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Thiink Logo Design


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Snapshots of the process of logo, business card and poster design for Thiink Insurance & Investments.

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Thiink Logo Design

  1. 1. Logo Design Step 1: It is always important to understand what is on client’s mind before you scratch anything. In my first meeting, client showed me a shape (upward arrow representing progress) on a paper and said, ‚I want you to fit this in logo design.‛ This was more challenging task as client had put the limitation on design.
  2. 2. Logo Design Step 2: ‚THiiNK‛ stands different because of two ‘ii’s in the name itself. I put a thought process that two ‘ii’s are husband and wife who together take decisions for their family’s financial growth and future safety. The big arrow moving upward in direction depicts GROWTH. The two human figures (ii) standing below the shelter of arrow depicts SAFETY. But this is not the truth. Two ‘ii’ means Insurance & Investment .
  3. 3. Logo Design Step 3: I added the words ‚THNK‛ comparatively smaller in height than the two ‘ii’s to create an impact of GROWTH & PROGRESS. Client approved the concept and I was done with logo design in first shot.
  4. 4. Logo Design Step 4: I selected green and used two shades of it. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety. It symbolizes growth. Green suggests stability and endurance. Dull, darker green is commonly associated with money, the financial world, banking, and wall street. Aqua green is associated with emotional healing and protection.
  5. 5. Logo Design Step 5: I added the text ‚Insurance & Investments‛, the major services of their business and placed it below ‚THiiNK‛ to maintain the symmetry. The logo makes everybody to think of their insurance & investments planning.
  6. 6. Business Card Design Process Business card design was the next tedious job but my client made it easy for me. Before I start with anything I asked him ‚Do you want the card shape out of the box?‛ He replied, ‚Kindly keep in mind that the same design and color combo needs to be carried forward on the name board, letter heads too.‛ He wanted a simple and just simple card design. I provided him with few options.
  7. 7. Business Card Final Card Design ...and client approved this design.
  8. 8. PosterDesign Requirement: A poster to place on a rear big window (6'10" height x 6'0" length) of the office highlighting the business of Thiink. Retirement Planning, Children Plans, Home Protection Plans, Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, Risk Cover, Vehicle Insurance, Medical Covers, Accident Policies, Liability Covers, Management Liability, etc are the policies they issue.
  9. 9. PosterDesign Options
  10. 10. PosterDesign Options
  11. 11. PosterDesign Options
  12. 12. PosterDesign …and this was approved.
  13. 13. Thank You Neelima Salvi A freelance designer for Thiink Insurance & Investments. Linkedin Profile: Email: