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Social networking.


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Social networking.

  1. 1. TITLE:-SocialNetworking
  2. 2. Contents:-Impact Of Social Networking on SocietyUse Of Social NetworkingAdvantages and Disadvantages OfSocial Networking
  3. 3. Impact of socialnetworking on society:-Social networking sites such as face book were going to be aninevitability of the Internet being made readily available to themasses. It has been argued that social networking via the Internet isan extention to the traditional "public sphere", however when mostpeople think of social networking the envisage annoying cattle-market communities such as face book, where people compete byexploiting their talents, looks or otherwise in order to find apartner, engage in lude sexual activity (all over their keyboards!) orjust find a lonely local looking for sex. People often overlook realvirtual public spheres where alternative, minority or other culturalgroups perform and practice their beliefs with like-mindedindividuals, and where members from all over the world can applyto join their virtual space.
  4. 4. Use of social networkingPut simply, socialnetworking is a way forone person to meet upwith other people onthe Net. Thats not allthough. Some peopleuse social networkingsites for meeting newfriends on the Net.Others use it to find oldfriends. Then there arethose who use it to findpeople who have thesame problems orinterests they have
  5. 5. Advantages and Disadvantagesof social networking From a business point ofview, the first twoadvantages of socialnetworking enable you tomeet new clients andexpand your businessbecause most of thesesites allow you tocustomize your webpageand provide links to yourpersAdvantages
  6. 6.  For such peopleeveryday checking ofpersonal pagesbecomes a ritual. If theycannot do, it can irritatethem. Social networks absorba lot of time. In stead ofrealcommunication, peoplewaste their free time inthe Internet.Disadvantages