National Poetry Month 24


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National Poetry Month 24

  1. 1. In Colorado, In Oregon, upon   Joshua Beckman 24April 09
  2. 2. In Colorado, In Oregon, upon   In Colorado, In Oregon, upon each beloved fork, a birthday is celebrated. I miss each and every one of my friends. I believe in getting something for nothing. Push the chair, and what I can tell you with almost complete certainty is that the chair won't mind. And beyond hope, I expect it is like this everywhere. Music soothing people. Change rolling under tables. The immaculate cutoff so that we may continue.
  3. 3. In Colorado, In Oregon, upon   A particular pair of trees waking up against the window. This partnership of mind, and always now in want of forgiveness. That forgiveness be the domain of the individual, like music or personal investment. Great forward-thinking people brought us the newspaper, and look what we have done. It is time for forgiveness. Dear ones, unmistakable quality will soon be upon us. Don't wait for anything else.
  4. 4. Joshua Beckman Joshua Beckman was born in New Haven, Connecticut, and earned his BA from Hampshire College, where he studied poetry and the art of the book. He is the author of five books of poetry: Things Are Happening (1998); Something I Expected To Be Different (2001); Nice Hat. Thanks. (2002), written with Matthew Rohrer; Your Time Has Come (2004), and most recently, Shake (Wave Books, 2006). He has numerous books of translation, including the forthcoming Five Meters of Poems by Carlos Oquendo de Amat, and Poker by Tomaž Šalamun (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2003) which was a finalist for the PEN Poetry in Translation Award. He is also an editor at Wave Books, a poetry press based in Seattle and New York.
  5. 5. National Poetry Month National Poetry Month is a month-long, national celebration of poetry established by the Academy of American Poets. The concept is to widen the attention of individuals and the media — to the art of poetry, to living poets, to our complex poetic heritage, and to poetry books and journals of wide aesthetic range and concern.
  6. 6. THANK YOU Presentation by Neelima