Astd summer summit neelov kar


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Astd summer summit neelov kar

  1. 1. By Neelov Kar
  2. 2. Agenda• Purpose of the Presentation• Transitioning from Conventional Training to Social Learning• Learning Style• Generation Gap• Social Media & Social Learning• Gaming Techniques• Case Study• Impact of Social media in L&D
  3. 3. Purpose of the Paper • To Share the Latest Trend in Course Development with the Community
  4. 4. Transformation of Dell Services’ L&D ISO 9000 PMI Best Certification Product of the Year Introduction of ADDIE Model ASTD Best Place to Learn 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  5. 5. Transformation of Dell Services L&Dcontd. Social media Blended Workflow 80% Model100% ClassroomClassroom 20% eLearning Learning 2.0 VILT CBT/ Video ISO 9000 Best Place Best Product2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  6. 6. Dashboard Cost per class hour CBL/ Video 2% Virtual ILT 15% Classroom Virtual ILT Hours CBL/ Video Classroom, 83% Industry Comparison Addition of CBL is reducing the Cost per Class Hour CBL/ Video Classroom VILT PSC Industry* * Industry data based on ASTD survey 2008
  7. 7. Impact of Online Training • Drastic Reduction in Training Delivery Cost • Availability of Training to people located remotely • Big Help in Training Logistics and Administration • “Who Took My Cheese” – Reaction of the Instructors • Better Time Management for Learners
  8. 8. Social Media
  9. 9. Learning Style • Visual Learners • Auditory Learners • Read/Write Learners • Kinesthetic Learners Digital Learners
  10. 10. Generation Gaps
  11. 11. Social Learning70% of learning comes from doing20% of learning comes from others10% of learning comes from study • Formal Structured Learning • Personal Directed Learning • Group Directed Learning. • Intra-Organizational Learning • Accidental & Social Learning - Jane Hart
  12. 12. Social Intelligence Google is making people stupid- Oishee (8 year old girl) Learning from others’ experience Decision making based on others’ knowledge JIT Learning Executing Tasks Based on Others’ SkillsSixth Sense by Pranav Mistry, MIT Lab
  13. 13. Web 2.0/ Learning 2.0 Wikipedia Blogging Chatting Netmeeting Social networking RSS Feeds Sharepoint Search Engines Second Life
  14. 14. Social Media Tools That I HaveTried… GIMP Google/ about/ask/ Yahoo/ Audacity Bing/ Wiki Prism Youtube GoogleDocs Slideshare FreeConference Screenr FreeScreenSharing Google Breadcrumb Skype Twitter GTalk Facebook Linkedin Ipresentonline Pmgameonline We Will Look at a Few… SurveyMonkey
  15. 15. You tubeUpload your own video and share/ linkUse the existing videos Time Management Movie clips Miracle: Team Motivation
  16. 16. Slideshare
  17. 17. Screenr
  18. 18. Google Breadcrumb The Code: OCxIFU3RvcnkY5JuTAQw How it looks xvdnIOCxIFU3RvcnkY5JuTAQw Good for Just-in-Time Learning or Mobile Learning
  19. 19. PMGameonline
  20. 20. Gaming Technique “A game is an interactive structure of endogenous meaning that requires players struggle toward a goal” – Greg Costikyan Powerful Fun Challenging EngagingSense of Accomplishment Covert
  21. 21. Putting All These Together
  22. 22. Storyboarding Legends Topic- Subject Area Mode (Lecture/ Session Exercise/ Role Mobile Learning Resource Time Day Learning Points Inputs Outputs Play) Activity no Students Activity Needed Development Requirements Case Study - Customer description, customer need, business Video Get familiarized with the Case objectives SFI-1 Study Computer Model Answer - Risks/Assumptions I.1.1 Risk Analysis Introduction to the Risks and Access to CBT - Case Study description 20 Case study Assumptions CBT on Case Study Document Risks & Assumptions SABA www.thepmgame. None I.4.0 How to use Gantt com SFI-2 Instructors to score the Play the game briefing Computer 30 Chart None None passing mark internet Group work Project Details - Data I.4.0 How to use Gantt Group Work SFI-3 Create the Gantt Chart using Computer Model Answer Chart Project Management Course Assignment 1 60 Project Details Gantt chart the activities and resources MS Project None Slideshare Role PlayDay 1 http://www.slides SFI-4 /PM-Best-Practices- Workshop Computer 30 I.6.0 Best practice None None cin Review the presentation internet CBT - Dells MS Project Template Partially completed artifact SFI-5 P3MM Customized Tutorial on Dells Computer I.7.0 Familiarize with the Fundamentals Management Plan MS Project Access to 30 Dells MS Project Template Series 3 Lesson 1/2 Update RAIDO Template Students review the CBt SABA Game QUIZ- on MS Project SFI-6 Computer CSD Access to 30 Quiz Group Work Students pass the test CBT SABA
  23. 23. Case Study – 15 Minutes
  24. 24. Topics • Workplace Harassment • Time Management • Delegation • Dealing with Unhappy Customer • Conflict Management • C-Level Reporting • Team Motivation
  25. 25. Impact of Social Media in Training  Drastic Reduction in Training Development Cost but increase in Maintenance Cost  Mobile Learning/ JIT Learning  Personalized/ Customized Training  Quantum Size Learning  Training à la carte: Learner decides the curriculum  Paradigm Change in Course Design  New Generation of LMS is required  Big Advantage for New Business (Start-Ups)
  26. 26. References Rapid Instructional Design, 2nd Edition by George M. Piskurich ASTD Handbook for Learning Professionals by Elaine Biach, ASTD ©2008 Social Media: The Millennial Perspective, ASTD © 2010 Challenges for Game designers by Brenda Brathwaite and Ian Schreiber, Cenage Learning © 2009 Game On: Energize Your Business with Social Media games by Jon Radoff, John Wiley & Sons © 2011 The Art of game design: a book of lenses by Jesse Schell, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers © 2008