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Sample Plan - Food & Recipe Video Portal Micro Site

  1. 1. SAMPLE PLAN Food & Recipe Videos Micro Site This sample document will help you to understand the basic plan & innovative features of a food & recipe videos micro site. Some of the slides are subjective to the requirement.
  2. 2. Overview 1. Micro Site Requirements 1.1 Background and Needs 1.2 Objectives 1.3 Assumptions 1.4 Dependencies 2. Scope Limitations 2.1 Initial & Subsequent Release 2.2 Deliverables 3. Micro Site Context 3.1 Stakeholder Profiles 3.2 Site Priorities 4. Content Source Chart 5. Type of Content 6. Features 7. Production Process
  3. 3. 1. Micro Site Requirements 1.1 Background and Needs Recipes Videos on [] currently, are not being actively promoted and are receiving very few hits. During design and development, attention must be focused on driving traffic and keeping the visitor engaged. A visually appealing clear, concise, & highly focused website that is multi browser compatible need to be created for []. The content will include Indian Cooking, Indian Food, Hotels and Restaurants in India. The objective is to provide the best and most comprehensive source of information, entertainment and connection to food lovers. Visitors can enjoy and share videos, images and words on a variety of topics including cooking shows, culinary education, restaurant reviews, healthy living, opinion and thoughts, tips and techniques, news and events, entertainment and others.
  4. 4. 1. Micro Site Requirements 1.1 Background and Needs Production and editing team will create and produce the content. We will also include all content creators - professional producers, food related businesses, professional chefs, house-cooks, hobbyists and novices - to share their creation with []. [] will materialize as video podcast / vodcast / Internet TV network / video archive. [] Team will produce Recipe Videos for its micro site. It will produce video commercials for Hotel and Restaurants, who sell their service to India, and Indian companies that wish to reach the world wide consumer through Internet video, Internet television, social networking, and other Internet based Web 2.0 media. The primary purpose of the [] micro site is to have visitors do the following: 1. Sign up for an online Foody account through one of the [] links 2. Sign up to become a producer of food videos of [] and make food promoting videos
  5. 5. 1. Micro Site Requirements 1.2 Objectives 1. Create a highly focused and informative micro site. 2. Create a micro site that is SEO friendly. 3. Create a micro site that is W3CSS standardized and W3C XHTML compliant.
  6. 6. 1. Micro Site Requirements 1.3 Assumptions 1. Videos, textual, and some graphical content will be available for beta release. 2. Server will support all the needs and wants of the design and development team 3. Time lines are reasonably set 4. Design, Development and Content Team will fully understand the micro site's need and wants
  7. 7. 1. Micro Site Requirements 1.4 Dependencies 1. Initial content will be available for Integration Phase 2. Design, Development, and Content Head will be available for follow-up and requirement gathering 3. Sign-off from respective heads on all Requirement Documentation (Functionality and Content scope documents)
  8. 8. 2. Scope Limitations 2.1 Initial & Subsequent Release Subjects Phase I Phase II Phase III Sections Required Days Release Dates Sign-off from
  9. 9. 2. Scope Limitations 2.2 Deliverables Task Milestone Timeframe Approve Scope Document Scope Documents - days Gather and analyze Content Requirement - days (Approval Pending) requirements Documents Complete Technical Design Technical Design Document - days (Approval Pending) Website Graphical Complete Design Templates, Implementation Design Specification Documents - days (Approval Pending) & Testing Website Technical Complete Backend Implementation - days (Approval Pending) Coding, Content Integration and Testing (Reparative steps for subsequent releases)
  10. 10. 3. Micro Site Context 3.1 Stakeholder Profiles Stakeholder Major Value Attributes Major Interest Constraints Video Portal More effective & Strongly committed Increased hits None identified efficient micro site, to the success of maintaining lesser increased visitors website cost Micro Site Affiliate Useful simple tool Provide more Making popularity, Rules & Tools requirements for affiliation visitors to the site social networking provided Micro Site Visitors Simple, Informative, Traffic Visitors Relevant content SEO & Marketing Instructional content and links
  11. 11. 3. Micro Site Context 3.2 Site Priorities Subject Resource Constrains Flexibility Schedule - No deadline overrun - expectable without Project Manager's Approval Features Pre-built Content Developers & Developer could opt to Management System, Designers will be custom build the Pre-built Content restricted to the rules necessary feature. of pre-built features. Quality - All functionality must - be fully operational, easily maintainable, and flexible Team Project Manager, - - PHP Developer, Database Designer, Copy writer, Web Designer
  12. 12. 4. Content Source Chart GROUP B GROUP A GROUP C Professional Producers, Food Related Businesses, Chefs, House-cooks, Video Portal Hobbyists Production & & Novices Editing Team Users CONTENT Videos Images Text [ ] Micro Site
  13. 13. 5. Type of Content Sr. Content Type Source Group Format No. 1. Cooking Shows on TV A Videos 2. Food Recipes A,B,C Videos, Images, Text 3. Culinary Education A Videos, Images, Text 4. Hotel & Restaurant Reviews A,B,C Videos, Images, Text 5. Opinion & Thoughts B,C Text 6. Tips & Techniques A,B Text 7. News & Events A Text 8. Commercials for Travel Agencies, Hotel A Images & Restaurants 9. Group C Profile C Images, Text 10. Group B Profile B Images, Text
  14. 14. 6. Features Sr. Features Description Phase I Phase II No. 1. Browse Recipe Videos and Text Recipes (Sort by Cuisine, Location, Collection, Tags, Popular, Recent, Most Commented, Most Rated, Most Favorite, Name & Date added) Sort all foodies (users), top chefs, top recipe video producers profiles Browse all Drill Downs (Instructional Recipes) 2. Upload Video Create a video about anything you love to eat! Foody and Group B upload a video file from their computer. Can upload the videos for participating contests organized by portal team (Admin approval pending for max. 24 hrs.) 3. Upload Text Recipe Foody and Group B enter text using “Post Recipe Interface” (Admin approval pending for max. 24 hrs.)
  15. 15. 6. Features Sr. Features Description Phase I Phase II No. 4. Upload Text Recipe Foody and Group B upload images using “Post Recipe Image Interface” required for Recipe Article (Admin approval pending for max. 24 hrs.) 5. Upload Video Foody will submit “How to make”. Portal team will test it and make information video 6. Drill Down Step by step making with high resolution images. (Instructional Display) 7. Play Video Flash Play Control 8. Share Share Video, Text Recipe, Drill Downs, Top Chef Profiles Top Producers Profiles. 9. Tag Tagging Videos 10. Rate Grading Videos, Articles 11. Favorite User will mark the videos he likes. User can view other Users favorite video list. 12. Comments Read, Post, Count, Posted by 13. Flag
  16. 16. 6. Features Sr. Features Description Phase I Phase II No. 14. Embed Code 15. Send E-Card Ability to reply to any E-card sent Ability to send E-cards to friends Add message to E-card Get notified when sent E-card is picked up/viewed 16. Food Court Step by step making with high resolution images. (Discussion Forum) 17. Explore Foodies Edit, Items in profile may be hyperlinked to easily find Profiles (my foodpage) others with similar interests 18. Explore Chef/ Edit, Items in profile may be hyperlinked to easily find Producers Profiles others with similar interests 19. Display Active Foodies Display Foodies profile with picture. 20. New Member Spotlight Display New Foodies profile with picture. Shine a light on new members to roll out the welcome wagon 21. Recent Site Activity Organize by Time, Member 22. Help and Support Ask & Answer, Make a Suggestion, Report a Bug
  17. 17. 6. Features Sr. Features Description Phase I Phase II No. 23. Tip of the Day All kinds of tips, information, and resources related to using site. 24. Feedback Share views to Production Team 25. Search Food videos Suggested Phrases, Search Initiative 26. Search (all site content) Suggested Phrases, Search Initiative 27. New Gallery Videos Another way to showcase the latest Videos from foody's/Producer's Profile. With the new gallery module one can choose from a variety of new displays 28. Fresh Cooking Food News, Updates, Newsletter Subscription, Portal Status, Release Highlights, Future Enhancements 29. What is new Site Activity, Profile Activity, Newest Members 30. Invite Send invite for membership 31. Community Community Profile, Members, Messages, Discussion Forum (Interactivity), Connect other Users
  18. 18. 7. Production Process Revise Comprehensive Micro Site Detailed Scope Approval Manage Changes Wireframe Study & Authority Analysis Document Design Review Approval Testing of Design Approval GUI HTML HTML Specification Design Prototype Prototype Document Develop Testing Develop Content Functional Functional CMS Integration Components Components Approval LAUNCH Authority (beta)
  19. 19. Thank You! Neelima Salvi email: