete solution at an optimal cost 1 Solar Modules Inverters 2 The Inverter converts the DC Current from the Solar Modules and converts it into the usable AC Current. Sunlight falls on Solar Panels. Solar panels convert the sun’s energy into DC Electricity using Photovoltaic effect. 3 Mounting Structure Solar Modules are mounted on Structures which should be corrosion free and strong enough to cater to wind speeds. Civil & Electrical Works 4 Erection & Commissioning of all Structures and Equipment using foundations / pedestals Electrical – Connecting all electrical parts together using time tested practices ROOF TOP SOLUTIONS
  42. 42. Top rated Rooftop Integrator By Government as well as 3rd Party Rating Agency ROOF TOP SOLUTIONS
  43. 43. 50+ MW in Rooftop Installation… … and counting Project Capacity (kW) Project Capacity (kW) L&T- MHI Turbine generators Pvt. Ltd, Hazira 22 Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency 143 VVP Engineering College, Rajkot 100 Madhya Pradesh Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd. (MPUVNL), 305 Bonetti Waaree (I) Pvt. Ltd., Valsad 100 Deen Bandhu University (DCRUST), Sonepat 50 Surat Municipal Corporation 100 Surat Municipal Corporation 540 Central Electronics Limited (CEL), Sahibabad (UP) 42.4 SSIPL Retail Ltd. 1000 UREDA, Chamoli 20 Grauer and Weil India Ltd. 186 UREDA, Pithoragarh 25 Platina Building, BKC, Mumbai 100 UREDA, Bhimtal 25 MSL, Sukeli, Maharashtra 2000 H.P Govt. Development Agency 32 Reliance Industries, RCP, Ghansoli 600 Haryana Renewable Energy Department Agency 20 Reliance Metro, Mumbai 2300 CPWD, Jaipur 50 Reliance Retail, Various Locations 200 SRG Apparels Pvt. Ltd,Tirupur 1000 Skill Precision Balls Pvt Ltd, Rajkot 200 Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation 15 Grauer and Weil India Ltd., Mumbai 213 Municipal Corporation of Kota 100 Autocon, Bhavnagar (Gujarat) 60 Punjab Energy Development Agency 245 LS Raheja, Mumbai 35 Rajasthan Agriculture Marketing Board, Jaipur 310 ROOF TOP SOLUTIONS
  45. 45. Waaree Solar Pumping System SOLAR WATER PUMP Applications • Agriculture a) Sprinkle Irrigation b) Drip Irrigation c) Mass Irrigation • Livestock Watering • Swimming Pools & Resorts • Drinking Water Supply a) Townships b) High-rise Buildings c) Row Houses Salient Features & Benefits • Easy & low maintenance • High life expectancy • Central & state govt. subsidies • Under & over voltage protection • Versatile applications • Reverse polarity & dry run protection • Start working from early in morning to late evening • No electricity • No dependency on any other fuel or conventional sources • Use solar & get reliable water supply
  46. 46. Waaree Range of Offerings SOLAR WATER PUMP Head (Meters) Discharge (Liters per day) Hp Rating Borewell Submersible Pump (Helical Type) 5 – 350 2700 – 4000 0.5 Hp to 5 Hp Borewell Submersible Pump (Centrifugal Type) 5 – 200 2500 – 750000 0.25 Hp to 30 Hp Openwell Submersible Pump 8 – 40 35000 – 60000 0.5 Hp to 10 Hp Surface Pump (Monoblock) 10 – 150 500 – 1200000 0.5 Hp to 30 Hp Swimming Pool Pump 16 – 120 1300 – 30000 0.2 Hp to 2 Hp Borewell Submersible Pump Surface Pump Openwell Submersible Pump * Pumps are available in AC and Dc version
  48. 48. Waaree Franchisee Business: Bringing the Sun to You 21 2 PARTNER STRENGTH 51 0 2 01 1 7As On FRANCHISEE NETWORK
  50. 50. • Bid for and won prestigious central policy PPA’s in Consortium with a Mini-ratna PSU from the thermal power sector • Developed projects in two clusters – Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh SIZABLE PORTFOLIO AS INDEPENDENT POWER PRODUCER Subsidiary of Waaree for IPP Business • Currently holding 100 MW Portfolio with: • 50 MW at Ichhawar, Madhya Pradesh (Operational: Jun’2015) • 25 MW at Gurramkonda, Andhra Pradesh (Operational: Sep’2016) • 25 MW at Nagari, Andhra Pradesh (Under Construction) INDEPENDENT POWER PRODUCER
  51. 51. PV Modules Installed (Angle 1) PV Modules Installed (Angle 2) Main Entrance 132 KV Ichhawar Substation SNAPSHOTS OF ICHHAWAR PROJECT INDEPENDENT POWER PRODUCER
  53. 53. WHY WAAREE!
  54. 54. KEY STRENGTHS IN SOLAR • Customer Connect : Strong Customer Base of Respected Industrial Houses/Companies • In-house Team: Experienced & strong team with proven performance in solar • Market Acceptance: Proven name and quality at competitive rates in national and international markets • Quality Certification: All required approvals and certifications for modules • Network: Strong and proven network with all stakeholders/authorities with more than a decade of experience • On-Ground Track Record: Large installations with long and proven on-ground performance • Innovation: Consistent introduction of new technologies and innovative products & solutions
  55. 55. TECHNOLOGIES WE ARE WORKING ON… • Merlin – Rugged module architecture solutions for flexible and low- weight modules • Nishati – Applications for military and transportation industries • OneSun – New technology with promising chemistry and innovation • Floating Solar – Patent protected Floating solar technology - Near Shore and Off- Shore applications • Batteries & Storage – Off-Grid and Utility Scale Storage Solution • Electrical Vehicle Charging – Innovative solutions for emerging requirement of EV transport sector
  56. 56. OUR PLANS… • Additional Capacities: – Modules Capacity: To increase to 1.8 GW/year – Structure Capacity: 150-200 Tons per Day • New Manufacturing Lines: – Cell Manufacturing: 500-600 MW/year – Wafers Manufacturing: 500-600 MW/year • Sales Network – Channel Partner Network in India and other emerging markets • Projects as IPP’s – Up to 5 MW PV Value Chain: Modules to Wafers Manufacturing Inverters: Partner with Huawei Structures - Tracker/Floating: Partner with SB Solar and 4C Solar Module technologies: Merlin, Nishati, OneSun Storage & Batteries: Continued Innovation and Partnership IPP for upto 5 MW’s – Government and Private PPA’s Sales Network: Leverage Partner network for all businesses
  57. 57. THANK YOU!